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Packaging Solutions for The Fish Industry

We provide a variety of packaging equipment specially designed for both fresh fish and fish products as well as frozen fish and fish products. Many large fish processing factory suppliers trust and choose our packaging equipment to package raw fish slices, frozen fish slices, frozen fish balls, fresh cod slices, ready-to-eat fish slices, smoked salmon, and dried tuna, among others.

We offer multiple options to achieve your packaging goals. We offer you endless packaging opportunities with Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) machines, premade pouch packaging machines, Vacuum skin packaging machines, vacuum packaging machines and flow packaging machines. Whether you have high demands for freshness or packaging appearance, our packaging experts can find the most suitable packaging solution for you.

In addition, we also provide production line packaging solutions for fish products. Our product range encompasses auxiliary fish packaging equipment such as electronic scales, metal detectors, labelling machines, and cartooning machines.

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Fish Packaging Applications

Modified Atmosphere

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is an advanced food preservation technology, particularly suitable for packaging perishable foods such as fish and seafood.Products using this packaging technology not only can have exquisite packaging but also can extend the shelf life by 5-10 days. 


Skin packaging is usually achieved on a skin sealing machine. By wrapping the entire surface of the tray with two thick layers of film, it can effectively isolate air and prevent liquid from seeping out. In addition, skin packaging can effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and microorganisms, extending the shelf life of food.

Pre-made Pouch

Premade pouch packaging is loved by people for its complete and exquisite appearance. The packaging method of premade pouches is widely used in the packaging process of frozen fish and fish products.


Vacuum packaging involves removing air to maintain a vacuum inside the packaging bag. Keeping food in a low-oxygen environment can reduce the proliferation of anaerobic bacteria and prevent the growth of bacteria, thus achieving the purpose of food preservation. Vacuum packaging is usually accomplished using a vacuum packaging machine.


Flow packaging, often referred to as flow wrap packaging or horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) packaging, is a process that involves wrapping a product with a film and then sealing it on all sides. This method is highly efficient for mass production, offering high-speed packaging solutions that maintain product integrity and extend shelf life.


Shrink wrapping is a packaging method that involves wrapping a product in a clear plastic film and then heating the wrapped product. The heat causes the plastic film to shrink tightly around the product, creating a secure protective seal. This packaging method is suitable for a variety of scenarios and is also widely used in the fish packaging process.


Fish fillets packed on Linpack  rotary vacuum packaging machine

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Squid Products are packed on the Linpack premade pouch packaging machine

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Small dried fishes packed on Linpack  rotary vacuum packaging machine

Fish Packaing Machines

Tray Sealing Machine

The tray sealing machine is very efficient, with a packaging speed of up to 12 cycles/minute. It can pack 4 pallets in a single cycle and can pack 2880 pallets per hour. This equipment is very economical and can help you save 15%-20% of film material. The tray packaging machine is an ideal fish packaging machine.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

Our vacuum packaging machine products cover many types of equipment, such as bag-feeding vacuum packaging machines, flat vacuum packaging machines, and vacuum nitrogen-filled packaging machines. As long as your bag width is within the range of 55-200mm, our vacuum equipment can meet your packaging needs.

Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

We have 16 years of mature experience in the production and manufacturing of bag-feeding packaging machines. Our machines provide you with a wide range of bag options. Our machines are suitable for various bag types such as zipper bags, stand-up pouches, flat-bottom bags, gusset pouches, etc.

flow wrapping machine

Flow Wrapping Machine

Our flow packaging machines are suitable for packaging frozen fish and fish products. Flow packaging machines are very popular among food suppliers because of their economy and efficiency. The compact structure design of the equipment can greatly save the factory floor space and can be installed even in small factories.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Fish Packaging Machines

To keep pace with the advancing world and to surpass the competitors, most people are switching from the manual mode towards the automatic mode of life. As the industries have to deal with a bulk amount of work, thus keeping in view the increasing demand of products and to work more efficiently, the people are converging towards the automatic world especially in terms of packaging of the products.

Because when a machine instead of a man, will start working then there will be higher production rates as the machine does not need rest like a human, along with machines, unlike humans don’t make mistakes, as a result of which there will be least chances of loss.

Such a machine must be used in fish packaging sectors where a machine can perform a task of two to five people at a time and that too in a reliable manner.

Over the years, the demand for packaged products that make the shelf life of a product increase has grown. It is without any doubt all the food manufacturers want to yield the safest, the healthiest food and want their food to taste the best as long as possible.

Fish packaging machine provides you with packaged fish, making sure that it is without any type of contamination and is also featured to maintain the flavor of the fish till the expiry date. To protect the fish from getting in contact with oxygen, moisture, resist grease, make it well odor, and protect it from every possible tearing during transportation, a fish packaging machine consists of a high barrier packaging system.

A fish packaging machine is also required to provide a product with captivating visibility and to display a tag containing all the information about the fish that is being sold.

A fish packaging machine is capable of protecting a product chemically. A chemical change in the composition of a fish can not only make it taste bad but can also cause serious health problems.

But such changes as direct contact with gases that are generally oxygen, exposure to moisture or dryness, or light rays of any wavelength, have no chance to occur in the presence of the chemical hurdle provided by the fish packaging machine.

To deal with all these chemical changes, the fish packaging machine is featured with glass and metals of different types to provide a barrier to the surrounding chemical agents. But some machines offer the mere coating of pure glass or metal, in that case, these can be exposed to the chemical agents. To avoid this, you should pay attention to the features of the machines while choosing one.

Various layers of coating around the fish offered by the fish packaging machine shield the fish from any type of mechanical loss and provide cushioning force against the vibration it has to suffer during its dealing and transportation especially.

The packaging material used mostly in a fish packaging machine is paperboard that works as a physical hurdle to shield the fish from abrasions and crushing damage during transportation. Such an appropriate packaging is offered by the fish packaging machine that makes a packaging that is easy to carry making the consumer comfortable to use it.

The fish packaging machine is manufactured keeping in mind that it should be easy to work with by a common person. It provides its users with various reliable and convenient features like it is easy to handle.

What appeals the most to both a manufacturer and a consumer is the visibility of a product, that is always considered in a fish packaging machine.

A few of the amazing features of the fish packaging machine that enable a consumer to cook a delicious entire meal with no obvious preparation are oven-safe trays, boil-in bags, and microwaveable packaging.

Special attention should be paid while selecting the packaging material and technologies because the quality and freshness of the fish material are maintained by the packaging material.

Some of the materials that are being used conventionally for fish packaging include glass, metals (aluminum, foils and laminates, tin-free steel, and tinplate), plastic, paper, and paperboard, and these materials have been proved to be durable to some extent. Furthermore, to increase the shield provided to the fish, a wider range of plastics, both in rigid and flexible forms have been introduced.

Currently, the material used in the fish packaging machines usually combines various materials in such a unique way that each one of them shows its functional and aesthetic properties to the full extent. The best paper to be used for the packaging of fish should be greaseproof paper whose fibers had been hydrated longer than normal, to make its fibers break up and become gelatinous. Kraft paper is also used while considering the packaging of eatables.

Similarly, sulfide paper and glassine are also good to be used in fish packaging machines. Paper boards can also work for packing fish, in this regard, whiteboard, solid board, chipboard, and fiberboard are configurable for application in fish packaging machines. To keep the fish fresh for a long multi-layer packing is offered by the fish packaging machine avoiding its contact with air.

To make the packed fish more appealing to the eye, the sealing device of the fish packaging machine is used, to stretch and shape different thicknesses of film, hard film, and semi-hard film.

If you want to run a small business and you are looking for a machine at an affordable price then the manual models of the fish packaging machines are the best for you.

If you are looking forward to expanding your business or you own a large food factory then the high-performing semi-automatic and automatic models are ideal. The automatic vacuum fish packaging machine processes the product according to the information feed by the user for packaging.

A vacuum fish packaging machine as obvious by its name consists of a vacuum that is used to evacuate the package before sealing it.

The cost of a fish packaging machine depends upon a certain number of factors including the productivity rate, the number of packets the fish packaging machine will make per hour.

The cost of a fish packaging machine will vary depending upon the advanced features it has the capacity of the machine to intake the food, and the material it is made up of.

You must consider the protection extent offered by the fish packaging machine as fish is a delicate food. So, when choosing or working with the fish packaging machine you should keep in mind that fish is food and each food has its different kind of properties and expiry date.

And there are different kinds of fish each having its own set of characteristics so you should buy the fish packaging machine that suits the product the best. All of these factors collectively have an impact on the cost of the machine.

The packaging industry needs to manufacture products that have a longer shelf life. Therefore, when choosing the right fish packaging machine to buy we should consider this important factor in mind that the machine should either contain a vacuum or it should have a nitrogen flush system installed in it.

This will help in extending the usable duration of the fish by using nitrogen to remove oxygen from the packaging food.

The feature that is considered the most valuable which enables people to prefer fish packaging machines to manual working is their high yielding rate.

A fish packaging machine is capable of manufacturing 15-35 packets with a pouch capacity of 50-2000 grams per minute.

In other words, a fish packaging machine can process 50-4000 packets per hour.

A vacuum fish packaging machine is the ideal machine for businesses that wish to provide their customers with quality food because it protects delicate foods such as fish and meat outside the refrigeration system and especially for prolonged periods. No machinery in the world provides a guarantee of preserving food as long as vacuum packaging can.

The vacuum used in the fish packaging machine eliminates almost all the percentage of oxygen from the package, effectively resisting the proliferation of harmful agents in the package.

Vacuum packaging is considered the best as it with all these benefits it also maintains the odor, the quality, and moisture of the food, tasting like it was just caught today. These are all the features that make it a perfect solution, even for cooked meat, poultry, fish, and ready meals.

No, you generally don’t need a specific person to make your fish packaging machine install and set up in your organization.

The fish packaging machines are made by the manufacturers keeping in mind that they should be easy to use for a person. Any technical person in your organization can install the machine easily.

Otherwise, you can watch different videos that are available on the internet, and you can set up the fish packaging machine easily on your own.

A fish packaging machine can be used to pack meat because it offers protection to the food, increases its shelf life, and preserves its flavor.

The fish packaging machine is suitable for vacuum and inflatable packaging of various products, such as fish, meat, and seafood. Packaged products can greatly extend the shelf life of food and are easy to store and transport.

Depending on the power and size of the pump used in the fish packaging machine, the average time taken for the sealing cycle to be completed in approximately 20 to 45 seconds.

The time a packet will require to be done also depends on the surface of the package. As the more the surface area of the package will be, the more air it will contain and the more time will be taken by the vacuum to eliminate the air.

The efficiency of the vacuum packaging process can be improved by making sure that as many vacuum pouches as possible are made to be placed on the thermal strips, without containing the sealing process. Depending upon the type of packages being used in the fish packaging machines, it is usually possible to place the pouches on top of one another.

Industries that have increased demand for products should switch to the fish packaging machines for sure.

Five different packaging technologies can be used in a fish packaging machine to provide packaging solutions to fish and seafood.

These include: Vacuum packaging, Thermoforming packaging, MAP modified atmosphere packaging, VSP vacuum skin packaging, and Tray sealing. The fish packets often show up in attention-grabbing stand-pouches that are convenient to carry and use, reduce the packaging costs and preserve the flavor of fish.

Well, the fish packaging machines are available both manually and automatically. So, it depends on which one you invest in.

If you want your machine to do the whole procedure starting from the filing of the product to sealing the package and printing the dates over it, you should switch to the automatic fish packaging machine.

Yes, the fish packaging machine is capable of printing the manufacturing and expiry date of the products over the packets. All you have to do is to feed the data into the fish packaging machine.

And the machine will automatically print the respective dates over the packages of fish as given by you as input.


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