Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Fruits and Vegetables

We all know that fruits and vegetables are very important for human health. Daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables plays an important role in fighting obesity and preventing heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

But fruits and vegetables are very susceptible to deterioration and rot, so how to keep them fresh longer has always been a problem. The emergence of modified atmosphere packaging solves this problem.

Modified atmosphere packaging allows fruits and vegetables to stay fresh longer without the use of preservatives. Using modified atmosphere packaging technology provides agricultural product suppliers with an effective method to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.

What is modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables?

modified atmosphere packaging of fresh fruits

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a packaging technology used to extend the shelf life of fresh or minimally processed foods, including fruits and vegetables. It slows down the respiration rate of the product and inhibits the decay of microorganisms by changing the gas composition within the packaging.

The specific gas mixture used in MAP for fruits and vegetables depends on the type of produce, its respiration rate, and its sensitivity to oxygen and carbon dioxide. The core goal of modified atmosphere packaging for fruits and vegetables is to create an environment. This environment can minimize the oxidation and spoilage of products and inhibit the growth of microorganisms, thereby effectively extending the shelf life of products and improving product quality.

Why modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables is important?

Fruits and vegetables respire at a high rate and are very susceptible to discolouration and spoilage in a short period of time. Because green and organic agricultural products cannot add too many preservatives, the modified atmosphere packaging technology must play the role of “preservatives”.MAP of fruits and vegetables plays a vital role in the food industry. Here are the main reasons why MAP is so important:

  • Extended Shelf Life: MAP can slow down the rate at which the product breathes and ripens, effectively extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables shelf life.
  • Maintain Product Quality: Compared with traditional packaging methods, modified atmosphere packaging technology can effectively retain the original colour, taste and nutritional value of the product.
  • Reduce Food Waste: If produce lasts longer and is of more consistent quality, less product will be thrown away due to spoilage. Reducing food waste reduces losses for producers, retailers and consumers.
  • Enhanced Food Safety: Modified atmosphere packaging can replace preservatives. Fruits and vegetables packaged in a modified atmosphere do not contain any preservatives and are very healthy and safe.

Factors affecting the quality of modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables

The quality of modified atmosphere packaging of fruits and vegetables is affected by product type, gas composition, packaging materials and many other details.

  • Product types: Different fruits and vegetables have different respiration rates and different sensitivities to oxygen, carbon dioxide and other gases. Different gas ratios are used according to different product types to ensure the effectiveness of MAP.
  • Gas components: Oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide are common filling gases. The right gas ratio plays a vital role in maintaining product freshness.

Gas ratio of fruits and vegetables

  • Packaging Materials: The materials used for packaging must have appropriate breathability to maintain the required atmosphere within the packaging.

How to design a comprehensive modified atmosphere packaging solution for fruits and vegetables?

There are many types of fruits and vegetables with complex characteristics. The design of a comprehensive modified atmosphere packaging solution for fruits and vegetables is a systematic project. Here is a step-by-step guide to designing an effective MAP solution:

Product evaluation

  • Identify product characteristics: Understand the specific characteristics of a fruit or vegetable, including its respiration rate, sensitivity to ethylene, sensitivity to gases, and susceptibility to microbial spoilage.
  • Determine shelf life goals: Set a time goal for when you want to extend the shelf life of your products

Selection of gas mixture

  • Choose the best gas composition: Determine the appropriate mixture of oxygen (O2), carbon dioxide (CO2), and nitrogen (N2) for your product through experimentation and literature review.
  • Ethylene control: For ethylene-sensitive products, consider adding an ethylene absorbent or using a gas mixture that helps mitigate the effects of ethylene.

Selection of packaging film

  • Evaluate breathability requirements: Packaging materials must have the correct gas and moisture barrier properties to maintain the required atmosphere and humidity levels within the package.
  • Material Compatibility: Ensure packaging film is compatible with the product and MAP gas and is safe for food contact. At the same time, it is also necessary to consider whether the thickness and specifications of the packaging film can match the modified atmosphere packaging machine.
  • Sustainability considerations: Choose materials that are recyclable, biodegradable or derived from renewable resources to reduce environmental impact.

Packaging quality control and testing

  • Shelf Life Testing: Rigorous shelf life studies are conducted under controlled conditions to verify the effectiveness of MAP solutions in extending shelf life and maintaining quality.
  • Leak test: Use a gas leak detector to detect whether there is gas leakage in the packaging box.

Fruit and vegetable modified atmosphere packaging machine

After determining the modified atmosphere packaging plan, the last step to start the modified atmosphere packaging project is the modified atmosphere packaging machine.

A high-quality modified atmosphere packaging machine can make your production more cost-effective and competitive in the market. We are a manufacturer of modified atmosphere packaging machines from China, providing you with modified atmosphere packaging machines suitable for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables. For machine details, please continue to visit the product page to learn more.

Modified atmosphere packaging machine TA350

The advantages of our modified atmosphere packaging machine are very significant, specifically as follows:

  • Future-oriented structural design, intelligent access to the front and back processes.
  • Intelligent control system, easy switching of recipe parameters. Free choice of pressure mode/time mode
  • Compact mould design, faster and more film-saving (less waste film roll).
  • Fully mechanical mould driving mechanism, the operation is more stable and reliable.
  • Advanced quick-change mould system with optional mould trolley to easily and quickly change moulds.
  • One mould can be used for multiple purposes, the size of the tray is the same, and it can be shared by multiple height specifications.
  • Unique symmetrical design, both the front and rear can be used as operating surfaces, making it more suitable for free placement in the workshop.
  • A large-capacity electrical box is installed on the top, allowing for free expansion on a massive scale. Large front and rear doors, no sanitary dead corners, waterproof design, easy and convenient cleaning and maintenance.
  • Intelligent detection of box sorting, packaging film usage, film breakage, air pressure, vacuum degree, mould positioning, inflation pressure, air mixing ratio, etc., and automatic alarm if there is a fault.
  • Centralized pipeline lubricating oil design (optional automatic lubricating oil pump), lubricating oil in main parts is collected centrally, and lubrication is more efficient.

Detailed drawing of tray packaging machine

Keep watching the factory production video of the modified atmosphere packaging machine.

Contact us to get the best quality modified atmosphere packaging machine at the most economical price and maximize your return on investment.


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