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Lin-Pack is one of the leading packaging machine manufacturers, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art machines designed to meet diverse packaging needs. Our MAP, automatic, vacuum, and premade pouch machines provide precise and efficient packaging solutions for various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic.

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MAP Machines

MAP machines extend shelf life, reduce waste, improve appearance, and lower costs while maintaining quality and reducing contamination risk.

Quad Bag Packaging Machine

Quad bag packaging machine has the advantage of speed and accuracy in packaging various types of products. It is highly automated and can handle large quantities of products.

Vacuum Packaging Machine

To achieve this level, the machine works by reducing the oxygen content inside the packaging machinery products and reducing spoilage.

Powder Packaging Machine with a wide industry range of coffee, food, chocolate, meat, snacks, and more. And the packing machines are powered by various types.

Juice Filling Machine Manufacturer

Liquid Packaging Machine

The liquid bag packaging machine is fully automated and fills and seals liquid products in pouches with precision and efficiency. It’s adaptable to varying production needs and suits industries like food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

Seal Packing Machine

This machine integrates fast-equipped methods to seal bags, cartons, small packs, etc. The materials used to provide strong seals using flat wires.

Sachet Packaging Machine

Sachet packaging machines come in different sizes and capacities. The machines are available in both fully automatic and semi-automatic types, enabling workers to use them under their specialized area.

Filling Packing Machine

Regarding liquid substances, pastes, and gels, a filling machine is required to ensure a consistent amount of liquid is being poured into a bottle or any other container.

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Increased Demand Can Be Easily Accommodated

Expanding and acquire packaging, automation may help you increase output quickly.

Labor costs are reduced

Packing automation, on the whole, decreases costs and improves efficiency and quality.

Minimize Product Waste and Rejection

To avoid product rejection or even regulatory action, automatic liquid filling systems fill exactly and avoid overfilling or under filling.

More Stringent Quality Control Measure

Quality assurance is made simpler by the fact that automated equipment provides consistent results and do not suffer from weariness or boredom.

Reducing the Number of Repetitive Tasks

Individuals may be freed from monotony and given more rewarding jobs in customer service, managerial roles, machine operation, and information technology as a result of automated processes.

Boosts Productivity

Packaging machine that can boosts production efficiency while also being very user-friendly is the best choice for food packaging.

Explore Your Industry of the Machines

There is a different kind of food packaging machine or food pressing gear used to play out the packaging of different items. The following is the wide scope of choices identified with the diverse bundling machines. Pick your ideal one to play out your business tasks without a hitch.








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Who Are We?

A Team of Full-service Reliable Plumbing Professionals for your Packaging Machine Needs.

Lin-Pack has taken the initiative of manufacturing premium quality array of packaging machines such as shrink wrap packaging machines, powder packaging machines….

There is a wide range of packaging machines delivering you unique features that help you to increase the shelf life of your packaging and offer you an easy lubrication system that gives capacious support to your packaging.

We are always committed to prevailing packaging standards with the help of strong research and development to meet up-to-date technological standards.

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Most frequent questions and answers

We provide diverse range of packaging machine. It includes automatic packaging machine, pouch packaging machine, filling machine, bag machine, and seal packaging machine. These machines will meet your desired requirements and needs.  These machines have all the functions to fill, seal, package and many more. These machines will fulfil your demands according to your choices.

The customer can consult the user manual regarding any malfunctioning that occurs in the machine. The handling of spare parts can also be checked from user manual. The manual is a handy document that can be consulted easily by the user any time. The spare parts of machine should be properly used as per the instructions. This machine can be used properly after consulting the manualof instructions. The customer care service is also available for the guidance of the user. The customer care service is very effective and efficient to respond the clients about different queries. The clients are expected to give feedback about the response of the customer care center.

The packaging machines which we are manufacturing has commendable qualities. These  machinesare very efficient and convenient.Our  machines effectively save the labour cost. It provides super customer service.Our  machines are  specialised in packaging  and manufacturing.It has automatic packaging system, due to work load become easier.

The  machines which we are offering are  flexible and can do all the tasks with high speed.Due to its high efficiency provide value for energy.These machines also accommodate liquid, solid and powder. Less time and film is used when setting a  machine as compare to other companies machines.The operator does not need skill or great experience for operating the our machine.Moreover, we can say that our  machine are making remarkable progress, by making products efficiently and conveniently.

The life of our  packaging machine depends on the usage by the operator. Nevertheless the machine is very efficient, user friendly and long lasting. This machine is very easy to operate therefore any sort of breakages due to human error is a report possibility. Our  packaging machineslife depends on multiple factors the main includes following:-

  • Operator Efficiency: The life of any machine depends on the efficiency of the person who operates it. The positive point of our packaging machine is that it is very simple to operate, hence the operator can learn it easy and correct operating  of the machines enhances the life.
  • Routine Inspection and Maintenance: Our packaging machines are very simple to inspect and maintain. Its routine inspection includes the checking of rollers, break roller and Sensor. The correct usage of film for the products packaging and sealing is also to be checked during routine maintenance and inspection so that if there is any issue with film that should be corrected.

Correct operation: The extended usage of any machine can result into development of faults and damages. Our v packaging machinesshould be operated with gaps so that the machine can rest. The vertical form fill seal packaging machine is very easy to operate.

Yes, our packaging machines are highly eco friendly. Our packaging machine operates in a very hygienic and conducive condition.Our  machines do not create any sort of waste material. The film sheet used for the packaging can be of different materials. The most common one used are the polyethylene, paper laminates, foil laminates, and cellophane laminates. These materials do not cause any problem to the product that is store inside these packages.Our machines are very environmental friendly as it does not cause any sort of pollution. Our packaging machinesdo not  cause any smoke, noise pollution or any other hazard in the area where it is operated. The prime responsibility of correct disposal of the packaging material after its use lies on the end user of the products. The consumer, client or the customer has to ensure that packaging is probably disposed of after its use. Our packaging machine do not  cause any sort of hazard to the environment. Our machines can be set according to the environment.

Business community must go for our  packaging machines.It is so because our packaging machine are almost used in every Industry in today’s life.One of its tremendous qualities is that our  packaging machine are  fast, as well as economical packaging solutions. Our  packaging machinescan give the desired product in the stipulated timeframe with minimal labour requirements. Our  machines can be operated by a single person to produce the required product. The machines is very easy to operate and maintain. The bulk production of any items can be done very conveniently with the help of our  packaging machines. Those who want to setup a small scale business can flourish by using our  machines as these  do not  requirelarge no of labour.

Our  packaging machine are  very efficient in the completion of desired number of packages. There are varieties of advantages of  our  machines , due to distinct features of our machines make it essential for business of packaging. The leading of this machine are as under:-

  • Use friendly: Our packaging machine are very easy to operate. Our  machines is very use friendly and can be operated after going through user manual or watching tutorials. These machines can produce the desire number of the products in the stipulated timeframe.
  • Bulk production: Our packaging machine can produce the required product in bulk. The food items like grains and powders are required in bulk and their consumption also warrants continuous supply to overcome the shortage. Our  packaging machine are capable to maintain the balance between supply and demand during the period of crisis. The food items are required in bulk and therefore their supply in excess has to be catering for before shortage occurs.
  • Less req of Labour:Our packaging machine can be operated with minimal requirement of labour. The business can be run through minimal no of labour. The machine also do not  require  large no of person for maintenance work. This machine can be stored in a very small space.

Easy maintenance: Our  packaging machine can be easily maintained by the operator and minor faults can be corrected on spot. The major faults can also be rectified by the concerned technicians.

Our  packaging machine has made the products secure and durable. Earlier, the products were damaged due to packaging issues. There were complaints by the customer and sellers as the products were damaged or lost. Now with the arrival of our  packaging machine the packaging has improved and the product are now secure and can sustain the effects of environment and other hazards. The customer response to the products of our  packaging machine reflects that our  machines are liked and appreciated by the common man as the products are now reaching more securely and safely.

Our packaging machines have become very common in the packaging of products. Our  machines are  very economical, cost effective, user friendly, easy to operate and can produce the desired product in a quick span of time. Following are the common applications of our  packaging machine:-

  • Food Industry:Our packaging machines are very effective in the packing of food items like powders, grains, sausages, dry fruits and liquids. The use of our packaging machine ensures that food items are not unnecessarily leaked from the packages as it use to be in simple packages without seal. The food industry required such packages that can ensure that items are securely transported from the sealer to the buyer and can be stored for a sufficient length of time. So with the arrival of  packaging machines the food industry has got relieved of losses. The pseudo type packages which very used before the advent of our packaging machine were causing huge lose to the owner  and client both.Our  packaging machines have relieved both from unnecessary losses.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Our packaging machine has also achieved good reputation in the pharmaceutical industry. Our machines are used for packaging of both solid and liquid items. The items like wet bandages that get dry when exposed to open air can result in huge lose. Our  packaging machines products are very secure and long lasting for use. The customers review for the products of machine are very positive and highlights that life of the products has sufficiently increased due to secure packing.

General use: Beside food and pharmaceutical industry product in everyday life there are different products that are packed by our  packaging machines. The products include different items of automobiles, stationery items, toys and kids items like diapers and wipes.

The material which we are using for manufacturing of our machines aresteel, cast iron and metal materials. These materials are still most commonly used materials for the manufacturing of the machines.We are using high quality materials for our machines.

Our  packaging machines are highly appreciated with its distinguished features.Our  packaging machine are  very economical and available at very cheap rates in the market.While keeping in mind the standardised features our packaging machine, the price of machine costs very low. One can easily buy this machine to make his progress in order to achieve his ultimate goals.It enables the work more raiser in short time period.Keeping in mind this machine not only makes money but also meets international standards in the market.It also gives good name and fame at very cheap rates.Our packaging machines should not be missed and can be caught, in the blink of an eye. Our  packaging Machine can be called big deal in fewer prices.

Our team is operating all over the world. We have local facility as well. We ship the orders as per the requirements of the customers.

Our packaging machine can pack variety of products. It includes solid, liquids and granules. The packaging  varies according to the items that has to packed. The machines can perform packing of various shapes and designs. The packaging is very robust and reliable to keep the products safe and secure. The packaging varies according to the type of items. The liquid products have different products and solid and granules have there on type of the package.

It is very easy and simple to place order for packaging machine. The clients can place order online for the packaging machine by consulting our catalogs and also by consulting  the customer care service. The packaging machine is very deliberately explained in the user manual and also online. The client can select the machine for the catalog and after consulting the customer care centre. The machine orders are tackled in a small span of time. The machines are dispatch through the quickest possible means and the client can get detailed guidance from the customer care service. This machine can be easily assembled after going through the user manual. This machine is simple to operate and customers will not face any problem related to the operation of the machine. This machine can be operated after proper installation. This machine is very simple to operate and maintain. The machine has the ability to gain satisfaction of the clients due to good performance and easy operation. So the client can easily operate machine.

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