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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Nuts Packaging Solutions

The nuts packaging solutions should clearly reflect your brand positioning. If your brand is high end then the pack should reflect luxury with an innovative, unique and luxurious appearance.

Similarly, if your brand offers everyday healthy snacks then a more compact, practical, flexible and cost-effective packaging sis recommended. Hence, your nuts packaging solutions should be custom made to target your audience as well as to reflect your brand’s image.

Interestingly, there is a link between the pricing and packaging solutions for the nuts. The nuts that undergo extensive processing and good quality packaging are highly priced compared to the ones that are subjected to less processing and packaging by the nuts packaging solutions.

Therefore, investment made in nuts packaging solutions is ultimately  recovered. And you will not regret investing in the nuts packaging solutions.

There are a number of reasons that have contributed to the rise of popularity of nuts packaging solutions. The health benefits offered by the nuts make them a go to snack for all age groups.

Additionally, nuts packed by the nuts packaging solutions are also an integral part of various diet plans prepared by the nutritionists for weight loss programs. Owing to these benefits, the popularity of nuts has increased manifolds in the recent years.

This has also led to a surge in demand for high quality nuts packaging solutions.

There are a variety of machines that are used for nuts packaging solutions. However, vertical nuts packaging solutions, tray-sealers and doypack nuts packaging solutionsare the most widely used nuts packaging solutions.

Another efficient method used in nuts packaging solutions industry is the vacuum packaging. This method allows to package and store nuts in an excellent manner.

There are a few other nuts packaging solutions as well that offer efficient nuts packaging solutions. These include heat-sealers and dosage systems.

Investing in high quality nuts packaging solutions is imperative to achieve your marketing goals. If you are a start up in the nuts industry and have been calculating whether or not you should invest in high quality nuts packaging solutions, then this is the right time for you to take this decision.

  Majority of the famous brands in the industry, such as Planters and Blue Diamond are known for their nuts packaging solutions. It wouldn’t be exaggeration to say that they have gained the marketing advantage over other brands because they chose to invest in good quality nuts packaging solutions.

A report by Packaging Digest confirms this statement as it suggests that almost 90% of nuts brands believe that nuts packaging solutions are pertinent to the success and survival of their brand in a  market that is highly competitive.

Your brand’s decision to invest in high quality nuts packaging solutions can never go wrong. This investment in the nuts packaging solutions yields great benefits not only in terms of marketing but it also helps to make your brand consumers’ favourite choice. 

Good quality nuts packaging solutions maintain the freshness of nuts for longer periods of time. In this way, consumers are able to snack on them for long with the help of the nuts packaging solutions.

Thus, in addition to providing an edge in marketing and brand appearance, premium quality nuts packaging solutions keep the edibles crispy and fresh for extended periods of time.

The importance of improving the shelf appeal of a product cannot be over-emphasized. In order to grab the attention of the consumer, it is critical to make your nuts packaging solutions standout amongst the hundreds of options available to the customer. 

In order to stand out on the super market shelves it is important to know the consumers’ preferences and choices. Consumers tend to enjoy the ease offered by the closable zippers and the stand up pouch. Therefore,  in addition to being eye catching, nuts packaging solutions have to be consumer friendly.

These two features of your nuts packaging solutions combined will make your nut products fly off the shelf quickly.

In view of the rising global concerns about climate change associated with global warming, a number of packaging solutions companies are now shifting towards eco-friendly packaging options. This trend is gaining traction in the nuts packaging solutions industry.

It is important to note that eco-friendly packaging is one of the most significant concerns of the consumers in contemporary times. Consumers tend to opt for the products and nuts packaging solutions that are less damaging to the environment and the ecosystem.

Thus, it is pertinent to address such concerns of the customer while choosing the  materials for your nuts packaging solutions. This will not only ensure your brand’s success but will also earn your brand the requisite prestige to establish itself in the nuts packaging solutions market as a responsible business.

The businesses that add to the environmental pollution tend to lose the customer trust. Hence, it is advised to use recyclable bags and packaging materials to earn good reputation for your brand.

It is indeed true that stand up pouches are a prevalent trend in the nuts packaging solutions industry today. This is because of the multiple benefits this configuration has to offer for nuts packaging solutions.

The base of this kind of packaging known as the gusset, allows the package to stand erect and upright on the shelves of the stores and pantries of consumers’ homes. Besides, the composition of the stand up pouches ensures that nuts packed with the nuts packaging solutions remain fresh and long lasting.

This becomes possible with the help of heat sealable top packaged by the nuts packaging solutions. Another important feature of stand up pouches that distinguishes them from other configurations in nuts packaging solutions industry is the user friendliness.

The easy-to-use zipper as well as the tear notch makes this packaging configuration a consumer favourite. These features  enable the customers to open and reseal the package with ease which in turn helps the product to stay fresh even after multiple uses. 

This type of packaging configuration is particularly beneficial for large packs for family use because of the reclosable and reusable feature that could maintain peak product freshness. Hence, it is safe to say that the stand up pouches have risen as a most favourite choice I nuts packaging solutions industry in recent years

The 2-seal and 3-seal pouches of the nuts packaging solutions are also a great option for nut packaging. In addition to providing maximum freshness to the nuts, they ensure the longevity of the product as well. When you don’t necessarily require your nut package to stand upright, then 2 seal or 3 seal pouches can be used instead of a stand up pouch.

A 2-seal pouch of the nuts packaging solutions shares great resemblance with “ziplock” style packages in many ways. The configuration is such that the bottom of the package folds over the body thus forming a continuous piece of material. This configuration also helps to fit in as many nuts as possible in the package thus making it a flexible option.

3-seal pouch configuration offers a special feature for packaging. It allows to load the product from the top of the bag. It is suitable for all types of nuts. You must have noticed the pistachio bags on stores shelves with such configuration. Pistachio packages use this seal configuration because they don’t necessarily require to stand upright in the package.

In nuts packaging solutions terminology, the term barrier is used for the type of material that protects the product from moisture and oxygen by separating it from air.

This helps the product stay fresh and crispy without affecting the quality for long time. Thus, barrier has a lot of importance for the nuts packaging solutions industry.

Nuts are vulnerable to light, oxygen and moisture more than any other item in the snacking category and nuts packaging solutions industry. This is because of the high fat content present in the nuts. This leaves nuts prone to the loss of quality and taste.

Barriers are particularly important for the storage of nuts since they are very sensitive. This sensitivity demands greater attention  be given to the packaging details. Thus, in order to maintain the freshness as well as the taste, it is imperative to opt for high-barrier nuts packaging solutions tailored according to the packaging needs of each product. 

Barrier selection in nuts packaging solutions entirely depends on the type of product and how much that particular product is susceptible to the damage caused by oxygen and moisture. For instance, roasted as well as coated nuts have a very high fat content and can immediately become stale in case of exposure to oxygen.

Thus, such nuts require selection of a higher barrier compared to fresh nuts. In case of a mixture of fruits and nuts, the barrier required for nuts packaging solutions depends on the ratio of nuts to fruits.

However, usually a high to medium barrier is recommended for such packaging to keep the moisture out. Another important consideration while choosing a barrier for nuts packaging solutions is the size and expected shelf life of the nut product. The large size family packs mainly designed for long term usage and storage in consumers’ pantries will definitely require a more robust and long-lasting barrier.

Thus, versatile and durable barriers go a long way to ensure protection of the package packed by the nuts packaging solutions against various factors that could affect the quality of the nut products.

One of the most popular structures available in the nuts packaging solutions market that offers a strong barrier and good packaging performance for nut products is PET-MET. It is a metallised material and a preferable option for delicate as well as mid to high value nuts for the nuts packaging solutions.

Additional, its metallised composition is also suitable for very oily products or products with coatings that don’t present a good appearance in the transparent packaging with the nuts packaging solutions.

However, on the down side, the PET film makes this material non-recyclable and thus unsustainable. Hence, the material doesn’t address the sustainability concerns of the consumers.

Owing to the increasing sustainability demands of the consumers and legislation, the nuts packaging solutions industry is now moving towards more sustainable alternatives. There are a few new sustainable alternatives to PET-MET available in the market.

Printed and metal-free barrier such as PP or PE have emerged as one of the most sustainable options in the nuts packaging solutions industry.

While barrier selection is the most crucial part of decision making in nuts packaging solutions; however, a few other factors such as transportation handling and the seal may also affect the quality of the nuts.

The hundred percent exclusion of oxygen is never guaranteed even after choosing the right barrier. Heavy handling of the product during transportation or by store staff and even after purchase by the consumers may introduce oxygen to the pack.

Non-optimisation of the filling machine settings and multiple leaders in seals are some other factors that could contribute to air leaks and the inclusion of oxygen in the pack. Thus, these factors should also be considered for nuts packaging solutions in order to avoid the damage to the quality.

This depends on the market and varies for different markets. For instance, in the European and North American markets consumers prefer transparent nuts packaging solutions.

Consumers in these markets tend to associate health-friendly snacks with transparent packaging with the nuts packaging solutions. Since transparent packaging enables them to see the product directly. On the other hand, in Central Asian and Turkish markets the trend is opposite.

The consumers of these markets prefer metallised nuts packaging solutions and  consider it a premium option for packaging of nuts as compared to the transparent one. Hence, consumers of a particular market choose nuts packaging solutions according to their preferences.

The recent trends have seen a shift from non-recyclable materials such as aluminium based structures and PET in nuts packaging solutions industry. This is largely because these materials don’t fit the existing recycling stream.

On the other hand, materials such as PO, PP and PE fit the already present recycling streams making them good candidates for nuts packaging solutions in recent times. Thus, brands can choose such materials and develop a portfolio of more sustainable nuts packaging solutions

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