About Us

We are the top manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines. All of our machines are made up of very fine quality stainless steel and are exported from China.

You can take a look at the machines that are sold by us, on our website. All of the details and features are mentioned in their pictures. All the machines that we manufacture are very simple and compact in design. This makes it easier for our clients to understand and use them.

We have the best team who performs all their tasks very professionally and efficiently, we have a different staff for each vital role. One staff is experienced in research, another team does design and the other one takes part in manufacturing. This is why every aspect of Linpack machines is perfect as it is done by a specialized team.

Our company does not compromise on the quality of the machines. All of our machines have ISO9001 certification and CE approval. They are manufactured by following all the GMP guidelines. Linpack Technology has certifications for verification of compliance. When a client buys the machine from us, he receives its registration and verification certificates along with it. We take pride in our customer service. We make sure that all our clients are happy and satisfied with their machines.

We are the biggest packing machine manufacturer in all of China. We have more than 500 employees and our industry is spread around 98000 square meters of land.

Meet Our Team

Our company was started by two people only, who worked as a plumber in their small neighborhood. This army of two then expanded into a proper team and they started offering other services like replacement and repairing etc. The services were offered at very affordable prices and there was no compromise on their quality. This helped our team to grow far and wide in a very limited amount of time.

About us

Our Mission

We provide our clients with top-quality machines and good maintenance services as well.

Core Values

Why Choose Us?

We provide all of our clients some basic consultation which helps them in figuring out the type of machine they need. We have a 24/7 customer support helpline, through which our clients can contact us whenever they need to talk to us.

Other than this we also provide on purchase services, basic training, door to door services, maintenance and installation of our machines to satisfy our clients and meet all their needs.

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