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We have high-quality chocolate packaging machines at our company.


Spices can be easily packaged and filled by our machines.


You can also package dry chilies with the help of our machines.


Our machines are also used for cereal packaging.


Coffee grounds are filled by using good quality filling machines.


Chicken packaging machines are also available on our website.


Top-quality chip packaging is done using our packing machines.


Sachets are packaged in a way that the quantity remains the same in all of them.


Seal packaging machines are best for packaging all types of seafood and fish.


Various snacks and potato chips can be easily packaged using our top-quality machines.


Pickles are packed by vacuum packaging machines.


We have some of the top-quality tomato ketchup filling machines.



Seal packaging machines are used for packing meat in a way that remains fresh for a long time


Snack packaging machines can also be bought from us.


High-quality masala packaging machines are available on our website.

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The specialty of machinery is that we have a specified staff for everything. We have some of the designers who help us in the design of the machines, then we have the mechanics, who offer repairing services to our clients. Other than this we also have a team of professionals who help our customers in learning all the parts and functions of the machine. Due to this division, each role is performed by an expert.

All of our machines are manufactured with top-quality stainless steel. They have several features which you can choose from. Depending on the type of operation you are performing, you can adjust the speed of the machines. Our machines come up with a 14-month warranty so you can purchase them without any worries.

We have an expert team who is very eager to help you out. Whether you need some guidance before you purchase the machine or you need any information about a specific feature, they will be there to help you out.

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get More Points of Packaging Machines

The Lin-Pack offers different types of machines that are required for packaging various items. The items are prepared by various industries, so the packaging machine are required by these industries.

These industries are of various categories including food item, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, automobile and many more. These machines have made the packing process very easy and now the items are available to the customers in more secure packing.

These machines are very effective and efficient for the bulk packing of the items. The industries carryout  bulk packing of the products, so they require effective,  durable and reliable machines that can perform the task in the stipulated time.

The different industries that are linked with Lin-Pack are 

Food industries.

Pharmaceuticals industries.

Beverages industries.

Grocery items.

The machines that are available in the market and expected to be available at the Lin-Pack are:

Filling and Bottling Machines: Filling machines are used to pour grains, liquids, and other products into already made containers. Moreover, bottling machines are usually designed for specific beverages–the Matrix TECNA G-Vfor example is built to handle flat wine.

These machines required  accuracy and required to consistently fill thousands of containers to a certain level. They are often accompanied by fill level inspection machines such as the Miho Newton Optic 2 for quality control.

Sterilisation Machines: These machines are designed to control transmissible agents such as bacteria, viruses, and spores to prevent consumable products from becoming contaminated. These machine ensures that products reaches the market smoothly and don’t wind up posing a threat to consumers.

Heat Sealing Machines: sometime the product requires safety against tampering or contamination, especially in food or pharmaceutical applications. It requires seals. Heat sealing machines melt plastic film for sealing the package. Moreover, few sealers also have shrink wrapping capabilities, vacuuming air from the package before sealing to ensure a tight fit

Strapping and Bundling Machines: These machines are used to secured bundle sheave boxes should be strapped aside from being taped shut. This machine enable easy transport and prevent products  from damage.

The industry of any type has to consider certain things before finalising the machine, following points should be considered.

Type of product i.e liquid or solidits characteristics and requirements.

The operating temperature for the machine.

The type of material required for packaging and sealing.

The type of labelling materials and required.

The shape of packages that have to be made.

The weight of the package that has to be made.

The number, type and speed of changeovers required.

Total production of the packages.

Ancillary items required.

Legal requirements

Hygiene requirements

Potential hazards

Power and installation requirement

Maintenance, staff and training requirements.

They can place the order easily online. Lin-Pack has given the complete details about the various types of machines. This machine can be selected from the given models after consulting the details mentioned in the catalog of the machines.

The buyer can also get online consultation about the products from the customer care center of the Lin-Pack. The machine is very easy to understand after watching the online tutorials. This machine has the best results as far as it’s running and output is concerned.

The machine should be selected from the given models and all necessary checks should be made before finalizing it. The machine has the ability to attain the best feedback from the customers. The machine can be ordered and payment can be made online.

The delivery of the machine through the quickest possible means and in a way that it reaches in a safe and sound condition.

The machine requires efficient technical support for their proper functions. These support are critical for the smooth functioning. They become vital for the machine to undertake the bulk production. The technical support for machines can be divided into different categories as following:

Installation: The machine at its installation time should be done by the technical staff so that it is done properly. This is the most important phase of operation. The machine has to be installed properly to ensure correct function. The Lin-Pack technical team is there for the guidelines of customers to ensure smooth  The team is available both online and also can be visited in person.

During the routine operation, technical support can be asked anytime to address the queries. The technical support that can be asked during functioning can be about the different parts including motor, sensor system, and other parts

Annual Maintenance of the machine required more detailed technical support that has to be provided so that the machine can work properly. This machine has the ability to give maximum output if properly maintained.

The machine is very efficient in its functioning. This machine has the ability to perform the task in a very quick timeframe. The Lin-Pack of the machine is very cooperative in the provision of technical support.

The customer has to forward an email about this and the required support is provided for that purpose. The machine manufacturer provides the requisite technical support to the customers about the machine.

These machine details are sufficiently explained by the manufacturer’s customer care center. The machine can be maintained efficiently by understanding the process of operation.

It is an important consideration when comparing packaging machine manufacturers. It is  not just buying the machine, but buying the company’s overall expertise. There are few factors to keep in mind.

Initial Training: The machine operators should be trained on how to set up, calibrate, and properly operate the machine, as well as common maintenance issues and troubleshooting. So it should be considered that weather the training is on site or not and what is the cost of training.

Service Technicians: Its another important factor that people responding on call are  technicians or not.  Are they specialised in machine or not. How are they trained and kept updated. Do they have any customer satisfaction statistics to share?

Remote Access: Can customer support access the machinery remotely to troubleshoot. It is a quick and easy mean to resolve issues related to repair.

Cost: Is customer support included in the cost and can it be customised or not.

This is investigated by the industry planning to get machine.The packaging manufacturer industry has grown over a period of time and there is a lot of competition. Therefore the buyer has a lot of options so the Lin-Pack will be opted if the buyer find following questions answered in comparison with others.

Is the supplier in business for a long time? 

Does the supplier have a large base of customers with equipment installed for several years?

Do they have partnerships with other important players in the packaging supply chain?

Are they setting the pace for innovation in the industry?

Does the manufacturer specialise in the process you require?

This is an important  consideration by the buyer for the machine. The buyer expect that the machine should be upgraded at the later stage.

Intuitive Human Machine Interface: Clear and intuitive instructions with graphics, dashboard, and mobile connectivity

Smarter Sensors: Magnetic sensing for greater reliability

Standard Communications Protocol: Fully automated safety communications

Software Compatibility: Increased production and less maintenance

Clean-in-Place: Rapid changeover and cleanability allows for flexibility 

Integrated Condition Monitoring: Self-tuning and calibration

Fully Integrated Connectivity: Controllers with digital simulation for online robotics and motion control

Overall Equipment Efficiency: Improved access and analysis of machine performance data.

The packaging includes large number of mechanical and electrical parts assembled together. These parts required replacement to get the best results from the machine. Hence, Lin-Pack has provided list of every spare part that is used in the machine.

The customer is also told when and how these parts should be changed or repaired. In case the machine has some spare parts that are not provided the customer  will be informed about that.

Though the best thing is that Lin-Pakhas full control over each and every part that is used in the making of the machine.

The increasing public awareness of environmental issues has resulted in higher demand for sustainable packaging and processing operations. Therefore, packaging machine manufacturer who understands this trend are actively incorporating this trend.

Such products have more demand in the market as compared to the other.The machines are more demanded in the market as they have better results then those which are not operating on this technology.

This also an important issue that is asked by the buyer approaching the company for the packaging machine. Lin-Pack creates such packaging machines that are eco friendly and do not produce excess waste. When our packaging machine is operated then it is essential to create 15 cycles with empty bags.

During operation the waste material is separated automatically and is thrown as a recyclable material. No other wastes are produced during the operation of packaging machines.

When a packaging machine is decommissioned is technology does not include any kind of conventional parts. The machines do not produce fatal materials and toxic gases that spoil the eco-system. The steel frame of our machines is made of materials created of metallurgy. For this reason it is a secondary raw material.

The machine produces following types of the bags:

Pillow bags:  are the most widely used and economical packaging format, comprised of two flat panels sealed together on the top and bottom with a vertical seal down the back. Think chip bags or small packets of coffee found in hotel rooms.

Doypacks:  are stand-up pouches with an oval-shaped base. This premium bag type is becoming increasingly popular for specialty food products.

Quad seal bags:  have a rectangular bottom and can stand unassisted. This bag type has two side gussets and two panels joined together with four vertical seals, providing a more structured bag and modular look. Quad seal bags are often found in the premium section of the coffee aisle.

Flat bottom bags:  are similar to quad seal bags, featuring two gussets, but only have a single vertical seal. Coffee bags are often this style.

Gusseted bags: are similar to pillow bags but have side gussets, offering more internal space.

Three side seal bags: are flat pouches sealed on three sides.

Sachets are small, flat 4-side sealed packets. Think small single-serving packets of sugar and ketchup.

Stick packs are very narrow pillow bags, used for things like single-serve drink mixes

The Lin-Pack has a very good option of providing the retrofit and upgraded version. The customer does not always need brand new equipment. The team has workout the options for your needs so that you can tell about your requirement and get the machine ready

The customer can contact the technical staff and give his details about the products he want and the customisation can be done.

This is also a good option to keep upgrading with the passage of time. In case of new purchase, it is also important that subsequently the machine can be updated or upgraded. This will improve the output as well.

These machine are very cost effective and make the desired products. The customer  can very confidently go for this options.

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