How Does Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protect Foods?

As people’s requirements for product quality, safety and freshness continue to increase, more food industry companies are increasingly fond of using modified atmosphere packaging (MAP). MAP is a mature food preservation technology. It effectively slows down food spoilage and extends the shelf life of products by controlling the composition of modified atmosphere gas within the packaging.

In recent years, the market for MAP has been steadily expanding. The “Global Trend Forecast of the MAP Market in 2023” released by Market Research Future points out that the global MAP market will reach approximately US$22 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach about US$31.5 billion by 2027. The MAP market will continue to maintain growth momentum in the future.

Therefore, if you are looking for new opportunities in the food industry or want to explore new business sectors in the food industry, modified atmosphere packaging may be an ideal investment direction.

What is Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)?

Simply put, modified atmosphere packing achieves the purpose of food preservation by maintaining a stable gas environment in the packing box. This ideal gas environment can maintain the nutrients and taste of food, reduce oxidation and deterioration, and improve quality and market competitiveness.

MAP is suitable for various types of food, including meat and poultry, seafood and aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, pastries and bread, coffee and tea, and other perishable products. However, different types of food require different gas mixing ratios, which need to adjust according to specific conditions. This will directly affect the final preservation effect of food, so we need to pay special attention to it.

How Does Modified Atmosphere Packaging Protect Foods?

MAP Reduces Oxygen Concentration and Prevents Microbial Growth

Filling the packaging box with inert gases such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide to reduce the oxygen concentration in the packaging box is the most common method to prevent oxidation and inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria that cause spoilage.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Keeps The Food Dry

As we all know, moisture is one of the core factors that cause food to become moldy. Modified atmosphere packing creates a closed and dry gas environment for food, which can effectively separate food and moisture.

Through The Use of Barrier Films, MAP Protects Food Safety

MAP also uses barrier films as a layer of material to protect food. The gas in the packing box is effectively isolated from the surrounding atmosphere, which is beneficial to the stability of the packing gas. Using high-quality packing film can extend the shelf life of food.

MAP Maintains Colour, Texture and Freshness

MAP can maintain the taste and colour of product to the greatest extent. This feature is particularly prominent in the preservation process of red meat products. Red meat products packaged in a modified atmosphere not only have a longer shelf life, but the colour of the meat also looks redder.

MAP Reduces The Use of Chemical Preservatives

In recent years, consumers have become more interested in purchasing organic foods and foods made without additives or preservatives. MAP does not use preservatives to keep food fresh, making it an ideal packing method that conforms to consumer consumption habits.

MAP Protects Food Appearance From Deformation

During transportation from factory to supermarket, products inevitably face physical impacts. MAP can buffer these impacts, effectively maintaining the integrity of the product’s appearance.

Use Modified Atmosphere Packaging to Make Your Product More Competitive

All in all, healthy and hygienic MAP products are deeply loved by consumers. Using modified atmosphere packaging can make your products stand out in the fierce market competition and is an effective packing method that can help you increase sales.

In addition to modified atmosphere gas, product sealing quality is also important to extending product shelf life. A quality tray sealer can bring maximum financial benefits to your food business. Our experts will provide you with the most professional modified atmosphere packaging solutions. Contact us to seek sales opportunities.


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