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Stand Up Pouch Machine

A stand-up pouch packaging machine equipped with an electronic scale is placed on the ground, ready for testing at any time.

The stand up pouch machine is becoming increasingly popular in the market due to its high efficiency, energy-saving, high degree of automation, and the exquisite appearance of the finished product.

In various industries such as food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals, the application of stand up pouch machine is very extensive. Whether it’s solids, powders, liquids, or granules, it can meet all your packaging needs.

To enhance production efficiency, stable operation of the machinery is crucial. To ensure the stable and efficient operation of the stand up pouch machine, we need to follow a detailed set of operating guidelines.

Today, let’s take a look at this guide together.

Whether you are an existing customer of stand up pouch machines or a new user considering purchasing one to expand production, we hope this guide will be of help to you.

Understanding the Components of a Stand Up Pouch Machine

The layout of stand up pouch machines can be divided into inline and rotary styles. The rotary layout design can effectively save factory floor space, and the packaging speed can reach up to 130 pouches per minute, which is the focus of our article today.

Before starting the operation, it is crucial to understand the basic structure and working principle of the machine.A rotary stand up pouch machine can be divided into five main components:

  • Bag feeding system
  • Bag opening system
  • Filling system
  • Heat sealing system
  • Output system

Each part is indispensable and complements the others, together ensuring the machine operates stably at high speeds.

Preparation Work Before Stand Up Pouch Machine Operation

1. Check power and air sources

Ensure that the power and air source connections are correct, and that voltage and air pressure are stable.

2.Clean the machine

Food safety is paramount, so thorough cleaning of the machine is necessary, with special attention to the parts that come into direct contact with the product.

Stand Up Pouch Machine Correct Operating Procedure

1.Bag Feeding

Stand-up pouches are neatly arranged back-to-back on the surface of the bag storage area.

The machine operator places the pre-made bags flat into the magazine, and after the machine starts, the bag feeding roller transports the bags onto the machine.

2.Parameter Setting & Starting the Machine

The employee clicks on the screen to adjust parameters and starts the machine.

Set the packaging speed and accuracy on the machine’s control panel, and after ensuring everything is correct, press the start button, and the packaging machine will begin to operate.

3.Gripping the Bag

The stand-up pouch is clamped by the machine and held upright in the air.

The machine arm picks up the pre-made bag and lifts it to a station, where the mechanical jaws open and grip the pre-made bag, transporting it to other stages of the packaging process.

4.Opening the Bag

The bag is clamped by the machine, the suction cups adhere to both sides of the stand-up pouch, the machine's clamp inserts into the bag opening and expands to both sides to open the mouth of the bag.

After the mechanical jaws secure the pre-made bag, vacuum suction cups adhere to both sides of the bag’s seal, and opening tongs quickly separate the bag mouth to both sides.


Put the feeding opening into the stand-up bag and put the materials into the stand-up bag
The main task of this stage is to accurately deposit the material into the bag using the appropriate dosing device. The choice of dosing device is heavily influenced by factors such as the shape, acidity or alkalinity, and viscosity of the material. For example, for solid products, we usually use multi-head electronic scales or rotary dosers. For paste-like products, we typically use a hot pot filling machine as the standard dosing device.

In addition to considering the characteristics of the material, the precision of the dosing device is also an important factor to consider. The accuracy of the dosing weight directly affects the precision of the packaged product’s weight, making the precision of the dosing device crucial.

6.Pouch Arrangement & Sealing

The machine clamp seals the bag mouth through instant heating

Before the official sealing, to ensure the aesthetics and flatness of the pouch seal, we usually have the following two small steps:

  • Air blowing:When packaging materials like powder or granules, to prevent the material from sticking to the bag opening during dosing, we blow air on the bag opening after dosing to remove any residual material, ensuring a clean seal.
  • Bag bottom shaking: Shaking the bottom of the bag after dosing helps to distribute the material inside the pouch more evenly, resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing finished product.

After straightening the pouch opening, a hot air knife instantly heats and cools to seal the pre-made pouch opening.

7.Product output

The self-standing bag with the bag mouth sealed stands on the ground

After the pre-made pouch is packaged, it is discharged from the machine onto a conveyor belt, which then transports the finished product to downstream equipment such as check weighers, metal detectors, cartoning machines, palletizers, etc., for inspection, boxing, and transportation.

Precautions for Using Stand Up Pouch Machines

Operators must undergo professional training and be familiar with the machine’s operating procedures, as improper operation can easily damage the machine.

The power must be turned off before adjusting the machine or clearing blockages. The machine should be cleaned promptly, as residual materials can corrode machine parts.

Regularly check the machine for wear and tear, and seek help from professional technicians in case of malfunctions, rather than attempting arbitrary repairs on your own.

Tips for Improving Packaging Efficiency

Use high-quality stand up pouches to reduce machine malfunctions due to quality issues.

Choose a high-quality, highly stable stand up pouch machine. The absence of shaking and noise during operation at high mechanical speeds of 200 pouches/minute is a significant characteristic of a high-quality packaging machine. A high-quality machine can not only save on your packaging materials and reduce the rate of defective products but can also effectively enhance your production efficiency and reduce your production costs. Selecting a good stand up pouch machine plays a crucial role in upgrading your industry.Contact us to contribute to the upgrade of your industry.


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