Condiment packaging machine

Condiment packaging machine

A condiment packaging machine is a highly efficient and automated device specifically designed for packaging condiments. It plays a crucial role in the food production and packaging industry by quickly and accurately filling condiments into appropriate packaging containers, and sealing and labeling them. This machine is equipped with advanced features and functions to ensure efficient and high-quality packaging of condiments.The filling system of the condiment packaging machine utilizes advanced technology to precisely control the filling quantity based on the characteristics and packaging requirements of the product. Whether it is thick sauces, thin dressings, or granular seasonings, this machine can handle them with ease.The machine is capable of adapting to various packaging containers, including glass bottles, plastic bottles, bags, boxes, or small pouches. It is equipped with adjustable mechanisms and molds to accommodate containers of different shapes and sizes.

Cookie packaging machine




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Package Bag

Customizable Multiple Packaging Types



The large-size bag-feeding packaging machine adopts PLC+POD electrical control system and advanced transmission mechanism. It has the characteristics of stable operation, high bag loading rate and simple operation. It is suitable for the packaging of granules, powders, liquids and other materials.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High-speed packaging capacity: The high-speed bag-feeding packaging machine is capable of fast and efficient packaging. It can complete a large number of bagged product packaging tasks in a short period of time, improving production efficiency.

  2. Automated operation: The machine is equipped with advanced automation technology, enabling automated bagging processes. It can automatically handle bag feeding, bag opening, measuring, sealing, and other operations, reducing the need for manual intervention and lowering labor costs.

  3. Stability and reliability: The high-speed bag-feeding packaging machine features a sturdy and reliable structure and high-quality components. It can operate for extended periods without excessive breakdowns or downtime, ensuring continuous production on the assembly line.

  4. Flexibility and adaptability: The machine can accommodate various types and sizes of bagged products. It can be adjusted and configured to meet different bag specifications and packaging requirements, making it highly flexible when dealing with diverse products.

  5. Precise metering and positioning: The high-speed bag-feeding packaging machine is equipped with accurate metering systems and precise bag positioning technology. It ensures each bag is filled and sealed accurately, guaranteeing product quality and consistency.

  6. Easy operation and maintenance: The machine is designed with simplicity in mind, featuring a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate and control. Additionally, it is designed for easy maintenance, simplifying repair and maintenance tasks and reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Mchine Model
Machine Weight
Package Dimensions
100-200mm (width) 100-400mm (length)
Packing Speed
25-60 packs/min (zipper bag)



The high-speed bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine adopts a high-end electrical control system. The system display screen updates the machine running status in real time, and the operation is intelligent and simple. The whole machine and parts are made of food-grade stainless steel, which strictly guarantees the safety of food packaging. The machine adopts the hot water cold sealing method, the sealing is smooth and beautiful, and the sealing degree is high.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High-speed packaging capacity: The machine possesses a fast packaging speed and efficient production capacity. It can quickly complete the vacuum packaging of bagged products, thereby improving production efficiency.

  2. Automated operation: The machine is equipped with advanced automation technology, enabling automated bagging processes. It can automatically handle bag feeding, vacuum extraction, sealing, and other operations, reducing manual intervention and enhancing packaging efficiency.

  3. Excellent vacuum packaging effect: The high-speed bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine achieves outstanding vacuum packaging results. It effectively removes air from the bag, reducing the presence of oxygen, extending the shelf life of the product, and preserving its quality and taste.

  4. Stability and reliability: The machine adopts a robust and reliable structure with high-quality components, ensuring stability and reliability. It can operate continuously, minimizing malfunctions and downtime, and ensuring the continuity of the production line.

  5. Flexibility and adaptability: The high-speed bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine is suitable for various specifications and sizes of bagged products. It can be adjusted and set according to different packaging requirements, accommodating different types of bags and products.

  6. Easy operation and maintenance: The machine is designed for simplicity, featuring a user-friendly interface that is easy to operate and control. Additionally, it is easy to maintain, with relatively simple repair and maintenance tasks, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Mchine Model
Machine Weight
Package Dimensions
120-200mm (width) 150-300mm (length)
Packing Speed
10-50 bags/min(Its speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)


Pillow Type Packing Machine

Main Features of Multi-function Pillow Type Packaging Machine is a type of packaging equipment that is designed to automate the packaging process of various products. It can be used to pack a variety of products including food items,  pharmaceuticals,  and consumer goods. Main Features of Multi-function Pillow Type Packaging Machine: Automatic microcomputer control,  automatically display length. Quantity,  error, etc. Operation shortcut and convenient,  distinct efficiency. High precision,  strong sealing performance, high stability.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. Versatility: The Pillow Type Packing Machine is capable of packaging various types of products, including food, pharmaceuticals, and consumer goods.

  2. High Efficiency: This machine can efficiently complete packaging tasks with fast packaging speed and high production capacity, greatly improving productivity.

  3. Flexibility: The machine is adaptable to different sizes and specifications of products. It has adjustable packaging parameters that can be flexibly adjusted according to product requirements.

  4. Automation Control: Equipped with an automated microcomputer control system, the machine can automatically carry out the packaging process. Operators only need to set the parameters, and the machine will execute the packaging tasks automatically.

  5. Easy and Labor-saving: The machine is designed for easy and convenient operation, saving labor and time costs. It can automatically handle the packaging of products, reducing the workload for operators.

  6. Stable Quality: The Pillow Type Packing Machine offers high precision and stable performance. It can accurately cut and seal packaging materials, ensuring consistent and reliable packaging quality.

  7. Strong Sealing: The machine provides excellent sealing performance, ensuring tight and secure packaging. This is crucial for maintaining product freshness and quality.

  8. Material Savings: The machine effectively utilizes packaging materials, minimizing waste. It can automatically adjust the length of packaging materials according to product sizes, maximizing material efficiency.

Machine Name Pillow Type Packing Machine
Mchine Model
Production capacity
50-190 pcs/min (one cutter)
Power supply
Gross Power
Overall Dimensions
Gross Weight
Overall Dimensions
3200-4700*1050*1450mm ( L * W * H)
Packing range(L*W*H)
50-130mm 25-80mm ≤35mm(One cutter ) 70-160mm 25-100mm ≤50mm(Two cutters )140-450mm 25-110mm ≤50mm( Three cutters)

Lin-Pack: The Leading Condiment packaging machine

In the food industry, quality and hygiene are always among the top concerns for both manufacturers and consumers. As a leader in the condiment packaging machinery sector, Lin-pack has earned the trust and acclaim of numerous food producers worldwide, thanks to its outstanding technology and professional services.

Excellence in Technology for Perfect Condiment Packaging

With years of industry experience and advanced technological capabilities, Lin-pack is committed to providing the highest-quality packaging solutions for the condiment industry. Whether it’s high-concentration ketchup or highly liquid salad dressings, Lin-pack’s packaging machines precisely control every step, ensuring each bottle or pouch is perfectly filled and sealed. Its unique liquid filling technology not only prevents leakage but also preserves the freshness of condiments, delivering an excellent quality experience to consumers.

Innovative Services to Meet Diverse Needs

As a customer-centric company, Lin-pack adheres to the philosophy of putting customer needs at the center of its operations. Regardless of the scale of the customer’s business, whether it’s small-batch customization or large-scale production, Lin-pack offers flexible and diverse packaging solutions. The company’s professional team collaborates closely with customers to understand their production processes and requirements, providing the most suitable equipment configurations. This attentive service and highly personalized approach have earned recognition and long-term support from numerous partners.

Quality and Reliability, Embracing the Spirit of Craftsmanship

Behind every Lin-pack packaging machine lies a spirit of craftsmanship and a pursuit of excellence in quality. Each process undergoes strict quality control to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment. This meticulous attitude enables Lin-pack’s packaging machines to demonstrate remarkable performance and longevity, not only saving production costs for customers but also delivering long-term commercial value.

Green and Environmental Stewardship

While pursuing technological innovation, Lin-pack also places high importance on corporate social responsibility. The company is committed to promoting greener and more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes for packaging machines, reducing energy consumption and waste emissions. By using eco-friendly materials and energy-saving technologies, Lin-pack’s packaging machines not only ensure product quality but also contribute to environmental protection.


As a leading player in the condiment packaging machinery industry, Lin-pack adheres to the principles of technological innovation and prioritizing quality, driving the development and progress of the sector. Its professional services and highly personalized solutions have contributed to the business success of numerous partners. Lin-pack will continue to uphold the core values of “customer-centricity and pursuit of excellence,” bringing more surprises and innovations to the global food industry and establishing itself as the go-to choice for condiment packaging needs.

Q&A: Common cookie packaging machine

Q: Are cookie packaging machines customizable for different cookie sizes and shapes?

A: Yes, cookie packaging machines can be customized to accommodate different cookie sizes, shapes, and packaging requirements. The machines can be adjusted to handle various cookie dimensions and packaging materials. Some machines offer modular designs or interchangeable parts, allowing for flexibility and adaptability to different cookie products.

Q: What are some additional features to consider in a cookie packaging machine?

A: Some cookie packaging machines offer additional features to enhance the packaging process. These may include options for adding labels or promotional materials to the packages, incorporating printing or coding systems for product information and expiration dates, and incorporating inspection systems to ensure package integrity and quality control. The specific features can vary depending on the machine model and the manufacturer.

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