Lin-Pack is one of the leading packaging machine manufacturers, offering a wide range of state-of-the-art machines designed to meet diverse packaging needs. Our MAP, automatic, vacuum, and premade pouch machines provide precise and efficient packaging solutions for various industries, including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic.

Automatic Packing Solution For Grain Foods

Customized Solutions

MISSION: Be your first choice in premade pouch packaging machine

VISSION: Design and manufacture a most suitable and inexpensive packingmachine for customer.

VALUE: Innovative、Precise、Open Esteem、Service、Faith Echo Inc is manufacturing and trading company which is mainlyengaged in the R&D manufacture, marketing and service ofplastic & paper bag food packaging machinery with more than20 years in China. The aim of Linpack is to give you a hand and assist you to solveyour package problems with most suitable solution

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Multiple Combinations Provide Customized Solutions

We mainly deal in all kinds of automaticpackaging machinery and equipment We have a number of teams with experience in research anddevelopment of fully automatic packaging machine which has given us a huge advantage in the market

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MAP Machine

MAP machines extend shelf life, reduce waste, improve appearance, and lower costs while maintaining quality and reducing contamination risk.

Quad pouch

packaging Machine


Quad bag packaging machine has the advantage of speed and accuracy in packaging various types of products. It is highly automated and can handle large quantities of products.


packaging Machine


The vertical packaging machine is a versatile equipment for efficient packaging. It fills and seals bags vertically, ensuring product protection and presentation. Widely used in various industries.

Premade bag

packaging Machine

The premade bag packaging machine is specifically designed for individual packaging, allowing for greater variety of packaging materials and a more aesthetically pleasing product appearance.

Pre-made bag packaging production line.

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