Cause Study: Tomato Sauce Standing Zipper & Spout Pouch Packing

Help New Zealand Customer on Hot Filling Sauce Filling Sealing


Overview: This is our regular customer, their products are and mayonnaise, tomato sauce with particles. They asked for some new functions for the second packing machine, they requested

  1. The print ingredients list on the pouch
  2. the filling machine should be easy to clean
  3. the machine should seal both the zipper pouch and corner spout pouch and be easy to adjust
  4. a good way to prevent the workers touch the machine turntable. (for more safety)

Challenge: First, the temperature of the products are over 80 degrees, they need to print their Logo and ingredients list on the pouch, and the printer should suitable for hot filling and hot water treatment after filling. The second storage tank is important to make sure clean easily. Third, often the machine needs to change the sealing bar when changing the zipper pouch with a spout pouch, it is not an easy way. Fourth we need some extra steps except installing a normal safety fence.

Result: 1. We use hot filling tube and nozzle special for hot products, the tube should bear high temperature and it is safe in food-grade and a 10mm rotary valve for weighing the products smooth. 2. A good thermal transfer printer with resin ribbon can print ingredients list on pouch well. 3. Vertical storage tank is easier to clean than the horizontal one. 4. We make the height of the heat sealing mechanism is adjustable, then we don’t need to change any parts when changing the zipper pouch with spout pouch.

Hot filling

Print ingredients list

Machine Easy to clean, easy to adjust

How do we do it? Designing and producing the most suitable packing machine for the customer is our valve in business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their requirements. Also, we have much experience to service for different customers in the food industry, we know the important points to packing different products, we fulfil almost every customer requirement. Now the vacuum packing machine has been exported to Korea and running well.

Deep communication with the customer

One-stop service from design to packaging

Professional manufacturer and rich experience

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