Cause Study: Minced Meat Pet Food Vacuum Pouch Packing

Help Korean Customer on increasing weight accuracy for minced meat products.


Overview: Our customer requested automatic vacuum packing for 100g minced meat, they use volumetric cup filler at the moment, the deviation is high around±4-5g.  they need high accuracy and the packs should look smooth.

Challenge: First the minced meat is very sticky, and it is most important to choose suitable weighing equipment. Second, the filling nozzle is also important, or else there will be some meat that will stick on the nozzle and affect the accuracy. Third, the pouch sealing position may get dirty with some meat . Fourth need an extra device to make sure the finished products get flat enough.

Result: Lin-Pack team combined with previous practical experience, and discuss the meat features with the customer, finally we choose a dosing machine special for meat. Second, we are equipped with a special filling nozzle to make sure there is no meat stick on the nozzle, these make the accuracy reach to±1g.  Also, after filling station there is a rotating blowing system for cleaning the sealing position by air , it can make sure the pouch sealing position is clean.  Also equipped with a roller on the finished conveyor make sure the packs look smooth.

Accurate weighing

Customised made for customer

Perfect sealing

How do we do it? Designing and producing the most suitable packing machine for the customer is our valve in business. We take responsibility for our customers and understand their requirements. Also, we have much experience to service for different customers in the food industry, we know the important points to packing different products, we fulfil almost every customer requirement. Now the vacuum packing machine has been exported to Korea and running well.

Deep communication with the customer

One-stop service from design to packaging

Professional manufacturer and rich experience

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