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Case Study:  Beef Jerky packing with desiccant filling



Our customer wanna a complete solution for long shape beef jerky, packing machine and special design filler for 15cm beef jerky, and also can solve desiccant filling.



Our customers needed a packaging machine that would solve their problem of 15cm beef jerky filling, and also require each pouch has a desiccant.  The first is that we need to customize special multi-head weigher which won’t be stuck with 15cm beef jerky. Secondly, the desiccant filling must make sure each pouch has one, to extend the shelf life.



According to the width, length of the beef jerky, our technicians design a special multi-head weigher, which can help to fill without product blocking. And the desiccant filling station is reasonably arranged to ensure that the desiccant and beef jerky can be filled into bags together.

How we did it

  1. Custom the special multi-weigher
  2. Design and adjust the desiccant filling into the bag

Customer-first is our business value. We take responsibility for our customers understanding of their requirements for long shape beef jerky packaging and desiccant filling. Thanks to the cooperation of our mechanical equipment design and debugging personnel, we also actively communicate with customers about the problems encountered, and when encountering problems that cannot be completed, we also propose solutions to customers to meet customer requirements as much as possible.

  • In-depth communication with customers
  • One-stop service from design to production
  • Professional machining

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