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The vacuum package comes from various functions and features which you have to adjust according to the type of material you are packing.

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Certificate of registration The certificate is awarded to Wenzhou Mingrui Machinery Co. Ltd. Scope of Approval: Design, manufacture, and sales of the packaging machinery.

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Vacuum packager is a technique that removes air from the package, which are ready for sealing.This method can be done both manually and automatically, when placing items into the plastic bags, removing air from these bags and sealed them.

The main purpose of vacuum packager is to remove oxygen from the packages to increase the life of food, as well as the to reduce the volume of contents in the packages. Vacuum packager also reduces oxygen that is helpful to limit the growth of aerobic bacteria, fungi and evaporation of the components.

One of the major advantage of vacuum packager is to store dry fruits for longer duration such as nuts, cured meats, smoked fish, coffee etc. Vacuum packager can also be used for fresh foods over shorter period of time that is vegetable, meats, liquids etc.Vacuum packager products can also be used for domestic use such as plastic jars, bags ,bottles etc.

Delicate food items might be crushed by vacuum packager process that is chips and crisps etc. So there is an alternate solution for it, to fill nitrogen gas to replace the interior gas.Vacuum packager also reduced the large quantity of non food items.

It includes bedding and clothing.These both items  can be stored in dedicated vacuum sealer.Vacuum packager is simplest and efficient way of packaging various items.

There are many amazing benefits of using vacuum packager. It is playing vital role in preserving food for longer period of time. Vacuum packager benefits are given below.

Increased life of food: According to research vacuum packager has life of food items from 50percent to 400percent.Increase in the life of food products is due to ideal atmosphere within the packaging,which is taken place by vacuum packager.

The life span of food products increased due to reduction of oxygen. Vacuum packager is considered to be preferred for packaging food items going into long term freezer storage.When the food products are properly sealed by vacuum packager ,it reduces freezer burn too.Its one if the best form of food packaging, specifically for the storage of mean around the globe.

Reduced the loss of product: Vacuum packager also reduced loss of products. It is also beneficial for those companies, which are introducing new products.The less product loss increased the ratio of bottom lines.

Sealed barrier from external elements: Mostly vacuum bags are thicker.vacuum packager can also seal the products properly by protecting the items from dust, moisture, fungi, bacteria, insects and other harmful elements to avoid any loss or damage.

Vacuum packager is an extravagant barrier against freezer burn, when the food items are stored for longer duration.

Marination: Vacuum packager also adds flavours to products when sealed in bags. The process in which any sort of meat is dipped into the sauces and other ingredients for some hours is known as marination. During this process food is enclosed in vacuum packager bags. Which is helpful in marinating food items.

No chemicals required for preservation: There is no requirement of chemical preservatives for vacuum packager. By mixing oxygen and inert gases there is no requirement for artificial preservatives.

Improved product presentation: mostly vacuum packager bags allow visibility of the contents within the package. Vacuum packager is economical packaging that enables products to be shelf ready with the help of attaching printed sticker.

Multiple packaging: Vacuum packager has various packaging options. Consumers can buy bags to seal their desired items. There is variety of bags such as zippers, easy open tear notches,foil lined and many others too.

Quick packaging: Vacuum packager is very quick and efficient packaging technique. With proper machine and material, this process can be done very fast. Vacuum packager has enabled thousands of products to be packaged per hour.

Vacuum packager can vary in price and requirements depending on the production and size of machine too.So keeping in mind that production level and size of the product is directly proportional to the requirement of machine.

One of the essential point is to consider gas flush.It is so because gas flush is responsible for injecting inert gas into the packages to increase life span of the products. Once appropriate packager is selected,its not difficult to choose vacuum bag. Vacuum bag has many varieties with regard to its size, also available with multiple options.To sort out right  vacuumbag for each product will help to ensure professional packaging.

Besides all this, additional items are also required depending of the type of machine such as external compressor and external gas tanks etc.This will upgrade the production of packages per hour.

As we know that vacuum packager ismarvellous  addition tomany homes.However most of the people do not know how to use a vacuum packager. The vacuum packager can be operated in the following steps:

Select the right vacuum bag: In the very first step of vacuum packager, you will chose right vacuum bag, container or jar for what you want to seal.For beginners, first you will get vacuum packager bags.

Vacuum packager bags are more effective for packaging as compare to regular plastic bags. Because those regular tend let air inside the vacuum packaged products.As far as vacuum bags are best suitable for packaging as compared normal regular bags.

Prepare Food of own choice:One of the essential step is to prepare food of your own choice. It is also compulsory like choosing the right bag. Ready your meat or fish, remove raw material from it. While packaging, make sure to remove sharp bones because it will help to seal the bag tightly for longer term.

Fill the bag properly: Its time to fill bag properly.Make it sure to leave space between edges of the bag and food as well. Leave three to five inches between the food and top of the bag.It will ensure the proper packaging of the product and it will stay longer.

Start Vacuum Packaging: Now it’s fun time. Take out your vacuum packager and start packaging the desired food items.

Clean Vacuum Packager afterwards: May be its not like that, but your vacuum packager get dirty.You should clean it after use.Forit’smaintenance dry completely and store vacuum safely for next time.

There are variety of vacuum packagers. It includes wide range of vacuum packaging.Including wide range of packaging options, from smaller vacuum packager machines to larger heavy duty machines.Main types of vacuum packager are given below.

Single Vacuum Chamber machine: Single vacuum chamber required the whole product to be placed within machine.

Double Vacuum Chamber machine: Double vacuum chamber machine also required the whole product to be sealed in vacuum packager.Once product is placed in the machine, air is removed and and the lid is closed.

Double vacuum chamber machine are typically used for medium volume packaging. It also have capability to vacuum seal liquids.It can commonly used for fresh meat, chocolates, candies, cheese.

Automatic Belt Vacuum Chamber: Automatic belt Vacuum chamber required the whole product to be placed in wrapped pouch within the machine.It is totally automatic machine. These are used for high speed packaging of large items and liquids packaging as well.

Thermoforming vacuum packaging machine: Vacuum packager large production facilities can be done by thermoforming vacuum packaging.These are form fill seal style machines.

This machine can be customised according to size, shape , colour, and shape to fit products accordingly, to create outstanding appearance.

There are some top tips that how can you maintain a vacuum packager. Tips to maintain the vacuum packager are as under:

Be careful when filling the products into the packages, because over filling leads to leaks.

Never use regular plastic bags.Try to use vacuum packager bags that come with products.Using your own bags can damage the sealer as well create a mess.

Mark food with date, after you sealed the food with vacuum packager.

Always clean your vacuum packager.Some food particles and other debris can hinder the packaging that vacuum packager can make with your bags.

Make sure to use filter.frozen foods are fully frozen before vacuum packager.Crumbs and liquids in the bags overcome potentially and damage vacuum packager.Make sure that you freeze liquids before putting them in vacuum packager.

The vacuum packager can be purchased by placing online order on the website of the company. The customer can forward a request for catalogue of product and price list.

Thereafter the customer can select a product and consult the experts regarding any clarification about the products. The customer care service is very cooperative and satisfies the client about the product.

There are also tutorial available about the product that a client wants to order. The vacuum packager is available in different types as per the products require packaging. This machine can be order after selecting the required one. After placing the order the client has to make online payment. The machine is delivered through a fast mean along with required instruction manual for the assembling of the machine.

The customer can assemble the machine and check if for any problems or faults. In case there is some fault in the machine the customer care centre can be approached to complain about the fault and thereafter it can be replaced by the new one.

The vacuum packer is very easy to assemble for smooth functioning. This machine can also be very easily maintained.

The vacuum packager is very easy to operate and maintain. The company also provide detail and comprehensive training manual for operating the machine. These training manuals are available with the product when it is despatched the customer.

The vacuum packager operators can be trained after going through the training manual and also by consulting the customer care centre. The training of the operator is very important as the ill-trained operator can spoil the machine and will result into frequent stoppages in the vacuum packager. The vacuum packager operator should be adequately trained to ensure the smooth functioning of the machine.

The training includes awareness about various parts of the machine, care and maintenance and functioning of the machine.

The vacuum packager is very efficient, cost effective and reliable machine as far as the end product is concerned. This machine is easily to maintain and operate as the manufacturer provides necessary technical support required for the said purpose.

The technical support provided by the manufacturer is sufficient for the customer to understand the functioning and maintenance of the vacuum packager.

The technical support is available through the online service of the company and is available round the clock for the facilitation.

As evident from the name of the machine, it makes the vacuum packager of various make and type hence there is great improvement in quality, production, availability and life of the bag. 

The vacuum packager products are very effective for long term use as they are safe from the environmental effects i.e humidity, dust and other effects. The consumer prefers such items those are safe from the point of the hygiene.

Now days the standard of packager has improved and various types of packages are now available, however the vacuum packager is at the top due to its easy preparation and long lasting effects. The vacuum packager can be used for other products also that including different types of metals to protect them from the environment.

The automobile and sanitary products made of metal can get rust when packed in normal bags therefore they should be packed in air tight bag so that can only be done by vacuum packager. The vacuum packager has qualitatively improved the packaging of the products.

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