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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Pillow Type Packing Machine

With the advancement in technology different kind of machinery is being produced and used for different types of works. Whether you talk about the entertainment industry or the pharmaceutical industry every industry is adopting the latest technology into its line of work. The same is the case with the packaging industry.

The leading package industries are competing in installing the latest technology in their firms. And with the high demand for packaging machines, the manufacturers are making several types of machinery on custom orders as well. One big example of this customization is a pillow type packing machine. The Pillow packaging machine has been given the name of the pillow because of the reason that the packages that it makes form a shape of a pillow.

You have seen a pillow that is loaded from the center and has sharp edges at its four sides, so when pillow type packing machines package the goods, the sheet or film that goes inside the machine comes out in the shape of a pillow, sealed from the 4 ends and has a sealing at the back.

Pillow type packaging machine uses a horizontal mode of packaging where the sheet is formed into the shape of a pillow and products are packaged in the horizontal belt. The products to be packaged with the pillow type packing machine are put into the conveyor belt and the sheet that is used to form packages is rolled in the film roll which can keep the sheet tight and straight.

The product to be packaged in a pillow type packing machine comes into the bag former through the conveyor belt. In the bag former the sheet also comes from the top and in there the sheet is transferred into the bags. To make the bags in a shape of a pillow, a pillow type packing machine has a middle sealing option in the bag former that puts the product into the sheet and seals the sheet from the package from the middle. After middle sealing, the package is moved from a brush that has the job to straighten the bag.

At the end of the process, end sealing ensures that the package is sealed from both ends. This end sealing makes the package look like a pillow. And comes out from the bag former through the horizontal belt of the pillow type packing machine. 

When you talk about a pillow type packing machine it means that you are talking about a machine that wraps your products automatically into pillow bags. Pillow type packing machines are widely used by several types of industries as pillow packing is not only neat and clean but also is suitable for all kinds of materials.

Most types of pillow type packing machines use a horizontal transmission line, and the entire process is carried out automatically. This horizontal transmission system of pillow type packing machines is very stable and suitable for packing various types of products.

This transmission system of pillow type packing machine ensures that the filling of your products into the pillow bags made by the pillow type packing machine from the sheet of plastic, and then sealing and printing on those packages all are carried out in one single step.

This makes the process of filling and packing very efficient and the packaging capacity of the industry using pillow type packing machines is enhanced.

Pillow type packing machine is widely used in the food industry. The reason for it is that it has an easy-to-operate packing procedure. All of the work is carried out by the machine automatically and the products coming out of the pillow type packing machine are neat and the food is not damaged.

Some food industries focus more on pillow type packing machines. Like in the candy industry, different sorts of candies are packaged with the help of a pillow type packing machine. Another usage of pillow type packing machines in the food industry is the baked products industry.

Mostly the industries that supply baked products use transparent sheets to make pillow bags as they show what is inside the package. These include bread, cakes, biscuits, etc. The noodles are also packaged with the help of a pillow type packing machine in pillow bags.

The ice industry also packages most of their ice creams in pillow bags with pillow type packing machines.

Pillow type packing machine is said to be best suited for foods that are solid and are in one piece, that is the reason most of the solid food industries use this pillow type packing machine. But the pillow type packing machine is not limited to food items. Anything hard can be packaged by a pillow type packing machine.

Take the example of daily use items that are non-consumable like tissue paper that is packed in transparent plastic. Some baby products are also packed in pillow bags. Also if you see the baby toys you will notice that all of them are packed in a pillow bag by a pillow type packing machine. So yes a pillow type packing machine is not only limited to food and consumable items. It works far beyond that.

This thing we all know that a pillow type packing machine uses pillow-shaped bags to pack the products neatly and cleanly that is why it is given the name of pillow packing machine. But the interesting thing is there are different types of pillow bags that a pillow type packing machine can make or utilize, whatever you prefer to say.

These bags are differently used for different purposes. The most famous pillow bag styles are normal pillow bags, pillow bags with a hole, pillow bags with gusset style. Normal pillow bags are simply normal in shape, sealed from behind and top and bottom. The hole ones are like normal pillow bags but they have a hole at the top.

This hole is made to easily tear open the package when used. In the gusset-style pillow bag by pillow type packing machine, there is an extra portion after the seal. Each one has its marketing purpose so we can’t say which is better and which is not.

The only reason why people shift to automatic machines and mainly pillow type packing machine is their high speed with added accuracy. There is no need to buy or invest in a pillow type packing machine if it has a slow speed(which is not). So the package line manufacturers only make these machines so that they provide high-speed packaging and that is the reason most industries are now shifting to it.

Pillow type packing machine is extremely fast and can package around 40 to 330 bags in a minute. This is speed is variable and can be set according to you. You can set your desired speed. Another thing to consider is the speed of pillow type packing machines is that different models of pillow type packing machines are available in the market, some are small some are large and heavy. So speed depends on these factors also.


The interesting fact about the pillow type packing machine is that it is not a constantly fixed machine. Rather it is a type of machine that comes with basic features that will make you run in the field of packaging and you get an option to customize your machine with additional components. Adding more components will cost you some money but they are worth it.

Optional components that you can add to a pillow type packing machine are date encoders, different patterns of sealing, Automatic feeders that will feed the product automatically. A gas flushing mechanism is also available if your product needs that for packaging. An automatic label will allow you to label your desired input to your pillow packages in the pillow type packing machine.

As discussed earlier, pillow type packing machine comes in all sorts of types, depending upon the nature of the product to be packaged. A reciprocating pillow type packing machine is an enhanced version of the simple horizontal pillow type packing machine. The enhanced feature that this reciprocating pillow type packing machine offers is that on the 3 different sides of the object packed, there are 3 sponges made. This is done so that the air can be exhausted into the bag when the package is cut after sealing. You can customize the machine according to your need. You can add a gusset to the final pillow bag or can go with the normal pillow bag.

Reciprocating pillow type packing machine has many applications in the packaging industry due to their unique air exhaust feature. This machine can be used in the packing of food products that have the same constant size. You can use this in the packing of biscuits, baby wipes, soaps, shampoos, cream, chips, chocolates, etc.

The upgrade in the normal pillow type packing machine is the reciprocating pillow type packing machine. The main difference between the two familiar automatic packing machines is that they have different cutting styles.

The normal pillow type packing machine uses either a single or a double cutter to cut the packages after sealing whereas the reciprocated version of the pillow type packing machine has a single knife that is used for the cutting of the packages. The end product is also different as the package made with reciprocated pillow type packing machine has several 3 sponges so that there is air exhausted in the pillow pack. 

If you ask which one is better, then a reciprocated pillow type packing machine is the enhanced updated version and gives an aesthetically pleasing output. But there is no disadvantage in using the normal pillow type packing machine too.

The accuracy of a pillow type packing machine depends upon several factors, from making bags to filling the products into them, this machine has given importance to the slightest of options.

Therefore another thing that enhances the accuracy of a pillow type packing machine is its automatic stop positioning function. This function of the pillow type packing machine makes sure that the packages are cut nicely and tidy, and no film is wasted while the cutting process.

It also ensures that the sealing area and the cutting knives of the pillow type packing machine don’t stick to the pillow package. 

Pillow bags are used widely in pillow type packing machines because of the extra benefits that they offer to the packaging lines. One of the reasons why these pillow bags are widely used is their economical factor as they are very much affordable. Another thing that these pillow bags have is that they are best suited for the products that are served in a single serving.

These packages are easy to make and provide faster making of the bags to the machines using them. 

The reason why pillow type packing machine is very much accurate and don’t waste products is due to their smart transmission that has automatic detectors, which can analyze any package that is empty and will ultimately point it out and stop it from entering into the sealing system.

The pillow type packing machine is controlled completely by software embedded into its system so it works more accurately and the error ratio is very also. Also, this feature makes it consume not much power. 

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