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Certificate of registration The certificate is awarded to Wenzhou Mingrui Machinery Co. Ltd. Scope of Approval: Design, manufacture, and sales of the packaging machinery.

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Pillow Bag Machine

Pillow bag machines areequipment or a device that produced a pillow bag containing different types of articles, items or products. The pillow bag machine is very economical in-terms ofcost, raw material required and labour employed for the operating the machine. The end product of this machine i.e pillow bag is very economical for the customers.

The pillow bags are very common for the single served products. The film used in the pillow bag is hygienic and doesn’t negatively effect the products stored inside. This machine is very efficient in the production of required pillow bags. There is vast range of products that are packed in the pillow bags.

These products can be seen in different stores i.e grocery, stationery and pharmacies. The pillow bags are also commonly used for the packaging of disposable items that are used in daily routine. The pillow bag machine is highly recommended for the businessman who is having little capital for setting up a business.

This machine is very suitable for those items which are products in bulk and required in day to day routine, they are light weight and can be easily carried. The pillow bag machines are an essential part of the todays industry as the pillow bag of various size used for different items are present in daily use of everyone.

The pillow bag machine has vast range of uses. Although its main use is production of pillow bags but this can be segregated as per the item or product that is kept inside the pillow bag. The pillow bag machine benefits are as following

The packages of pillow bag machine are the most economical and cost effective.

The packages of pillow bag machine arehaving high speed packaging applications

The packages of pillow bag machine are very effective for single serving products like biscuits, chocolates, powders and other items.

The package of pillow bag machine is easy to transport and store.The packages of pillow bag machine can be displayed in a very attractive manner.

The packages of pillow bag machine can be used to storage following items:-

Crips and chips.

Snake foods.

Frozen foods.

Single serving items.

Other items

The pillow bag machines are of different types as per the product, shape of the pillow and other reason. Following are the common form of the machine.

Bread Packing Machine: This machine is used to pack food items like biscuits, cookies, muffins, bread, bun, muffins and wafers.

Salt Packing Machine: This machine is use to pack various type of salts i.e well salt, rock salt, fine salt, pretzel salt and coarse salt.

Frozen Food Packing Machine: This machine is used for packing of snacks, chips, biscuits, candies, nuts and rice.

Nuts Packing Machine: This machine is used for packing nuts like melon seeds, mix nuts, pistachio, cashews nuts, pine nuts and mix nuts.

The pillow bag machine isvery effectivefor automatic packing of the various items. The packing of food item can be characterised as under:-

The pillow bag machine is automatic machine that can carry out bulk production of desired quantity of the items.

The machine can be customised to modify the shape and size of the pillow.

The machine requires minimum number of Labour for operation and maintenance.

This machine is very economical as per as the power input is required.

The machine can producelarge quantity of pages in a short span of time thus making it a necessity for the accomplishment of desired objective.

The machine can pack vast variety of products in different shapes and sizes.

The pillow bag machines is very simple to operate and maintenance. The pillow bag machine maintenance is vital for its extended use, however various factor should be considered to ensure proper maintenance to avoid damages, faults and breakages. Following points should be kept in mind for routine maintenance of the machine

Routine Maintenance:

Before routine maintenance cut off the power supply.

The cleaning should be done with humid cloth.

Compressed air should be used to clear the film scraps stuck inside the running parts.

Monthly Maintenance:

The moving parts of the machine should be lubricated once in a month.

The tensionof the strips and chain should be checked for any loosening.

All nuts and screws should be check for any looseness. Tighten if req.

Check carbon deposit and clear.

Annual Maintenance:

The machine should be given detailed stripping and checked

Any weak part should be replaced.

Biannual Maintenance:

Checking of wearing parts and replace if necessary.

Check the wearing condition of moving part. Replace if required.

Check the electric part and tighten them. The dust should be removed by compessed air.


The smooth supply of power to the machine should not cross the specified limits.

The machine should be only feed with the film that is mentioned in the specifications.

The display of the machine is synchronised with the sensors that can detect the fault in any specific part and give a warning that a fault has occurred in a specific part so functioning of the sensor is very important.

The regular training of operate is also very essential like the maintenance so it is also necessary that operates should be trained about the operation as well as maintenance of the machine.

The performance review of the operators is also essential to check for unnecessary faults in the machine and planning of routine maintenance.

Customers input is also very essential through UANs and other communication means to check for the standard of packaging.

Every machine requires adoption of few precautions to avoid faults, breakages and damages. Following should be adopted for smooth operation and functioning of pillow bag machine:-

The operator must learn all operationmethods and precautions for smooth functioning.

No unauthorised or unqualified individuals should be permitted to operate the pillow bag machine.

The manual of maintenance should be carefully read and understood by those operating the machine.

The assembling of machine should be carefully done before starting to avoid any fault or breakages.

The machine should be placed on a level surface to avoid unnecessary movement or vibration.

Never leave the machine unattended while it is running.

Following the running time of the machine to check for over running that can result into fault or breakages.


The machines should never be run in case of low voltage or high voltage electricity. This can result into short circuiting of the machine.

The film sheet of specified type and size should be used.

The smooth installation of pillow bag machines is necessary for it quality functioning, following  should be adhere

The machine should be installed on a smooth and flat surface. It should have sufficient space for the operators and for maintenance.

The environmental conditions should also be favourable for the smooth functioning of the pillow bag machine, following should be ensured:-

Normal temperature should be between 5 to 40 C.

Humidity should be between 30 to 90 percent.

Machine should be kept away from gasoline, chemicals, acids, alkaline material, explosive and combustible material.

Should not be kept in sunlight.

Keep away from vibrating machine.

Should away from direct fan blowing.

Should be kept under the shed that can sustain the effect of weather like rain, humidity and other hazards.

The pillow bag machine has bundle of  strengths which make it fascinating for the manufacturers, contractors, and many other companies. Following are the strengths of pillow bag machine.

Economical:one of its characteristic is, pillow bag machine is highly economical. less quantity of film is required for making the bag as compared to other complex bag kinds. Pillow bag machine consumes very less time and money as well. This pillow bag machine is great deal for small industries and companies. Pillow bag machine also an essential machine for the large industries because consumes very less and gives much than expected. So it is very self sufficient for all types of industries and companies.

Tested and Tried: the pillow bag machine is tried and tested.This pillow bag machine is running by every industry successfully. From decades pillow bag machine due to its efficiency has proven itself for several time due to its outstanding performance and packaging.

Simple: the pillow bag machine operating system is not difficult. It has very simple methodology to produce. Pillow bag machine has simple packaging, which package the products finely.One can easily operate and produce as much as they can.

High Speed: pillow bag machine can also run at high speed.Due to its simple features pillow bag machine package products with in no time.The pillow bag machine can’t be beaten unless and until it should be operated wisely.

Formation: it can also formed on standard vertical Form Fill Seal packaging machine.pillow bag machine is flexible almost lends on all packaging equipment types

As the pillow bag machine has many characteristics such as it is flexible, simple, and highly economical.So, there are also limitations of pillow bag machine.Following are the limitations of pillow bag machine.

Cannot Stand Erect:In this bag type the bag cannot stand erect itself. It only lays flat or with addition of hole or any other support.The other way to make it upright is that it should be hung on the hooks for vertical display.

No visual differentiation:The pillow bag machine does not offer much visual.Differentiation.The pillow bag machine has most popular bag style and is dominant among all machines.But pillow bag machine does not stay upright as other machines such as daypack or custom premed pouch does.

Limited Marketing: pillow bag machine has limited surface for marketing.like other bags which has flat bottom or quad seal, which provide five directions. Suchaslabelling, branding, andbranding.pillow bag machine bag show only front side. Rest sides are not visible to consumers.While other upright bags are visible to consumers from all four sides.

The pillow bag machine name is given because the bags which are produced by this machine are closely resemble to a pillow.The pillow bag machine is simple, versatile, economical and reliable.The pillow bag machine is considered to be the most popular machine and is using flexible bag packaging style now a days

The pillow bag machine is making pillow bags around the globe.Almost all the industries and applications from coffee to snack and snack to soup are applicable by pillow bag machine.The speed of pillow bag machine is very fast and considered to be the fastest machine in the world.

Pillow bag machine has commendable qualities. The pillow bag machine is very efficient and convenient.Pillow bag machine effectively save the labour cost. It provides super customer service.Pillow bag machine is specialised in packaging pillow bags and manufacturing.It has automatic packaging system, due to work load become easier.

Pillow bag machine is flexible and can do all the tasks with high speed.Due to its high efficiency provide value for energy.It also accommodate liquid, solid and powder. Less time and film is used when setting a pillow bag machine as compare to other types of bag machine.The operator does not need skill or great experience for operating the pillow bag machine.Moreover we can say that pillow bag machine is making remarkable progress, making products efficiently and conveniently.

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