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Looking for a good quality packing machine? You are in the right place. We deal in top packaging machines which are manufactured in China.

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We, Lin-pack is an all in one platform offering new and innovative equipment along with a team of certified and factory-trained technicians who are there to provide assistance whenever you want. To ensure your machine has a long and productive life we offer a complete packaging machine solution.

Machines manufactured by us are user-friendly and budget effective. They are highly suitable for packaging your products either in solid, liquid or powder forms.

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Our company makes sure that the clients are getting top quality machines from us.

Packaging machines come in various sizes and shapes to perform different types of functions. We have a wide variety of packaging machines which are available on our website.

Selections of Our Packaging Machine

Mentioned below are some of the top quality packaging machines which are manufactured by us.

Automatic Packing Machine

We know our clients need automatic machines more than manual ones. This is why we are manufacturing top automatic packing machines to fulfill their needs. These machines perform tasks like carton sealing, assembling goods, etc. The automatic packing machine improved the functioning and efficiency of the task.

seal packing machine

pouch packaging machine

Our pouch packaging machines are able to pack around 200 bags in a single minute. The bags are moved in a rotating pattern and stop at various stations. Each one of these stations performs a single aspect of packaging. The most common types of bags have around 6 to 9 stations.

powder packaging machine

Powder packaging machines also have similar sort of stations like the pouch packaging one.

sachet packaging machine

The sachet filling machine is a very specialized type of equipment. In such machines, there are different valves for liquid and gas. The sachet packaging machine comes in a variety of different sizes and features.


bag packaging machine

We provide top-quality bag packaging machines to our customers. The framework of these machines is designed in a way that they will perform all their tasks very efficiently and will also last you a very long time

Seal packing machine

Many different sorts of packs that have liquids, sprays, powders, and other similar substances are packaged properly using a seal packing machine. The products like bottles, canisters, and aerosols are also seal packed by these machines.

Candy Roll Wrapping Machine-Linpack

vacuum packaging machine

This is the type of machine which is used when air from a package needs to be removed. The vacuum packaging machine is used for products mainly like meat, chicken, and seafood.

The vacuum packaging machine can increase the shelf of such products and keep them fresh for a very long time.

Filling machine

Because of its superior performance, cheap maintenance, and extended service life, the filling machine is widely used for packaging non-free-flowing powder materials. Furthermore, these may be customized to meet the needs and requirements of clients.

A filling machine is necessary for liquid substances, pastes, and gels to guarantee a uniform volume of liquid is put into a bottle or other container. The packaging allows for a tight barrier around the liquid items, preventing leakage.

Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Packaging Machine

Packaging machines being used in all the operations, including primary packaging to distribution packaging.

Packaging machine includes many processes fabrication, cleaning, filling, sealing, combining, labelling, over wrapping and palletising etc. There are many packages machines ranging from large to small.

Packaging machine is basically wide range of thousands of machines covering many industries. Packaging machine can perform many functions as it fill liquids, can also wrap products, weigh products and it also products from any loss during transportation.

Packaging machine can vary in size and shape, but still performing the same functions throughout the world.

All of the machines performing the process of packaging.

Packaging machine also transport products. It also store and sale the packaged products. There are several types of packaging such as custom and standard packaging. Thus this common packaging process is being used around the globe.With the help of packaging machine word done become so easier and effective.

Packaging machine is used for packaging many products. Packaging Machine also require related machinery such as sorting, counting and accumulation.

There are various kinds of packages such as pouches, bags, sachets, pillow bags bags, bottles and jars etc.When closing the packages different type materials can be used such as lids, caps, nozzles, tubes, cork ,  heat seals and many more methods. Tuck and fold techniques can also be used for packaging products.

The maintenance of packaging machine is very simple to perform . The packaging machine maintenance is vital for its extended use, however various factor should be considered to ensure proper maintenance to avoid damages, faults and breakages. Following points should be kept in mind for routine maintenance of the packaging machine:-

Routine Maintenance: 

✓ Before routine maintenance cut off the power supply.

✓ The cleaning should be done with humid cloth.

✓ Compressed air should be used to clear the film scraps stuck inside the running parts.

Monthly Maintenance:

✓ The moving parts of the machine should be lubricated once in a month.

✓ The tension of the strips and chain should be checked for any loosening.

✓ All nuts and screws should be check for any looseness. Tighten if req.

✓ Check carbon deposit and clear.

Annual Maintenance: 

✓ The machine should be given detailed stripping and checked throughly for any breakages.

✓ Any weak part should be replaced.

Biannual Maintenance:

✓ Checking of wearing parts and replace if necessary.

✓ Check the wearing condition of moving part. Replace if required.

✓ Check the electric part and tighten them. The dust should be removed by compressed air.


✓ The smooth supply of power to the machine should not cross the specified limits.

✓ The machine should be only feed with the film that is mentioned in the specifications. 

✓ The display of the machine is synchronised with the sensors that can detect the fault in any specific part and give a warning that a fault has occurred in a specific part so functioning of the sensor is very important. 

✓ The regular training of operate is also very essential like the maintenance so it is also necessary that operates should be trained about the operation as well as maintenance of the machine. 

✓ The performance review of the operators is also essential to check for unnecessary faults in the packaging machine and planning of routine maintenance.

✓ Customers input is also very essential through UANs and other communication means to check for the standard of packaging machine.

Every machine requires adoption of few precautions to avoid faults, breakages and damages. Following should be adopted for smooth operation and functioning of pillow bag machine:-

The operator must learn all operation methods and precautions for smooth functioning.

No unauthorised or unqualified individuals should be permitted to operate the packaging machine.

The manual of maintenance should be carefully read and understood by those operating the machine.

The assembling ofpackaging machine should be carefully done before starting to avoid any fault or breakages.

The packaging machine should be placed on a level surface to avoid unnecessary movement or vibration.

Never leave the packaging machine unattended while it is running.

Following the running time of the packaging machine to check for over running that can result into fault or breakages.

The packaging machines should never be run in case of low voltage or high voltage electricity. This can result into short circuiting of the machine.

The film sheet of specified type and size should be used.

Requirements for the installation of packaging machine:

The packaging machine should be installed on a smooth and flat surface. It should have sufficient space for the operators and for maintenance.

The environmental conditions should also be favorable for the smooth functioning of the packaging machine are the following should be ensured:

✓ Normal temperature should be between 5 to 40 C. 

✓ Humidity should be between 30 to 90 percent.

✓ packaging Machine should be kept away from gasoline, chemicals, acids, alkaline material, explosive and combustible material. 

✓ Should not be kept in sunlight.

✓ Keep away from vibrating machine.

✓ Should away from direct fan blowing.

✓ Should be kept under the shed that can sustain the effect of weather like rain, humidity and other hazards.

The packaging machine has bundle of  strengths which make it fascinating for the manufacturers, contractors, and many other companies. Following are the strengths of packaging machine.

Economical: one of its characteristic is, packaging machine is highly economical. less quantity of film is required for making the products as compared to other ways of packaging . Packaging machine consumes very less time and money as well. Packaging machine is great deal for small industries and companies. Packaging machine  also an essential machine for the large industries because it  consumes very less and gives much than expected. So it is very self sufficient for all types of industries and companies.

Tested and Tried: the packaging machine is tried and tested.The packaging machine is running by every industry successfully. From decades packaging machine due to its efficiency has proven itself for several time due to its outstanding performance and packaging.

Simple: the packaging machine operating system is not difficult. It has very simple methodology to produce various types of products . Packaging machine has simple packaging, which package the products finely.One can easily operate and produce as much as they can.

High Speed: packaging machine can also run at high speed.Due to its simple features pillow packaging machine package products with in no time.The packaging machine can’t be beaten unless and until it should  be operated wisely.

Formation: As packaging machine is formed by stainless steel and iron metals. It is flexible almost lends on all packaging equipment types and methods.

As evident from the name of the machine, it makes the packages  of various make and type hence there is great improvement in quality, production, availability and life of the packs.

The use of  in every day life of a man is not a hidden fact. The packaging is required at every place and for every work.

The packaging  of various products and their  make and type are produced these days. The restriction on use of polythene has lead to new variety and ideas about the packages.

The bags  made by packaging machine are required in groceries stores are now of paper or cloth.  The products which are made by packaging machine are are environmental friendly and can be easily disposed off.

They can be reuse also and can be made more attractive by designing differently and making them more appealing. The products of machine has made qualitative improvements in the day to day life of every one. These look very facilitating in comparison to the old bags.

The contents made by packaging machine have also been advertised so the packaging machine is making progress and becoming more popular day by day. Packaging machine is bringing multiple improvements.

The packaging machine has made the job of making variety of products very convenient. This packaging machine has produced vide range of  products with  different size, shapes, designs and quality. 

The packaging machine has brought a lot of ease to the labour intense work of making products into industries. The manual methods of making the products was a very tiering job and that required a lot of effort and also involved errors and wastage of raw material.

The packaging machine has made the work easy and interesting for the production of thousands of the by packaging machine production become very easy  in bulk quantity and in short span of time. 

The packaging machine has made both the producers and customers comfortable with the preparation and usage of versatile articles respectively.however packaging machine has made life very convenient and quick.

The routine operations and functions of the packaging machine can encounter certain challenges that should be rectified to ensure the smooth functioning. The challenge are as under:

The inadequate supply of power is an important challenge that can be faced. Thus it is recommended that uninterrupted supply of electricity should be ensured for smooth functioning.

The environmental hazards can also effect the functioning of the machine as unwanted rise or fall fo temperature can occur as per the weather. Hence it is necessary that machine should be kept in such a place where it is faced from environmental effects.

The non availability of a trained operator is also a challenge that can effect the smooth functioning of the machine. Thus the training of backup operators should be ensured for regular operations. 

The maintenance of packaging machine is also a challenge when the operations are performed for extended durations. The operation should be planned in such a manner that sufficient time can be made available for smooth  functioning of the packaging machine.

Packaging  machine is one of the magnificent machines enabled the packaging of products very efficient and marvelous  among all.

Packaging machine has its distinguished features and available at very economical prices.

Packaging machine  is providing suitable system for the processing of the various products.

Packaging machine is highly recommended, due its distinguished qualities. This packaging machine is purely hygienic with food safety.

Packaging machine requires less human supervision and also less requirement of time and labor costs. Packaging machine provides outstanding services for the customers.It makes the work easier and efficient.

Packaging machine is  not only brought the change in Man life, but it also reduced the burden. It made a remarkable progress by making money in no time. With its advanced features and technology Industries are also fascinated by packaging machine.

Packaging machine due to its highly functional characteristics and quality of standard, efficient and progressive properties is highly appreciated and recommended.

The products by packaging machine become popular now a days. The carriage of goods, items and products of different categories is a routine matter.

Before the advent of packaging machines the carrying of different things was a difficult affair. The polythene bags were not very robust to bear the weight of the heavy items. Moreover the designs were very common and holding was also not comfortable.

The items produced by packaging machines are very popular among the customers. The customers are very comfortable with the quality and design, various other attractive packaging.

These products which are manufactured by packaging machine are very easy to carry with good load distribution. The products produced by the packaging machine is very attractive and can be used for multiple purposes like carriage for clothes and other belongings during traveling. They are very comfortable for hand carry during travel via bus, train and aero plane.

The items can also be use for preparation of different decorations and other materials. Overall the response of customers to packaging machineproducts are  very positive.

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