High Speed Rotary Vacuum Packaging Machine

A high-speed rotary vacuum packaging machine is a type of packaging equipment used in the food and pharmaceutical industries to package products in a vacuum-sealed environment. It is designed to quickly and efficiently package a large volume of products, ensuring their freshness, extended shelf life, and protection from external factors such as moisture and oxygen.High-speed rotary vacuum packaging machines are known for their efficiency, productivity, and ability to handle a wide range of products. They are often used in industries where rapid packaging is required, such as large-scale food processing plants, pharmaceutical production facilities, and contract packaging companies.


MRZK-165A Intelligent electrical control system

Intelligent electrical control system

Automatic adjustment of bag width

304 food grade stainless steel material

 The hot water and cold sealing method is made of

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(Length*Width*Height) 2800*2150*1800mm
Machine Weight 2700KG
Package Dimensions 80-160mm (width) 80-320mm (length)
Packing Speed 80 bags/min(Its speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)

Applicable Bag Type

Applicable Materials


The advantages of nitrogen gas packaging are as follows:

  1. Extended shelf life: Nitrogen gas packaging effectively extends the shelf life of food. By eliminating oxygen from the packaging container, oxidation reactions and microbial growth are reduced, thereby slowing down the spoilage of food.

  2. Preservation of food quality: Nitrogen gas packaging helps maintain the quality and texture of food. By filling the packaging container with nitrogen gas, a stable atmosphere is created, preventing food from becoming damp, soft, or losing its flavor.

  3. Oxidation prevention: Nitrogen gas packaging prevents the oxidation of fats, vitamins, and other nutrients in food. Oxygen is a major factor in causing oxidation reactions, and by excluding oxygen, the color, taste, and nutritional value of food can be preserved.

  4. Inhibition of bacterial growth: Nitrogen gas packaging slows down bacterial growth. Bacteria typically require oxygen to survive and reproduce, so by eliminating oxygen, the growth rate of bacteria is reduced, extending the safety period of food.

  5. Enhanced product image: Nitrogen gas packaging improves the appearance and quality image of food products. By maintaining the freshness and texture of food, nitrogen gas packaging increases consumer satisfaction and trust in the product.

It is important to note that nitrogen gas packaging does not completely prevent food spoilage; it only slows down the process. Proper packaging and storage methods are equally important to ensure the quality and safety of food.

Vacuum nitrogen gas packaging machines can be used for a variety of food types. Here are some common examples:

Coffee beans and ground coffee: Nitrogen gas packaging can extend the freshness of coffee and preserve its flavor.

Nuts and dried fruits: Nitrogen gas packaging can prevent nuts and dried fruits from spoiling, prolong their shelf life, and maintain their crispy texture.

Potato chips and crispy biscuits: Nitrogen gas packaging can prevent potato chips and crispy biscuits from becoming soggy, preserving their crispy texture.

Fresh meats and seafood: Nitrogen gas packaging can extend the freshness of fresh meats and seafood, prevent oxygen from entering, and slow down bacterial growth.

Dairy products: Nitrogen gas packaging can maintain the freshness and texture of dairy products and prevent oxygen from entering.

Canned foods: Nitrogen gas packaging can remove air from canned foods, preventing oxidation and bacterial growth.

Here are the following information you need to know before purchasing MRZK-165A:

  1. Determine if your product is packaged in bags.
  2. Determine if your product requires pre-made bags, such as four-side sealed bags or stand-up pouches.
  3. Determine the weight range of your product packaging, which should be between 10g to 1000g.
  4. Determine the width range of your packaging bags, which should be between 80mm to 160mm.
  5. Determine if the packaging speed of MRZK-165A, which is 80 bags per minute, meets your needs.

The above information provides the basic details. Additionally, you may need to consider the following information:

  1. The characteristics of your material, such as corrosiveness, susceptibility to deterioration due to weather, or any factors that may affect its appearance.
  2. Whether your factory’s facility height can accommodate the equipment requirements.
  3. Whether your factory has access to high-voltage power lines.
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