The large-size bag-feeding packaging machine adopts PLC+POD electrical control system and advanced transmission mechanism. It has the characteristics of stable operation, high bag loading rate and simple operation. It is suitable for the packaging of granules, powders, liquids and other materials.


 Inner wheel groove cam structure


Strictly sealed distribution box

Wear-resistant Gear

Technical Parameter

Dimensions(Length*Width*Height) 1460*2500*1400mm
Machine Weight 1400KG
Package Dimensions 100-200mm (width) 100-400mm (length)
Packing Speed 45-60 bags/min 25-40 packs/min (zipper bag)

Applicable Bag Type


When determining which type of packaging equipment to use, you can consider the following factors:

Product characteristics: Different types of products may require different packaging equipment. For example, liquid products may require liquid filling machines, solid products may require weighing packaging machines, and powder products may require powder packaging machines. Understanding the characteristics of your product will help determine the suitable packaging equipment.

Packaging requirements: Consider your packaging requirements. You may need to consider factors such as packaging speed, accuracy, packaging material type, and size. Different packaging equipment may vary in these aspects, so you need to choose the appropriate equipment based on your requirements.

Budget constraints: Determine your budget range. Different types of packaging equipment have different prices, so you need to choose the appropriate equipment based on your budget. Also, consider the maintenance and consumable costs of the packaging equipment.

Production scale: Consider your production scale. If your production scale is small, you may only need simple manual packaging equipment or semi-automatic packaging equipment. If your production scale is large, you may need more efficient fully automatic packaging equipment.

Future development plans: Consider your future development plans. If you plan to expand your production scale or launch new product lines, you may need to choose packaging equipment that has higher flexibility and adaptability.

By considering these factors, you can communicate with packaging equipment suppliers to understand the characteristics and advantages of different types of equipment, in order to make an informed decision.

Pre-made bags can be used to package a variety of products, including:

  1. Snack foods: chips, cookies, popcorn, nuts, etc.
  2. Coffee and tea: ground coffee, coffee beans, tea leaves, etc.
  3. Frozen foods: vegetables, fruits, meat, seafood, etc.
  4. Pet food: dry kibble, treats, etc.
  5. Baked goods: bread, pastries, cakes, etc.
  6. Powders: protein powder, flour, sugar, spices, etc.
  7. Pharmaceuticals: pills, capsules, tablets, etc.
  8. Personal care products: shampoo, conditioner, lotions, etc.
  9. Household products: detergents, cleaning agents, etc.
  10. Agricultural products: seeds, fertilizers, etc.
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