The large-size bag-feeding packaging machine adopts PLC+POD electrical control system and advanced transmission mechanism. It has the characteristics of stable operation, high bag loading rate and simple operation. It is suitable for the packaging of granules, powders, liquids and other materials.



PLC Control Panel

Strictly sealed distribution box


Wear-resistant Gear

Technical Parameter

MODEL MR8-200R MR8-300R MR8-400R
Dimensions(Length*Width*Height) 2500*1460*1400mm 2460*1830*1460mm 2520*1750*1600mm
Machine Weight 1400KG 1480KG 1680KG
Package Dimensions 100-200mm (width) 100-400mm (length) 180-300mm (width) 180-450mm (length) 300-400mm (width) 180-580mm (length)
Packing Speed 45-60 bags/min 25-40 packs/min (zipper bag) 30-40 bags/min 20-30 bags/min

Illustration of packaging process

Applicable Bag Type


The packaging machine can handle different weights depending on the model:

  1. Model 200R: It can package a maximum of 2 kilograms of material.
  2. Model 300R: It can package a maximum of 2.5 kilograms of material.
  3. Model 400R: It can package a maximum of 3 kilograms of material.

This packaging machine can be used with the following types of bags:

  1. Stand-up pouch
  2. Flat pouch
  3. Spout pouch
  4. Sealable pouch
  5. Paper bag
  6. Four-side seal pouch
  7. Eight-side seal pouch
  8. Three-side seal pouch
  9. Aluminum foil pouch
  10. Vacuum pouch

 Cotton candy products are characterized by high-temperature melting and high malleability. However, ensuring the integrity and appearance of the product during the premade bag packaging process can be challenging. Here are some methods to help address these issues:

  1. Choose suitable packaging materials: Select packaging materials with good heat resistance and moisture resistance to minimize melting and deformation of the cotton candy during the packaging process.

  2. Control the packaging environment temperature: Ensure that the temperature in the packaging environment is lower than the melting point of cotton candy to reduce the risk of melting. Maintain a stable temperature in the packaging area and avoid exposure to high temperatures.

  3. Use specialized cotton candy packaging equipment: Consider using equipment specifically designed for packaging cotton candy or similar products. These devices often have temperature control, shaping, and sealing functions to ensure product integrity.

  4. Cooling and solidification: Immediately cool and solidify the packaged cotton candy to prevent deformation during the packaging process. This can be achieved by placing the packaged products in a cooling chamber or using cold air blowing methods.

  5. Proper filling and sealing: Ensure that the premade bag is adequately filled with cotton candy, avoiding gaps to minimize movement and deformation during transportation and storage. Also, ensure proper sealing to prevent moisture and external conditions from adversely affecting the product.

  6. Appropriate packaging design: Optimize the packaging design by selecting appropriate dimensions and shapes to minimize movement and deformation of cotton candy during the packaging process.

These methods can help address the issues of deformation and melting that may arise during the premade bag packaging process for cotton candy products. Depending on the specific circumstances, further adjustments and optimizations can be made. It is recommended to collaborate with packaging equipment suppliers or professionals to obtain more specific advice and solutions.

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