Cartoning Machine

LP-ZH300 is a continuous-type intelligent high-speed cartoning machine. This machine is capable of packaging various specifications of blister boards, traditional Chinese medicine products, ampoules, vials, and other items, and is suitable for packaging in the food, cosmetics, and related industries. It has a wide range of uses, a small footprint, and can be used in conjunction with a blister packaging machine.


 PLC Control System Combined

Intelligent detection device

Safe and efficient

Technical Parameter

Machine Name Cartoning Machine
Mchine Model
Packing speed
100-300 boxes per minute
Product dimensions(LWH)
70-175mm 35-70mm 4-45mm
Carton dimensions
75-180mm 40-75mm 15-50mm
Carton quality requirements
300-350 g/㎡
Compressed air pressure
Air consumption
Three-phase five-wire power supply
Total power of the power supply

Packaging sample


Box packaging machines can be used in the food industry to package various food products such as candies, biscuits, chocolates, tea leaves, coffee beans, dried fruits, and potato chips.
In the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry, they can be used to package medicines, health supplements, medical devices, etc., ensuring product safety and hygiene.
In the cosmetics and personal care products industry, they can be used to package cosmetics, perfumes, shampoos, shower gels, etc., protecting product quality and appearance.
In the home goods industry, they can be used to package home goods, electronic products, toys, etc., for sales and transportation purposes.
In the daily necessities and office supplies industry, they can be used to package tissues, wet wipes, pens, folders, etc., for convenient storage and sales.

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