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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Liquid Packaging Machine

For the filling of the liquid into the bags and containers, automatic liquid packaging machines are used by the industries. Although there is a manual method to fill and package the liquid in their respective containers, it is as efficient as the automatic method.

A machine called a liquid packaging machine is used for the automation of this process. Liquid packaging machines are widely used as an alternative to the manual filling of liquids. You can fill various liquids with different kinds of liquid packaging machines. 

There are different types of liquid packaging machines for different types of liquids depending on their properties. A liquid packaging machine can package liquid from water to any sort of liquid food and medical fluids. 

But the one thing that you have to keep in mind is that as each liquid has its own set of properties and viscosity, density, etc, so there are different types of liquid packaging machines for the processing of different liquids. A single liquid packaging machine cant package 2 different liquids. A machine made for the packaging of water-like liquids will not be able to package something like liquid ketchup or liquid medicines.

Liquid packaging machines are efficient and faster as compared to the old traditional packaging methods because they follow an automatic process. With the increase in the demand for liquid products, industries now want something that can increase their capacity to produce more at a fast speed.

For this reason, they are now using liquid packaging machines for filling and packaging. So choosing the appropriate machine for your liquid product is very important as there is a variety of liquid packaging machines available.

This choice depends upon various factors, among which the first and the important one is knowing what is the viscosity of your liquid. Every liquid has particles and the size of these particles matters a lot when choosing the liquid packaging machines for your product.

Another factor on which your choice will highly depend is your liquid and the container’s compatibility. If your liquid is not compatible with the container then it will cause a chemical reaction and both are not fit for each other. Another important factor to consider is the temperatures in the area where you are packaging your liquids.

The temperature has a direct effect on the liquid properties and liquids behave differently in different temperatures.

So when trying to work with a liquid packaging machine, you should consider these important factors for efficient use of your machinery.

Every type of industry has some trends that most industrialists tend to follow. The same is the case with the people in the liquid packaging industry. Liquid packagers follow the trend of adaptability in their liquid packaging machines. By this, we mean that the liquid packaging machines are adaptable and can handle different package sizes and container types.

Another trend that is being followed in liquid packaging machines is that packagers are now making sure that the machinery justifies the different food safety acts.

Apart from the safety acts, the packagers also focus on the liquid packaging machines that can multi-task and can do multiple tasks like filling to labeling the information in a single procedure.

The liquid packaging board used in the packaging of liquids in the liquid packaging machines is a paper board that has the capacity of holding the liquid inside them. Most of the boxes that seem to look like cardboard are made up of this liquid packaging board and used in liquid packaging machines. The packaging board has a high level of stiffness and is covered by a thick layer of plastic to hold the liquid.

A normal liquid packaging board is made up of up to more than 5 piles which are processed in a plying machine and coated with a plastic barrier that holds the water and prevents the impurities to enter into it. 

The plastic coating is a very important factor in the liquid packaging board used in liquid packaging machines because this plastic coating ensures that the flavors of the paper don’t mix up with the liquid. Mostly dairy liquids are packaged in boxes made with liquid packaging board with the help of liquid packaging machines. 

Nothing is perfect. Not even machines. If handled with care the machine performs smoothly without any sort of problem. But sometimes problems may occur.

The same is with the liquid packaging machine. Sometimes the dripping problem may occur in your liquid packaging machine, if not maintained accurately.

Dripping causes the leakage of liquids from the liquid packaging machine and more liquid goes to waste with time while filling the liquids. If you are facing the problem of dripping with your liquid packaging machine, then it means that the seal of the liquid packaging machine is loose. You can simply tighten the seal and avoid solving this problem.

The best practice is to regularly check the seal and the valves of the liquid packaging machine just before starting the filling process and also after the work is done. 

Sometimes in a liquid packaging machine, a problem may occur where the filling levels are not accurate. Due to this problem, the leakage and wastage of the liquids happen in the liquid packaging machine.

If you have a loose seal, then this problem may occur, you can look for it and if the seal is causing the problem, then you can tighten it. If you do routine maintenance of the hose barbs of the liquid packaging machine then you can prevent this problem because sometimes these barbs are loose and can cause this problem.

If your liquid packaging machine comes with a touchpad then you can adjust the setting of the time and filling levels. 

Fully automatic fillers in a liquid packaging machine can work 20 times faster than manual packaging. In a fully automatic liquid packaging machine, the liquid containers go to the filling station through a power conveyor.

After which the nozzles designed for the filling purpose in the liquid packaging machine fill the liquid from the cylinders into the liquid container after which they are capped and packaged and marked with the details set.

All of this process is carried out automatically without any help from an operator. 

As you know that the fully automatic liquid packaging machine consists of a power conveyor through which the liquid container goes to the filling station into the hopper without any sort of manual operator.

But in semi-automatic liquid packaging machines, there is no power conveyor present so you need an operator who will manually place the liquid into the machine by hand. After which the operator can start the filling process by pressing the button or using the touch screen of the liquid packaging machine.

The fully automatic liquid packaging machine does not require intervention from a manual operator and the whole process is done by the machine automatically. However, in the semi-automatic machine, the process is carried out automatically but there is the need for an operator who will put the liquid inside the machine.

There are manual liquid packaging machines available where the machine is operated by hand. They are the same as semi-automated ones but in semi-automated liquid packaging machines, the filling process needs to be initiated by a power source whereas in manual liquid packaging machines everything is carried out by hand. 

The gravity filling liquid packaging machines are used for filling the less dense liquids that can flow freely. The operator can set the nozzle fill time in the liquid packaging machine. This setting will ensure that an equal amount is packaged into the liquid containers.

Gravity plays a huge part in these machines as the liquid flows with the help of gravity in the pipes. So gravity filling liquid packaging machine is best for the liquids that are not thick.

As gravity fillers in liquid packaging machines are best suited for freely moving liquids, so we can not use gravity fillers to fill thicker liquids as they can move freely in the filling pipes of the liquid packaging machine. For packaging of the thicker liquids with high viscosity piston filling liquid packaging machines are used. As thick liquids flow slowly in the pipes due to the high level of their viscosity so they need a pushing force that can make them flow easily. Pistons are used to push the liquids from the cylinders containing liquid into the containers to be filled. Apart from using the piston filling liquid packaging machine, a pump filling liquid packaging machine is also used for this purpose. The main idea behind the machines is that package liquid is only one and that they require a pushing force which is given by such filling mechanisms in the liquid packaging machine.

The fully automatic liquid packaging machines are highly efficient in terms of filling and packaging the liquids. The automatic liquid packaging machines use a conveyor to operate fully automatic. So the speed of a fully automatic liquid packaging machine is very much higher. On average a fully automatic liquid packaging machine can fill up containers ranging from 6 milliliters to 10 liters at a speed of more than 120 containers in one minute. This speed is adjustable and you can adjust your desired speed of the liquid packaging machine with the help of the PLC control system that is installed in the machine. Also, different models of liquid packaging machines have different speeds depending upon their size and capacity. So the more you invest in your machine the higher speed you will get. And if you are a small industry then it is preferred to invest in a machine that is small according to your budget.


Failure ratio or rate of failure in the liquid packaging machine means that how many packages are there that have not been filled with the proper amount and how many packages are not sealed accurately and have a missing seal or how many liquid packages are empty etc.

A liquid packaging machine needs to be efficient and have less to no failure rate. A high failure rate results in the wastage of resources like the liquid product and the packaging sheet of material. So a liquid packaging machine should have a low failure ratio.

A machine to have a zero failure rate is not possible. Everything fails and has shortcomings

But to reduce this failure rate machines have some procedures that they follow to have a minimum failure rate. A liquid packaging machine has the benefit that it has a very low rate of failure. How it does that is the main thing to ask. The liquid packaging machine has sensors and detection mechanisms that can ensure a low failure rate.

The Cams and the frequency regulation also play a huge role in minimizing the failure rate of the liquid packaging machine.

For the packaging of milk 2 mechanisms are used widely in the liquid packaging machine. One is the use of bags to package the milk and the other is the boxed milk.

The difference is that the bagged milk is treated at low temperature to preserve its taste and keep it fresh so its shelf life is very short and can be used only within some days, whereas the boxed milk is treated with high temperature so that its shelf life could be increased. 

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