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The flex packaging machine is highly recommended for people who have to do packing in bulk quantities. This machine will speed up your task by its efficient working.

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The flex packaging machine comes in variable nozzle size and adjustable speed.

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Certificate of registration The certificate is awarded to Wenzhou Mingrui Machinery Co. Ltd Scope of Approval:: Design, manufacture, and sales of the packaging machinery

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Flex Packaging Machine

Flex Packaging Machine is the method through which the products are packaged by using elastic and flexible materials such as plastic and paper. The flexible packaged products include pouches, bags etc. which are mostly used in food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical industry and cosmetics industry.

Flex Packaging Machine is the innovative method in the packaging industry and it is highly economical due to its low cost and high responsive nature. Apart from this, Flex Packaging Machine is highly popular because of its customized use. Flex Packaging Machine machines are in high demand in the industry because they have low cost per package, low storage cost, low shipping cost and they are not easily breakable.

In todays industry, rich customer experience is the key to retain customers and gain high level of customer loyalty. Flex Packaging Machine is one of the ways to give your customer a unique experience and make him feel loved and cared by your company. While opening the packaging, the customer uses all of his senses of touch, sight, sound and smell, and you can use all of these to make him feel loved and valued.

A layered material; which is mostly plastic, called FILM is processed by the Flex Packaging Machine machine to generate filled bags, pouches and other Flex Packaging Machine types. Heat is used for sealing purposes. There are two ways to form bag shapes. Sometimes machines do not produce their own bags rather they prefer to purchase from a supplier and perform the task of filling and sealing only. These are known as PREMADE POUCHES . The second way is to produce your own bag shape which can be a bit tricky and time taking and make it a little less desirable task.

The human machine interface is the touch display screen of a flex packaging machine which allows the user to operate the machine. This touch screen is used to directly operate the machine which includes starting and stopping the machine, adjustments that can be done manually, setting framework for different types and sizes of bags, film centre tracking etc.

This touch screen also shows the status of the machine i.e. how many bags per minute are being produced by the machine? The HMI of the flex packaging machine displays the option of forming different shapes of bags to the operator. It also enables the operator to fill those bags with the required content and then seal the filled bags.

There are two types of automatic flex packaging machines.

Form fill seal machines

Premade pouch fill and seal machines

Form fill seal machines as the name suggest, form the bags, fill those bags and then seal those bags. The first function performed by these machines is to produce the bags which are the primary function of flex packaging machines. After the bags are formed, these machines fill those bags with the required product and then come the final stage of sealing those bags.

Form fill seal machines are further subdivided into VFFS i.e. Vertical Form Fill Seal machine and HFFS i.e. Horizontal Form Fill Seal machines. VFFS are more popular as compared to HFFS as they stand vertically and consume less space and economical as well.

Premade pouch fill and seal machines use premade pouches, then fill those pouches with the product and finally seal the pouches. Premade pouch fill and seal machines are also further divided into two types of machines namely rotary and straight line machines. Rotary machines are more in demand as compared to straight line machines as they consume less space and are more users friendly.

Choosing one of machines from a VFFS and a premade pouch machine is totally based on your personal, product and industry requirements. If the packaging system requires speedily packaging a VFFS vertical form fill and seal machine would be the best option because of its high speed. The main demerit of a VFFS machine is that it produces a huge amount of waste. If you are worried about handling a large amount of scrap then you must go for an automatic pouch filling machine. In terms of cost, premade pouch machine costs a bit higher than a VFFS machine. 

If you are not willing to arrange a huge setup then you should choose a premade pouch machine as it requires a minimum setup for working. Less amount of training is required for the premade pouch machine as it is easy to operate. So is most cases, Premade pouch machine is the winner as compared to a Vertical form fill and seal machine.

The packaging machines do not do the task of filling the package or measuring its content by themselves. A special type of equipment is placed on the above or off side of the packaging machine to perform the task of measuring the content to be filled in the bag and filling. Usually a filler is fused with flex packaging machine which measures the exact weight and volume of the product before dispensing into each bag.

Different types of filling equipments are used for different types of products.

For a product in Powder form, AUGER filler is used. It measures the accurate individual quantities of product in each bag.

For solid products, MULTI HEAD SCALE equipment is used. It uses a variety of buckets that weights the product accurately before dropping it into the bag.

A LIQUID PUMP is used for liquids which measures the accurate volume of liquid before dropping into the bag.

BPM (bags per minute) is the speed parameter of a flex packaging machine which means how many bags can be prepared by the machine in a minute. Packaging machines are usually evaluated based on their ability to produce filled and sealed bags in a certain time limit.

The production speed may vary from machine to machine because it depends on factors other than machine itself. The work speed and ability of the person operating the machine greatly affects the speed of machine and bags produces per minute.

The contents of the bags also affect the machine speed for example filling liquid in pouches consumes lesser time as compared to solids and powders. Apart from this, style of bags used for filling and environment in which the machine is working also affects its speed.

Different packaging machines can make different types of bags. Some packaging machines can make simple bags only like flat bottom bag, three sides sealed bags whiles others can make complex bags like stand up pouches, triangle bags, continuous bags. It depends on the type and model of the machine.

Different machines can accommodate different types of bags:

Pillow bags: Pillow bags are most widely used in food industry and they are cost effective as well. Pillow bag is sealed from top and bottom with a vertical seal on the back side of the bag. Pillow bags are mostly used for chips, snacks and instant coffee packs.

Doy packs: doy packs are vertically shaped packs with an oval shaped bottom. These packs are commonly used for powdered products like dry milk. These are also used for packing tea, snacks, coffee etc.

Quad Seal bags: Quad seal bags are usually used in food industry for storing tea and coffee. These are standing bags that have a rectangular shape from the bottom. These bags are sealed vertically on all the four sides.

Flat bottom bags: flat bottom bags are somewhat similar in shape to the quad seal bags but they have only two side gussets and single vertical seal without any panels. Flat bottom bags are mostly used for storing pet food. Some coffee brands also use flat bottom bags.

Gusseted bags: Gusseted bags are similar to pillow bags in shape but they have side gussets which enhance the storage capacity of the bag and offer more space for the product. Gusseted bags are also used for food packaging like candies, nuts, cookies, coffee etc.

Three side sealed bags: three side seal bags are just the simple flat pouches that are sealed from three sides and open from one side. They are mostly used for a single time. However adding a zip to the four open side can increase there usability. Three side sealed bags can be used for nutrition supplements or for instant soup powders.

Sachet packs: sachet packs are smaller in size but a bit similar to three side sealed bags. Sachets are sealed from all the four sides and they are flat packs. Sachet packs are also used for single servings only. The contents of sachet packs can be household cleaning products such as detergent powder or disinfectant wipes. Or they could also be used for spices used in food.

Stick packs: Stick packs are even smaller and narrower than the sachet packs. They have a similar shape to the sachet packs, flat packs sealed from all four sides. They are basically used to pack dry powders but sometimes liquid or jelly contents can also be packed in stick packs.

In packaging industry, different types of machines are used for different purposes and in separate segments. We can never be sure of the order they are used because in each industry they are used in different order based on the product and industry they are being used in. However following are the seven types of machines that are being used for packaging throughout the world

Labeling machines: labeling machines are mostly used in food industry and pharmaceutical industry to put labels on the products for advertising, or labeling barcodes on the products for inventory management

Tape machines: tape machines are used to seal and pack the boxes and cartons. Tape machines are used in bulk packaging in food industry and pharmaceutical industry.

Conveyers: conveyers are the types of big belts that are used to convey and transport product from one location to another inside the industry. Two types of conveyers are used in packaging industry namely powered and non powered conveyers. Powered conveyers uses electricity to run and non powered conveyers uses gravity for working.

Different types and sizes of products require different conveyer belts and rollers for easy handling.

Filling machines: filling machines are used to fill in the contents of the bags or pouches. The contents could be liquid, solid or in powdered form. The accuracy of filling machine is very important to fill all the bags with equal content. Filling machines are used in almost all types of industries but their most common use is in food and beverage industry.

Sealers: different types and sizes of sealers are used in the Flex Packaging Machine based on the types of industry they are being used in. A lot of industrial and pharmaceutical products are sealed with the help of a heat sealer. A heat sealer uses heat to seal the package by melting the plastic. Sealers can be used in small operations like sealing the packaging or they can also be used in fully automated operations.

Strapping machines: strapping machines are used to add security to the huge boxes while they are being shipped or retail selling. Strapping machines also work with the help of heat to increase durability of the heavy products. It is also used for bundling and stacking multiple products in one unit.

Stretch wrapping machines: Stretch wrapping machines are widely used in the warehouses throughout the world. They are used for wrapping and bundling huge boxes and unitizing them.

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