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Keep your continuous packaging machine in an excellent working condition by maintaining it on a regular basis. Other than this try to use it by following the instruction manual that comes with it.


You can get yourself and your staff trained by our experienced team so that running the continuous packaging machine becomes easy for you. This way you will get more tasks done from it and in a more organized manner.

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Our continuous packaging machine meets all the quantity standards so if you are looking for high quality continuous packaging machine you are at right place.

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The machine is made up of stainless steel and the nozzles have adjustable speed. Here is a video to demonstrate procedure

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All the machines available on our website are licensed and registered. The certificates awarded to our company are:


Verification of compliance: The name of the Certificate holder company is Wenzhou Echo Import and Export Co. Ltd. Product Name is Continuous packaging machine. Remarks: This verification of compliance is issued voluntarily. Essential requirements covered by the TCF document are valid for equipment whereas the manufacturer is responsible for production control.


Certificate of registration The certificate is awarded to Wenzhou Mingrui Machinery Co. Ltd. Scope of Approval: Design, manufacture, and sales of the packaging machinery.

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Continuous Packaging Machine

Our company offers both intermediate packaging machines and continuous packaging machines.


However, if you are packaging liquid products, we recommend using an intermediate machine. On the other hand, if you are packing dry goods, a continuous packaging machine is highly recommended. However, following functionalities are also available with continuous packaging machines:

A near-zero mechanic. 


Because there are no mechanics within the continuous packaging machine, it was not necessary to have any previous mechanical experience to operate the continuous packaging machine.


Linear guidance is accessible for all types of motors, including servo motors that have been pre-programmed with factory default values. You only need to make minor adjustments to the fundamental settings, such as the delay time for filling the package, the sealer pressure, and the amount of time required to seal the goods.


Technical Support: Whenever you require technical assistance, our firm will respond quickly and dispatch a technician to your location to diagnose the problem. In addition, once the problem has been resolved, you can restart your continuous packaging machine.


Low Consumption of Spare Parts: Because continuous packaging machines do not require expensive spare parts, they are less expensive. Continuous packaging machines require only the most basic spare parts, which are inexpensive and may be used for an extended period.



Continuous packaging machines are available in a range of configurations, with the operation of each continuous packaging machine varying depending on its components. However, the fundamental principle is as follows:


Place the roll of the film on top of the film. The preferred material is plastic in nature. When the roll is rolled into the film cylinder, a continuous packaging machine will be wrapped around the roll and sealed to make a package.

Guide rods and tensioning mechanisms will then be used to transport the finished object to the designated location. As soon as the goods enter the trademark area, a photoelectric detector will identify the presence of the object. Firstly, the product will be placed in the package, and then it will be sealed by the heat sealer to create a package.

The cutter will cut the package at the optimal area so that a unit-body can be discovered, and then the package will be discarded so that another procedure may be done to it by a continuous packaging machine.

Other types of machines rather than continuous packaging machines, such as the h series, the ml series, the ms series, and the sc series, are not continuous packaging machines. In comparison to a continuous packaging machine, pouch packing is a one-step process.

This type of continuous packaging machine works faster for solid products than liquid ones since the product is not affected by the intermediate motion of the machine.

With continuous packaging machines, the package size can be altered more quickly. However, there is no need for a human interface in a continuous packaging machine. In contrast to continuous packaging machines, which can pack all sides of a product, intermediate packaging machines can only seal the top and side edges of the product.


There are no compromises in the quality of the items produced by either the intermediate packaging machines or continuous packaging machines.

Using continuous packaging equipment, it is possible to package liquid products as well as bulky items. In addition to prepared pouches, the continuous packaging machine is capable of producing pouches from roll stock.

The pouches are moved in a continuous motion, which implies that the continuous packaging machine does not have a start and stop button. Continuous packaging machine results in a rapid rise in manufacturing speed, which allows for greater production. Products are packed in continuous packaging machines at a faster rate and with better sealing to achieve this result.

As for the changeover in continuous packaging machines, how does that go? It is possible to switch between continuous packaging machines on the fly. To avoid confusion, there is no manual setting adjustment method. By hand, changing the sealer type, for example.

This continuous packaging machine is more effective for solid goods because of its continuous operation. In addition to increasing the production level, the continuous packaging machine’s production speed has been raised by 60%. A major factor is the regular movement of goods, which ensures that the service is delivered at a rapid pace.


 The continuous packaging machine applies caps to the top and front of solid products as it fills them.


All types of packets, including 4-sided sealed packets, stand-up packets, and stick packs, can be filled using the continuous packaging machine. Flexible packaging can be used with the continuous packaging machine. The continuous packaging machine is capable of filling more than 1700 pieces per hour.

The term “continuous packaging machine” refers to a variety of different types of machines. The products can be packaged continuously in a horizontal continuous packaging machine, for example. In addition to the vertical multilane continuous packaging machine, which is included in the category of continuous packaging machines, there is also a horizontal multilane packaging machine, which can pack flat and stick pouches in one continuous motion of continuous packaging machine.

It is possible to enhance the shelf life of the product by using a continuous packaging process to keep the product fresher longer. Because the packaging protects the goods from microorganisms that could be damaging to the product itself, If the food served to customers spoils, the food will not be wasted.


Sous-vide packaging is also possible with the continuous packaging machine, which may be used to pack liquid products such as sauces, soups, and shampoo. Even though liquid items are difficult to ship, continuous packaging machines allow you to ship your liquid product anywhere in the world with no problems.


One minute is enough time to package 60 pouches of product, which is the maximum speed possible with a continuous packaging machine. According to this technology, one packet is packed in less than a second. As opposed to continuous packaging machines, human packaging requires a significant amount of time.

When an adjustment is required for the packing process, safety sensors alert the operator by beeping or flashing. The vast majority of continuous packaging machines are entirely automatic, and they are fitted with sensors that beep an alarm or flash a light.

Continuous packaging machines are preferred because of their high speed, which will result in increased output. The packages are packed in a continuous packaging machine without any errors.

For example, the liquid product that is loaded into a continuous packaging machine will not leech out of the box. It should be noted, however, that the speeds of each component are not identical because the sealing speeds are faster than the pulling film speeds.

This means that certain components require a faster processor, while other components require a slower processor. While continuous packaging machines produce more packages per minute than other machines, they do it at a faster rate.

Because the continuous packaging machine can easily be linked, you won’t have to make any other modifications after that. As soon as the continuous packaging machine is delivered to the customer, it is already synced.


In continuous packaging machines, the filling machine is not paused, allowing for the production of high-capacity products to be achieved. In a continuous packaging machine, you can increase the number of packages that can be produced.


The product’s length varies depending on the application. Continuous packaging machines operate continuously, so if the length of the product is increased or decreased, a little space is created by expanding or contracting the seal jaws slightly.


In cases when you require a high rate of production, it is guaranteed that no particles will become lodged in the conveyor or exit sealers since the conveyors in continuous packaging machines run in continuous motion. The conveyor did not come to a complete halt throughout the packaging procedure.


When the weight of your product is less than what it was designed to be. Every continuous packaging machine suffers from this widespread difficulty, which is that products with lighter weights are unable to flow through the opening jars. Although it can seal products of any weight, the continuous packaging machine can also seal products of any weight.


Continuous packaging machines are capable of handling a wide range of products. Here are some queries about the product specifications of a continuous packaging machine that you may have.

The classification of solids depends on the weight of the product and its type, such as whether it is sticky, dry, or liquid.

Liquids: The classification of liquids depends on the weight of the product and the type of product, such as whether it is liquid or dry.

Liquids: the viscosity of the liquid determines the specifications of the liquid continuous packaging machine.


Powders: The specifications of powdered items are determined by the bulk density of the product and how it is transported.

Fourth, filling temperature: what is the temperature of the product while it is being filled into the bag, such as if it is hot or cold?


The photoelectric sensor will ensure that the product is packed accurately and reliably. Occasionally, the product that is moved in a continuous packaging machine is incorrectly positioned or the location is not accurate.


This position of the packet is detected by the photoelectric sensor, which generates an alarm if the package is incorrectly placed. Many manufacturers and packaging lines rely on photoelectric sensors for their operations.


When using a continuous packaging machine, there is no waste of product. As soon as the continuous packaging machine begins to operate, it will separate the first 15 empty packages, after which the packages will be recycled in a separate facility. There is no other waste other than continuous packaging machine packaging stuff.


Further, gases that may have a detrimental impact on the environment are eliminated to make continuous packaging machines more environmentally friendly. Stainless steel and Makrolon are the materials utilized in the construction of the continuous packaging machine. Makrolon is a secondary raw material that is recycled for the continuous packaging machine.


A continuous packaging machine provides the consumer with an opportunity to become involved with the company’s experience. However, while selecting a continuous packaging machine, it is important to keep these considerations in mind.

Initial Training: You must train your operators on how to use the continuous packaging machine during the initial setup. for them to be able to accurately run the equipment, troubleshoot problems, and perform maintenance on it. We provide the video along with a continuous packaging machine so that our customers can receive preliminary training on how to use it.

Availability of Service Technicians: The technicians that respond to your calls are thoroughly trained and equipped. We train them and also keep them up-to-date with lectures regularly. They will attend to the customer’s needs while on the phone.

Remote Access: Our expert can connect to your continuous packaging machine from a distance. For your problem to be resolved as promptly as possible,

Cost: If you choose to use customer service during the call, there is no charge. The movies that come with the continuous packaging machine are also free, but there may be a charge if a technician needs to come to your location to service your continuous packaging machine.


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