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Assuming that you are confused with regards to running such a machine all alone, we provide proficient training from our accomplished staff. They will direct you about each one of the pieces of the machine and will teach you its use.

More About Chips Packing Machine

Our machine is appropriate for packing chips. Its making is as per the GMP rules, so it carries out all the tasks very efficiently.

These machines consist of variable nozzle sizes, you can choose the one as per the packing speed you need.

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Verification of compliance: The name of the Certificate holder company is Wenzhou Echo Import and Export Co. Ltd. Product Name: Chips Packing Machine Remarks: This verification of compliance is issued voluntarily. Essential requirements covered by the TCF document are valid for equipment whereas the manufacturer is responsible for production control.


Certificate of registration The certificate is awarded to Wenzhou Mingrui Machinery Co. Ltd. Scope of Approval: Design, manufacture, and sales of the packaging machinery.

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Chips Packing Machine

Packing equipment is the equipment that is mainly used for the packaging of the products into the bags or pouches that are either made by the machine itself before the packing process or pre-made packs are used with the packing equipment to fill and seal them.

A Chips Packing Machine is a machine that is used for the packing of chips into the bags ready for supply. Chips packing is a sensitive process and the chips are very fragile and can break easily, so extra care is needed during the packing process. The internal structure of the Chips Packing Machine makes this process very safe and ensures that the ships don’t break during the packing process.

The Chips Packing Machine will pack the chips with much more accuracy and speed than the normal packing procedure. Also, it ensures all the environmental features needed for the better shelf life of the chips.

The Chips Packing Machine is an automatic machine that does the work of the bag making and filling of the chips into the bags formed by the Chips Packing Machine by itself. The manual process of chips packet making has been used for many years.

If you had a small industry then you didn’t need too much labor. But when it comes to the huge supply of the chips, very large labor is needed. This labor has additional costs as they require wages to be paid. Also, the manual process is not fast enough as compared to the Chips Packing Machine. Plus the quantity to be filled is not always accurate due to human error and some quantity of the chips gets wasted.

So keeping all these in mind we conclude that the Chips Packing Machine is way better than the manual process of the chip’s packaging because of the reason that is fast enough to pack 20 times more packs per minute than the manual process and also the weighing and filling capability of the machine is also very efficient.

And the amount that you will feed it to the Chips Packing Machine, the same amount of chips will be filled by the Chips Packing Machine into the packs.

The Chips Packing Machine is designed to pack all sorts of chips into the bags. The chips are fragile and can be broken easily so these Chips Packing Machine are specifically designed to pack the chips into the bags

The chips that can be packed using a Chips Packing Machine can be of any type, from the fried salty potato chips to the processed banana chips, any sorts of chips can be packed using a Chips Packing Machine. Apple chips can also be packed using a Chips Packing Machine. Moreover different sorts of processed fruits and vegetable chips are also packed using these Chips Packing machines.

Chips are mainly food that is cut very chin and then fried in some sorts of oil with spices and flavors so the shape and style of most of the chips are very thin that’s why they are too easy to break so it is advised to use only the Chips Packing Machine to pack your chips. And yes you don’t need different types of Chips Packing Machine for different chips. You can use single Chips Packing Machine for packing different varieties of chips.

A Chips Packing Machine can either be a form fill and seal or just fill and seal machine. It depends upon your choice that which pack you use. The mode of working of the Chips Packing Machine is vertical and can pack hundreds of packs in a single hour.

Now if you ask about how the Chips Packing Machine works and does all the quick process of the chips packing then the procedure is that the chips go in the vibrating feeder which is vibrating and after that, the vibration of the feeder of the Chips Packing Machine causes the transportation of the chips from the vibrator to the hopper where the chips are weighted. This weighing of the chips is set by you and the machine weighs the number of chips accordingly.

After weighing the chips in the hopper, the chips fall into the bags ready to be filled. Now in this process, there are 2 conditions, either the bag is already attached to the machine or the machine makes its bag. It all depends upon the type of machine that you buy. When the packs are filled by the Chips Packing Machine, the sealing process begins and the Chips Packing Machine seals the packages, and the process is completed.

The Chips Packing Machine does not stop here, the process goes on till you stop the machine. This entire process is so fast and accurate.

As of now you that the chips are packed using the Chips Packing Machine so you have purchased the chips in your life and have eaten them. When you look at the bag of chips in which they are packed by the Chips Packing Machine, you will notice that the chips packets are full of air. Like there is more air than the chips themselves.

And the packed is all fluffed up. Now, this is a procedure done by the Chips Packing Machine to maintain the safety of the chips inside the chips packet. If there is no air in the packet, due to its fragile nature will break and squeeze into pieces.

The thing that ensures that the crisp of the chips packed by the Chips Packing Machine, is the air that is filled in them. So next time you ask why you get fewer chips and more air, then this is the reason due to which this happens.

The chips are crunchy material. They can be squeezed easily and can be smashed into pieces. So there should be a way that while packing them, and delivering them, their aroma and the crisp are maintained.

Now if the Chips Packing Machine starts to fill the chips packet full, during the transportation the chips inside the packet will break so to avoid such a situation, the chips in the chips packet are packed half by the Chips Packing Machine.

After that, the packets are filled with air and in this way the chips inside the packet become safe.

When the chips are packed by the Chips Packing Machine, the packets have sharp pointed edges at the top and the bottom. These shapes are there because when after the filling process of the Chips Packing Machine, the sealing is done and after the sealing the bag is cut by the knives. The 2 bags are separated from each other by the Chips Packing Machine.

Now the point where the cutting takes place leaves the packets with sharp pointed edges. Now, these edges created by the Chips Packing Machine have a huge advantage that you can easily open or tear the bag with those edges.

Any type of chips that you see come in a standard bag. No matter what sort and what flavor of chips from which company you buy all are packed with the Chips Packing Machine and the packaging style is the same in all the packets.

And the primary and the most used packing packet used in the packing of the chips by the Chips Packing Machine is the pillow bag of plastic. This style comes in handy and cheap and has the most utility when it comes to the chips.

You can easily fill the air in it and also the cost is not too much high and also the chips are easy to eat in these types of packets packed by the Chips Packing Machine.

Mostly the Chips Packing Machines use the pillow bag or packet style for the chips to be packed in. This style is easy to make for the Vertical machines and if you have one of your own then it is also very easy to install it with them. Now the style of this packet depends upon the sealing that is done to the packet.

The pillow bag has generally 3 seals. The first seal that is applied to the packet by the Chips Packing Machine is the longitudinal seal vertically from top to bottom. This seal is made so that the foil becomes a tube-like structure. After that, the bottom seal is done through which the chips are filled and don’t fall out from the packet.

The top seal is added after the filling is done by the Chips Packing Machine. In this way, you get 3 types of seals and the structure that comes at the end is the shape of the pillow bag formed and packed by the Chips Packing Machine.

The crisp of the chips is what the chips are all about. If there is no crisp in the chips the chips are not that much tasty to eat. So it is necessary to preserve the crisp of the chips. Now the moisture and contact with the environmental elements can make the crispiness and freshness of the chips go away. So the Chips Packing Machine is capable of maintaining this using a process called nitrogen filling.

In this process, the packet is filled with nitrogen gas by the Chips Packing Machine. Nitrogen gas is harmless to the food and will ensure that no other gas or moisture enters the packet. So when the chips reach you they are still very crispy and fresh even after so many days.

The automatic chips machines are all about speed and accuracy. And if any Chips Packing Machine lacks this, then it is of no use. So when asked about the speed which can be expected from a Chips Packing Machine, then on average this Chips Packing Machine can make, weigh, fill, seal and count around 80 bags in one minute. This means that in an hour you will have 4800 bags full of chips.

Which is an unbelievable task to be achieved by human and manual labor. So a Chips Packing Machine can be your biggest profit-making investment if you are in the chips business.

In the manual process, you had to hire a person whose job was just to count how many packets have been made ready. The person was responsible for this task. But with the Chips Packing Machine, the tension of counting the packets is no more tension.


Because the Chips Packing Machine automatically has the count of how many packets it has processed and you can view it on the screen.


So you don’t need to count the packets by yourself, the Chips Packing Machine will do it for you.


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