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The machine works efficiently and rolls a lot of candy wraps in a single minute. However, you can adjust the speed according to your liking.

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Verification of compliance: The name of the Certificate holder company is Wenzhou Echo Import and Export Co. Ltd. Product: Candy Roll Wrapping Machine Remarks: This verification of compliance is issued voluntarily. Essential requirements covered by the TCF document are valid for equipment whereas the manufacturer is responsible for production control.


Certificate of registration The certificate is awarded to Wenzhou Mingrui Machinery Co. Ltd. Scope of Approval:: Design, manufacture, and sales of the packaging machinery.

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Candy Roll Wrapping Machine

Candy roll wrapping machine is a device that is to wrap cylindrical candy by using folding and heat sealing processes.It  comes with complete PLC control panel and inverters that is used to assist the wrapping process.

The best material which used with a candy roll wrapping machine is polypropylene film. Commonly candy roll wrapping machine is used to wrap various types of confectionery items.

 Candy roll wrapping machine has small  size, compact structure, high packaging speed, stable operation, and convenient operation.It also provides the fascinating appearance of the packaged product with neat and clear sealing lines. Some of the key features of candy roll wrapping machine is given below:

Stainless steel body construction that offers high hygienic levels

Wrapping capabilities that will minimise the

PLC for ease of operation and wrapping parameters.

Automatic feeding system

High efficiency packing system

Flexible bag length cutting qualities

A self diagnostic feature as a result machine will display the error

Highly sensitive optical photocell is used. that used to track eye marks and the digital input for different form of cutting positions.

Separate temperature controller

Temperature is involved in wrapping of the products.

The position which stops functionality,  which is used for  preventing wastage when there is no adhesiveness. It also protects cutting jaws.

Stable roll film for smooth rolling of the film material.

 The products of the machines will pass across the sheets of wrapping film and form horizontal seal in both the machines. Candy roll wrapping machines very well suited for wrapping cylindrical candy products such as biscuits and cookies.folding process system will form the seals end  for both of the machines.

But, they different in terms of how they handle products.Candy roll wrapping machines are is responsible for packing sensitive and fragile confectionery products.This means it will never  allow two separate packs to come into contact.The machine is therefore guides individual packs to the packing machinery ,without making contact with the other products.

The candy overwrapping machine has many  products getting into contact. So this candy over wrapping not suitable to handle fragile and sensitive products.

 Yes , candy roll wrapping machine is distinct, highly functional and multi functional machine. This candy roll wrapping machine can also be used in industries. It is reliable, durable, quick and high speed machine. It can be used  in:

Food and beverages industries

Wrapping industrial products

Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

Stationary industries

Cosmetics industries

 The main parts of candy roll wrapping machine are:

PLC and HMI with control panel, allows interactive control and monitoring.

Wrapping film rely on feeder units products such as candy to the machine.

Distribution units which consisting of motors, conveyor systems and gears. These parts move the various products from one area to another.

Printing systems task is to imprint information on the wrapping film.

Sensors are used to detect and assist in stopping malfunctions. And it enhancing the safety of operation.

Wrapping systems which is used to promote flexibility of the wrapping process by using pistons and wrapping disks.

Lubrication system is used avoid the tear and wear by minimising friction.

 The speed of the candy roll wrapping machine depends on a many  factors, the most common  common factor is that it is very fast and work done by the machine is very efficient. The typical packing speed of candy wrapping machine is as 500 pieces per minute.

 One of the most overlooked and common  components of the candy roll wrapping machines is the inverters. The inverters are playing vital role because they provide a special type mechanism for monitoring and controlling packaging speed.

You can  feed products into the candy roll wrapping machine,  first by adding them manually into the hopper.Then the  machine vibrating system will send the feed into track automatically , then it will for products wrapping preparation.In the rare case of overfeeding, when the process is done finally, the machine will stop automatically.

 There  is not only aone fits length which  answer with regards to Roll Wrap lengths. However, there are a various conditions to be met. Such as these conditions includes:

Length of roll wrap should be equal to the sum of the total  length of product. The height  and diameter of the product +32mm,Width of wrapper = Circumference of the candy roll summed with the + 32mm/m.Its area depends on the product of its width and length accordingly.

The print registration unit ensures that the printed wrapping  material of candy roll wrapping machine has a uniform length.Any  variation which  will cause a slip up which may become unacceptable and noticeable in the long run

Thus, the  continuous detection, monitoring, and arrangement correction are required in candy roll wrapping machine . The print registration fulfils this function accurately and accordingly.

 Candy wrapping machine can be used in many industries, it includes:

Food And Beverage Industry

Candy wrapping machine is used to  wrap different types of candy in the food and beverage industry. It guides in the maintenance of high standards of hygiene in the wrapping of candy.Beside this, it is to increases the safety of the consumer and the people working in the production plant.

Medical And Pharmaceutical Industry

Candy wrapping machine can also be used  it in the medical and pharmaceutical industries in wrapping various types of medical bills. Furthermore ,it helps in the wrapping of operational gloves which are packaged in air tight packs.It  helps in maintaining high levels of hygiene care  in the process of wrapping the various kinds and sizes of tablets.

Cosmetics Industry

the candy wrapping machine can also be applied into the cosmetics industry to wrap a very broad scope of cosmetic products.It improves the overall appearance and looks of the cosmetic products, thus by  making them more attractive to the customers.

Stationery Industry

 a candy roll wrapping machine in this industry is used  to wrap different shapes and sizes of the stationary.It make candy wrapping machine  simple to make changes and easy to adjust. the package is used to  reveal the content.

It helps in wrapping these products in air tight conditions, thus making them safer and durable.You can use the candy wrapping machine to wrap stationery items which  includes, pencils, ballpoint, pen  and sketches.

Industrial ComponentsYou can  also use candy roll wrapping machine in other mechanical industries is used to wrap industrial components such as locks and hollow pin chains etc.

Before selecting a specific candy roll wrapping machine, consider operational  parameters to meet your


First keep in mind the technical features of the candy roll wrapping machine.


Consider the technical parameters such as dimensions, weight, and size of the machine

Safety of the workers and working process  around  should be checked. That can provide the   oversight to the apparatus.

You need to make it clear if you will need to hire human labor in your process to perform functions like oversight and maintenance.

you may consider getting an automatic candy roll wrapping machine.

productivity levels are required for your process.

Size and economic of the candy roll wrapping machine

Ease and costs of maintenance, cleaning, and servicing procedures.

Requisite conditions for power and energy supply.

You should have proper power outlines for that, it will dictate the amount of power the machine needs for operation.

Integration with other machines in the production line is also very important.

Return on investment point as well.

Quality of the wrappings of the candy material

Quality certifications. You must consider machine compliance and certification quality standards to ensure consumer safety.

Operational flexibility is also to be ensured

Capital cost and returns. Purchase a machine that is well within your budget and you can afford it easily.

The main components of candy roll wrapping machine are given below:

One of its part is control panel with a PLC and an HMI that allows interactive control and monitoring.

Feeder units relay on products such as wrapping film and candy to the machine.

It has distribution units, consisting of motors, conveyor systems, and gears. These parts move products from one place to another.

Printing systems is concerned to imprint information on the wrapping film.

there by enhancing the safety of operation.

Wrapping systems of candy roll wrapping machine that will promote flexibility of the wrapping process by using pistons and wrapping disk etc. .

Lubrication system is used to prevents tear and wear by minimising friction.

 Candy Roll wrapping machine is highly appreciated with its distinguished features. Candy Roll wrapping machine is very economical and available at very cheap rates in the market. While keeping in mind the standardised features of Candy Roll wrapping machine, the price of machine costs very low. One can easily buy this machine to make his progress in order to achieve his ultimate goals.

It enables the work more raiser in short time period. Keeping in mind this machine not only makes money but also meets international standards in the market. It also give good name and fame at very cheap rates.

This Candy Roll wrapping machine should not be missed and can be caught, in the blink  of an eye. Candy Roll wrapping machine g Machine can be called big deal in less price.

 The Candy Roll wrapping machine is very efficient in the completion of desired number of packages. There are variety of advantages of this machine those make it essential for business of packaging. The leading of this machine are as under:-

Use friendly: the Candy Roll wrapping machine is easy to operate. The machine is very use friendly and can be operated after going through user manual or watching tutorials. These machines can produce the desire number of the products in the stipulated timeframe.

Bulk production: The Candy Roll wrapping machine can produce the required product in bulk. The food items like grains and powders are required in bulk and their consumption also warrants continuous supply to overcome the shortage.

The Candy Roll wrapping machine is capable to maintain the balance between supply and demand during the period of crisis. The food items are required in bulk and therefore their supply in excess has to be cater for before shortage occurs.

Less rquirement of Labour: The Candy Roll wrapping machine can be operated with minimal requirement of labour. The business can be run through minimal no of labour. The machine also doesn’t required large no of person for maintenance work. This machine can be stored in a very small space.

Easy maintenance: The Candy Roll wrapping machine ma Candy Roll wrapping machine chine can be easily maintained by the operator and minor faults can be corrected on spot. The major faults can also be rectified by the concerned technicians.

The candy roll wrapping machine is very easy to operate. The user manual covers the operating instructions also with training program for the understanding of client.

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