Pet food packaging machine

Pet food packaging machine

Pet food packaging machine is a type of equipment used to pack pet food products, such as dry or wet pet food, snacks, and treats, into various types of packaging, including bags, pouches, and sachets. The machine typically performs a range of functions, such as weighing, filling, sealing, and labeling the packaging. The packaging machine can vary in size, speed, and functionality, depending on the specific needs and requirements of the pet food manufacturer. Some machines are designed for small-scale or manual operations, while others are fully automated and can handle high-speed and high-volume production. The benefits of using a pet food packaging machine include increased efficiency, accuracy, and consistency in the packaging process, as well as improved product quality and shelf life. It can also help to reduce labor costs and minimize product waste. There are different types of pet food packaging machines available, such as vertical form-fill-seal (VFFS) machines, horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines, and pre-made pouch filling machines. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice of machine will depend on the specific requirements of the pet food manufacturer.

pet food packaging machine




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Package Bag

Cat snacks

Canned dog dental chews

Large pack of dog food

MR8-200R Pet food packaging machine


The large-size bag-feeding packaging machine adopts PLC+POD electrical control system and advanced transmission mechanism. It has the characteristics of stable operation, high bag loading rate and simple operation. It is suitable for the packaging of granules, powders, liquids and other materials.

Features & Technical parameters

1.Quick change-over and automatic adjustment of pouch width

2.The advanced design ensures a stable performance and a longer life of the equipment,and a lower rate ofa defective products.

3.Comply with the sanitation requirements of food packaging equipment to ensure food hygiene and safety.

4.A low waste of packaging meterials.

5.Easy to operate with advanced PLC and POD(touch screen)electrical control system, friendly Man-MachineInterface, wide application,indluding liquids,paste,powder,granule,solid. Weighing equipments are availablefrom meterial to meterial

6.The machine and the other Merry Sino devices constitude a packing system.

Machine MR8-200R pet food packaging machine
Bag Type
Composite Matenal Bags Eg. Stand-up Bags. Handle Bags, Zipper Bags. Bags With Four-sides Sealed, Bags With Three-sides Sealed, Paper Bags.
Bag Size
W:100-200mm L100-400mm
Filling Range
10-2500g/(depends on type of products)
Packing Speed
25-60bags/min(depends on type of products)
Machine Demension
Compress Air Consumption
0.6m³min(Supply by the user)

LP-SCB Pet food packaging machine


An automatic rotary capping machine is a type of machine used in the packaging industry to cap containers such as bottles, jars, and vials. The automatic rotary capping machine uses a rotary system to cap containers with screw caps, snap caps, or other types of closures.The automatic rotary capping machine operates by feeding containers onto a rotating platform or conveyor, which moves them through a series of stations where caps are applied to the containers.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High degree of automation, capable of performing a series of operations such as automatic cap placement, tightening, and release.
  2. Good equipment stability, ensuring the continuity and stability of the production line.
  3. Strong adaptability, capable of fitting various sizes, shapes, and materials of caps, and meeting the requirements of different bottle specifications.
  4. High reliability, effectively avoiding problems such as product leakage, overturned bottles, and misplaced caps.
  5. Easy operation, equipped with an intuitive human-machine interface that operators can easily learn and master.
  6. High production efficiency, able to quickly complete high-intensity production tasks.
  7. Low failure rate, with relatively low maintenance and repair costs.
  8. High safety, equipped with multiple safety measures to ensure the safety of operators.
  9. High degree of intelligence, able to perform automatic fault diagnosis and alarm, improving equipment reliability and stability.
  10. Energy-saving and environmentally friendly, designed with high-efficiency energy-saving solutions that meet energy-saving and environmental requirements.
Mchine Model
2200-2500 BPH
¢30-¢55mm ¢50-¢85mm
0.6M3 / 0.7Mpa
2100×900×1630mm 750X1060X1400mm

MRZK16-100C Pet food packaging machine


High-speed bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine (MRZK16-100C) is composed of 11 parts such as bag loading system, bag opening device, unloading system, cleaning system, and heat sealing control system. It is mainly used for agricultural products, daily necessities, food, condiments, etc. Packaging of various pre-made bag products. The product sealing method adopts the instant heating and water cooling method, which effectively realizes the effect of smooth and beautiful product sealing.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High-speed operation: Rapid and efficient handling of a large volume of bagged products, increasing production efficiency.
  2. Automatic feeding: Equipped with automatic feeding function, reducing labor costs and manpower.
  3. Vacuum sealing: Ensures a vacuum state inside the packaging bag through vacuum extraction and sealing, extending the shelf life of the products.
  4. Precise control: Equipped with advanced control system to precisely adjust vacuum strength, sealing time, and temperature, ensuring consistent packaging quality.
  5. Versatility: Suitable for various shapes and sizes of bagged products, offering multiple packaging methods and options.
  6. High-quality sealing: Ensures strong and reliable seals, preventing oxygen, moisture, and contaminants from entering the packaging bag.
  7. Easy operation: User-friendly interface and simplified operation steps, reducing training time and difficulty for operators.
  8. Reliability and stability: Made with high-quality materials and components to ensure long-term stable operation and reliability of the machine.
  9. Hygiene and safety: Complies with food safety standards, easy to clean and maintain, ensuring product hygiene and safety.
  10. High automation: Features automatic detection, fault alarm, and automatic shutdown functions, improving the level of automation in the production line, reducing human errors and losses.
Packaging capacity
100-110 bags/min(Its speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)
Package Dimensions
50-110mm (width) 80-190mm (length)

Pet food packaging machine:What is your best choice?

How to Choose the Best Pet Food Packaging Machine

Choosing the most suitable pet food packaging machine requires considering several factors, including the following:

  1. Suitable packaging specifications: Different pet food packaging machines may be able to adapt to different packaging specifications. When selecting, it is necessary to clarify your own packaging specification requirements and choose a suitable model.

  2. Production capacity: Choose a packaging machine that is suitable for your own production capacity to ensure maximum production efficiency while avoiding waste.

  3. Packaging quality: The packaging quality of different pet food packaging machines may differ. When selecting, choose a model that has stable packaging quality and meets your own standards.

  4. Safety and hygiene: The safety and hygiene of pet food packaging is crucial, so it is necessary to choose a model that ensures the packaging process is hygienic and complies with relevant regulations.

  5. After-sales service: Choose a manufacturer or brand that has high-quality after-sales service to ensure that problems can be solved in a timely manner.

  6. Cost-effectiveness: Choosing the most suitable pet food packaging machine requires considering cost-effectiveness comprehensively. When selecting, it is necessary to balance machine price, production efficiency, packaging quality, and other factors.

In conclusion, choosing the most suitable pet food packaging machine requires considering multiple factors comprehensively, choosing a model that is of high quality, high efficiency, and meets your own requirements to ensure that production efficiency and packaging quality reach the best state.

Our pet food packaging machine uses the most advanced technology and equipment, and can adapt to various shapes and sizes of packaging containers, automatically completing filling, sealing, labeling and other functions. At the same time, our packaging machine also has high-efficiency and stable productionWe also provide comprehensive services and support, including installation, commissioning, training, after-sales maintenance and other services to ensure your investment and user experience.

We are committed to providing you with the best pet food packaging solution, making your pet food business smoother, more efficient, and successful. Thank you for your attention and support, and we look forward to working with you.

Q&A: Common Questions on Pet food packaging machine

Q: What is a pet food packaging machine?

A: A pet food packaging machine is a specialized piece of equipment used for the automated packaging of pet food products. It is designed to quickly and efficiently fill and seal bags, pouches, or containers with dry or wet pet food.

Q: What types of pet food packaging machines are there?

A: There are several types of pet food packaging machines available, including vertical form fill seal machines, pre-made pouch filling machines, and rotary filling and sealing machines.

Q: What features should I consider when selecting a pet food packaging machine?

A: Some important features to consider when selecting a pet food packaging machine include the machine’s speed, accuracy, efficiency, reliability, flexibility, and ease of use. Additionally, consider the specific requirements of your pet food products, such as the size and type of packaging, the packaging material, and the production volume.

Q: What are some benefits of using a pet food packaging machine?

A: Using a pet food packaging machine can offer many benefits, such as increased production efficiency, reduced labor costs, improved product quality and consistency, better product protection and shelf life, and enhanced packaging design and branding.

Q: What maintenance is required for a pet food packaging machine?

A: Maintenance requirements may vary depending on the type and model of the pet food packaging machine. However, general maintenance tasks may include regular cleaning, inspection, and lubrication of the machine components, as well as occasional replacement of parts and calibration of the machine settings.

Q: How do I choose the right pet food packaging machine for my business?

A: To choose the right pet food packaging machine for your business, consider your specific needs and requirements, such as production volume, packaging material, packaging type and size, and budget. It may be helpful to consult with a packaging machine supplier or expert to help you select the most suitable machine for your needs.

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