Multi dose packaging machine

multi dose packaging machine

A multi-dose packaging machine is a device designed to package multiple doses or quantities of products into individual units or containers. These machines are commonly used in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and food industries to efficiently package medications, supplements, or other small products that require precise dosing.Multi-dose packaging machines can vary in features and configurations depending on the specific requirements and products being packaged. They may include programmable controls, user-friendly interfaces, and advanced automation features to ensure accuracy and efficiency in the packaging process.

multi dose packaging machine




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Package Bag



Multi-function vertical box-loading machine

A multi-function vertical box-loading machine is a piece of industrial equipment designed to automate the process of loading boxes onto a conveyor system or other types of packaging machinery.  This type of machine typically features a vertical loading system,  where boxes are loaded onto a platform and then lifted and positioned onto a conveyor or other packaging equipment. They can be customized to meet specific industry needs and can handle a variety of box sizes and shapes.   

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High precision: The Economic Servo Filler utilizes a servo-driven system to provide precise filling volumes, reducing product waste and losses.

  2. Automation control: The equipment features an automation control system that allows for setting filling volumes, speeds, and times, enabling an automated production process.

  3. Versatility: The Economic Servo Filler can accommodate different types and sizes of containers, suitable for filling liquids, powders, granules, and other products.

  4. High efficiency: Through precise control and automated operation, the Economic Servo Filler can improve production efficiency, reducing labor costs and time consumption.

  5. Filling accuracy: The servo-driven system controls the filling speed and flow, ensuring accurate filling volumes for each container, thereby enhancing product consistency and quality.

Machine Name Multi-function vertical box-loading machine
Mchine Model
Packing speed
Maximum size of the carton
Minimum size of the carton
Power type
Two phase three line 220V 50 HZ
Air supply
≥0.6Mpa/≤0.3m3 minute
Daily production
About 36,000
Machine noise
Paper box material requirements
White card is 250-350g / m2
Paper box material requirements
Grey card is 300-400g / m2



A cosmetics filler is a specialized machine used in the cosmetics industry for filling various types of cosmetic products, such as lotions, creams, serums, and gels, into containers such as jars, bottles, and tubes.The cosmetics filler uses a variety of filling technologies, including volumetric, piston, peristaltic, and vacuum, to accurately fill containers with the desired amount of product. It can handle different viscosities of cosmetic products, ranging from low-viscosity liquids to high-viscosity creams and gels.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. Accurate metering: COSMETICS FILLER can accurately measure and package cosmetic products, ensuring each package has the correct dosage.

  2. High efficiency: The machine has high-speed and efficient packaging capabilities, which can improve production efficiency.

  3. Versatility: COSMETICS FILLER is suitable for various cosmetics, including liquids, emulsions, powders, and other types of products.

  4. Flexibility: It has the ability to adapt to different packaging specifications and capacities, which can be adjusted and customized as needed.

  5. Automated operation: The machine adopts an automated control system, enabling automated metering, filling, and sealing processes, reducing labor input.

  6. Hygiene and sanitary standards: COSMETICS FILLER is designed to meet hygiene standards, ensuring the hygiene and quality of the products.

  7. Easy operation and maintenance: The machine is easy to operate and maintain, reducing training costs for operators and repair time.

  8. Reliability and stability: COSMETICS FILLER uses high-quality materials and advanced technology, ensuring reliability and stability for long-term high-quality operation.

  9. Cost-saving: Through automated operation and efficient production capacity, COSMETICS FILLER can help businesses save labor and production costs.

  10. Customizability: COSMETICS FILLER can be customized to meet specific customer needs and product requirements, catering to different packaging requirements and designs.

Mchine Model
2 4 6 8 10 12 16 20
Production capacity
8-14 16-25 24-40 32-56 35-60 45-80 60-100 70-120
100-500ml, 100-1000ML 1000-5000ML
Air Pressure


Vertical Packing Machine

The Auto Vertical Packing Machine uses intelligent temperature controlling machine to have  accurate temperature control; Operation shortcut and convenient, distinct efficiency,  High precision,  strong sealing performance high stability, etc.The Auto Vertical Packing Machine is suitable for measuring and packing anomalouslumpish and granule materials, such as candy, popped food, biscuit,  roasted seeds and nuts,  granulated sugar,  deep-frozen food,   milk powder,   milk tea,  amylum,  sauce and so on.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. Versatility: The Vertical Packing Machine is suitable for packaging various forms of dairy products such as milk powder and milk.

  2. High efficiency: The equipment achieves high efficiency in packaging milk powder and milk through automated operations and fast packaging cycles. It can quickly and accurately complete the packaging process, enhancing production efficiency.

  3. Space-saving: The Vertical Packing Machine features a vertical design that occupies minimal space, making it suitable for limited production areas.

  4. Accuracy: With the use of precise control systems, the Vertical Packing Machine provides accurate packaging quantities for milk powder and milk, ensuring packaging consistency and quality.

  5. Automation control: Equipped with an automation control system, the machine allows for setting packaging specifications, speed, and parameters, facilitating an automated packaging process for milk powder and milk.

  6. Adaptability: The Vertical Packing Machine has adjustable parameters and interchangeable molds to accommodate different sizes and shapes of packaging for milk powder and milk.

Machine Name Vertical Packing Machine
Mchine Model
Packing Speed
5-50 bags/min
The Length Of The Bags
The Width Of The Bags(mm)
Max width Of Roll Film
Electrical source and power
Air Consumption and Consumption Gas
Overall Dimensions(mm)
Weight Of Machine

Lin-Pack: The Leading Manufacturer in multi dose packaging machine

Lin-Pack is a renowned manufacturer and industry leader in multi-dose packaging machines. With years of experience and expertise in the packaging industry, Lin-Pack is dedicated to providing high-quality and efficient solutions for multi-dose packaging needs.

Our multi-dose packaging machines are designed to meet the specific requirements of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and healthcare industries. We understand the importance of accuracy, reliability, and compliance in packaging multiple doses of medications and supplements. Therefore, our machines are built with advanced technology and precision to ensure precise and consistent dosing.

Key features of Lin-Pack’s multi-dose packaging machines include:

  1. Versatile Packaging Options: Our machines offer a wide range of packaging options, including blister packs, strip packs, pouches, and sachets, allowing for flexible and customized packaging solutions.

  2. Accurate Dosing: We prioritize dosage accuracy to maintain product efficacy and patient safety. Our machines incorporate precise filling mechanisms and control systems to ensure accurate dosing for each individual pack.

  3. High Efficiency and Productivity: Lin-Pack machines are designed for high-speed production, optimizing efficiency and productivity. They can handle large volumes of packaging while maintaining quality and accuracy.

  4. User-Friendly Operation: We understand the importance of user-friendly interfaces and intuitive controls. Our machines are equipped with user-friendly interfaces, making them easy to operate and minimizing the risk of errors.

  5. Compliance and Quality Assurance: Lin-Pack is committed to adhering to industry regulations and standards. Our machines are designed and manufactured to meet the strictest quality and compliance requirements, including cGMP guidelines.

  6. Customization and Integration: We offer customization options to meet specific customer needs. Additionally, our machines can be seamlessly integrated into existing production lines for a streamlined and efficient packaging process.

At Lin-Pack, we prioritize customer satisfaction and strive to provide exceptional after-sales support and service. Our team of experts is available to assist with installation, training, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Choose Lin-Pack for your multi-dose packaging machine needs and experience reliable performance, superior quality, and efficient packaging solutions. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and explore how our machines can enhance your packaging operations.

Q&A: Common multi dose packaging machine

Q: What types of medications can be packaged using a multi-dose packaging machine?

A: Multi-dose packaging machines can handle various types of medications, including tablets, capsules, pills, lozenges, and even some liquid medications that can be dispensed in measured doses.

Q: Can a multi-dose packaging machine be used for packaging nutraceuticals?

A: Yes, multi-dose packaging machines are suitable for packaging nutraceutical products such as vitamins, minerals, herbal supplements, and other dietary supplements. These machines can accurately measure and dispense the required dosage of these products into individual packs or containers.

Q: Are multi-dose packaging machines used for packaging liquid medications?

A: While multi-dose packaging machines are primarily designed for solid dosage forms, some machines can also handle liquid medications. These machines may incorporate specialized mechanisms, such as pumps or nozzles, to accurately measure and dispense liquid medications into individual containers.

Q: Can multi-dose packaging machines package different doses of medications in the same packaging run?

A: Yes, multi-dose packaging machines often offer the flexibility to package different doses of medications within the same production run. They can be programmed to handle various dosages and accommodate different product requirements.

Q: Are multi-dose packaging machines suitable for packaging controlled substances or sensitive medications?

A: Yes, multi-dose packaging machines can be designed to meet specific requirements for packaging controlled substances or sensitive pharmaceuticals. They can contain additional security features such as tamper-resistant seals or integration with authentication systems to ensure the security and integrity of these products. In this context, compliance with regulations and standards pertaining to controlled substances is crucial.

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