Milk powder packaging machine

Milk powder packaging machine

A milk powder packaging machine is a specialized equipment designed for packaging milk powder or powdered dairy products. It automates the process of weighing, filling, and sealing milk powder into pouches, bags, or containers. These machines ensure accurate dosing, minimize product waste, and maintain the quality and freshness of the milk powder. They typically feature auger fillers or volumetric fillers to accurately measure and dispense the powder. The packaging machines can handle various packaging formats, including pre-formed pouches, sachets, cans, or bottles. They are commonly used in the dairy industry, ensuring efficient and hygienic packaging of milk powder products for distribution and retail purposes.

Milk powder packaging machine




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Package Bag

Vacuum packaging bags

M-style bag

milk powder can



An economic servo filler is a type of filling machine used in various industries to fill containers with products such as liquids, creams, powders, and granules. The term “economic” refers to the machine’s efficient use of resources, including energy and raw materials, to provide a cost-effective solution for filling products.The servo technology in the machine enables precise control over the filling process, ensuring accurate filling volumes and minimizing waste. The machine can handle a wide range of container shapes and sizes, and can be easily adjusted to accommodate different product viscosities.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High precision: The Economic Servo Filler utilizes a servo-driven system to provide precise filling volumes, reducing product waste and losses.

  2. Automation control: The equipment features an automation control system that allows for setting filling volumes, speeds, and times, enabling an automated production process.

  3. Versatility: The Economic Servo Filler can accommodate different types and sizes of containers, suitable for filling liquids, powders, granules, and other products.

  4. High efficiency: Through precise control and automated operation, the Economic Servo Filler can improve production efficiency, reducing labor costs and time consumption.

  5. Filling accuracy: The servo-driven system controls the filling speed and flow, ensuring accurate filling volumes for each container, thereby enhancing product consistency and quality.

Machine Milk powder packaging machine
Production capacity
6-14bpm 12-28bpm
100-500ml, 100-1000ML 1000-5000ML
Air Pressure
2000W 220VAC 1P


Pressing Capper

A capping machine is a packaging machinery commonly used in industries such as food ,pharmaceuticals,  and cosmetics. It can tightly seal lids onto bottles or cans to ensure product sealing and freshness. Different capping methods and equipment can be selected based on the packaging and lid types. Common capping methods include rotary capping, automatic capping, and manual capping

Features & Technical parameters

  1. Hygiene performance: The Pressing Capper ensures high levels of hygiene during the milk filling process, ensuring product safety and quality.

  2. High-speed filling: The Pressing Capper enables fast and accurate milk filling, enhancing production efficiency to meet high-demand requirements.

  3. Compatibility with special caps: The Pressing Capper can accommodate specific types of caps for milk containers, such as bottle nipples or twist caps.

  4. Sealing performance: With precise control over pressing force, the Pressing Capper ensures a secure seal on milk containers, preventing leakage and contamination.

  5. Automated operation: The Pressing Capper can be integrated with automated systems in milk production lines, allowing for unmanned or semi-automated operations, thus improving production efficiency.

  6. High adjustability: Pressing Capper devices usually have adjustable parameters to meet different container sizes and packaging requirements for milk, such as bottles, cartons, or plastic containers.

  7. Packaging consistency: By using the Pressing Capper, milk packaging can achieve consistent sealing results, ensuring product quality and safety during transportation and storage.

Machine Name Milk powder packaging machine
Mchine Model
Cap Diameter
Bottle Height
220VAC 1P
Air Pressure
Cap Sorter


Vertical Packing Machine

The Auto Vertical Packing Machine uses intelligent temperature controlling machine to have  accurate temperature control; Operation shortcut and convenient, distinct efficiency,  High precision,  strong sealing performance high stability, etc.The Auto Vertical Packing Machine is suitable for measuring and packing anomalouslumpish and granule materials, such as candy, popped food, biscuit,  roasted seeds and nuts,  granulated sugar,  deep-frozen food,   milk powder,   milk tea,  amylum,  sauce and so on.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. Versatility: The Vertical Packing Machine is suitable for packaging various forms of dairy products such as milk powder and milk.

  2. High efficiency: The equipment achieves high efficiency in packaging milk powder and milk through automated operations and fast packaging cycles. It can quickly and accurately complete the packaging process, enhancing production efficiency.

  3. Space-saving: The Vertical Packing Machine features a vertical design that occupies minimal space, making it suitable for limited production areas.

  4. Accuracy: With the use of precise control systems, the Vertical Packing Machine provides accurate packaging quantities for milk powder and milk, ensuring packaging consistency and quality.

  5. Automation control: Equipped with an automation control system, the machine allows for setting packaging specifications, speed, and parameters, facilitating an automated packaging process for milk powder and milk.

  6. Adaptability: The Vertical Packing Machine has adjustable parameters and interchangeable molds to accommodate different sizes and shapes of packaging for milk powder and milk.

Machine Name Vertical Packing Machine
Mchine Model
Packing Speed
5-50 bags/min
The Length Of The Bags
The Width Of The Bags(mm)
Max width Of Roll Film
Electrical source and power
Air Consumption and Consumption Gas
Overall Dimensions(mm)
Weight Of Machine

Lin-Pack: The Leading Manufacturer in milk powder packaging machine

Lin-Pack is a leading manufacturer in the field of milk powder packaging machines. With years of experience and expertise, we are committed to providing high-quality and efficient packaging solutions.

As a frontrunner in the industry, our product range covers milk powder packaging machines for both small-scale and large-scale production. Our machines are equipped with advanced technology and innovative designs, enabling automated processes for milk powder packaging. Whether it’s powdered or granulated milk powder, our machines ensure accurate measurement, filling, and sealing, guaranteeing product quality and hygiene.

Our milk powder packaging machines come with various features and functionalities, including quick changeover, high-speed production, precise measurement, reliability, and user-friendliness. We also offer customized solutions to meet specific production needs and requirements.

In addition to delivering top-notch products, we provide comprehensive after-sales services and support. Our dedicated team offers training, installation, debugging, maintenance, and spare parts support, ensuring uninterrupted operation of the machines.

Lin-Pack strives to be a trusted partner in the milk powder packaging machine industry. We constantly innovate and improve to adapt to industry changes and meet customer demands. Regardless of your production scale and requirements, we can provide you with the best milk powder packaging solutions.

Q&A: Common milk powder packaging machines

Question: What are some common types of milk powder packaging machines?

Answer: Some common types of milk powder packaging machines include vacuum packaging machines, strip packaging machines, auger filling machines, small pouch packaging machines, and can sealing machines. Lin-Pack can provide all of these product types for you.

Question: What is the role of vacuum packaging machines in milk powder packaging?

Answer: Vacuum packaging machines create a vacuum seal by removing air from the packaging, helping to extend the shelf life of milk powder, reduce oxidation, and maintain freshness. Lin-Pack can provide high-quality vacuum packaging machines.

Question: How does a strip packaging machine package milk powder?

Answer: A strip packaging machine can produce thin and elongated milk powder pouches (similar to strips), making it convenient for single-serving consumption. Lin-Pack has advanced strip packaging machine technology and experience.

Question: What role does an auger filling machine play in milk powder packaging?

Answer: An auger filling machine is used for precise metering and filling of milk powder, using a spiral auger to dispense a predetermined amount of powder into the packaging container. Lin-Pack offers efficient and reliable auger filling machines.

Question: What are the advantages of a small pouch packaging machine?

Answer: A small pouch packaging machine is designed specifically to package milk powder into small, single-use pouches for easy portioning and on-the-go consumption. Lin-Pack can provide high-quality small pouch packaging machine solutions.

Question: How does a can sealing machine work for milk powder packaging?

Answer: A can sealing machine is specifically designed to fill milk powder into cans and ensure a tight seal to maintain product quality and prevent moisture ingress. Lin-Pack offers reliable can sealing machine equipment.

Question: Can milk powder packaging machines be customized?

Answer: Yes, Lin-Pack can provide customized milk powder packaging machines to meet specific production requirements and accommodate unique packaging designs.

Question: What after-sales services are typically provided for milk powder packaging machines?

Answer: Lin-Pack provides comprehensive after-sales services, including installation support, training, technical support, and spare parts supply, to ensure the smooth operation and maintenance of milk powder packaging machines.

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