Meat Packaging Machine

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Meat Packaging Machine

A meat packaging machine is a specialized mechanical device designed for packaging and sealing meat and related products. It plays a crucial role in the meat processing and packaging industry, enhancing production efficiency and ensuring the freshness, hygiene, and safety of the food.The meat packaging machine possesses advanced automation technology, enabling fast and accurate completion of the packaging process while reducing labor costs and intensity. It is typically equipped with vacuum packaging functionality, removing the air from the packaging bags to extend the shelf life of meat products. Additionally, some meat products require specific gas filling to maintain their quality and appearance, and the meat packaging machine provides gas filling capabilities to ensure an appropriate atmosphere within the packaging bags.By utilizing a meat packaging machine, meat production companies can enhance production efficiency, ensure the quality and safety of their products, and meet market demands. It not only increases the competitiveness of the products but also improves the brand image and customer satisfaction. The application of meat packaging machines brings convenience and opportunities to the meat industry’s development.


Meat Packaging Machine




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Package Bag

Tray Packaging

Vacuum packaging bags

Tray Packaging

TS100 Meat Packaging Machine


The tray sealing machine adopts a future-oriented structural design, intelligently connected to the front and rear processes. The intelligent control system of the tray sealing machine ensures that the formula parameters can be switched at any time. The advanced mold system realizes the multi-purpose function of one mold, which can be used for a variety of high-standard trays.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. Automation: The machine utilizes advanced automation technology to automatically carry out product placement and packaging processes, reducing labor costs and intensity.

  2. Versatility: The tray packaging machine can accommodate different types and sizes of products, such as boxes, bagged products, bottled products, etc. It can be adjusted and configured to meet the specific packaging requirements of various products.

  3. Tray fixation: The machine ensures stable fixation of trays, guaranteeing product stability and safety during the packaging process and preventing shifting or damage during transportation and handling.

  4. Automatic stacking: Some advanced tray packaging machines feature automatic stacking capabilities, enabling products to be placed on trays in predefined stacking patterns, thus improving packaging density and transportation efficiency.

  5. Packaging material application: The tray packaging machine typically uses packaging films, straps, or other materials for wrapping and securing. It can automatically cut and apply packaging materials as required, ensuring reliable and aesthetically pleasing packaging.

Machine Meat Packaging Machine
Box Size
tray specifications: 260*180mm/230*15 depth:13-30mm material height:50mm film Width:<260mm(include260mm) film roll diameter max:350mm core diameter:75mm(inner diameter)
Feed parameters
preheat time:10min packing speed:9 boxes/min(vacuum flow 25m³/h) 10 boxes/min(vacuum flow 40m³/h)
Power supply
single item of power supply:220v 50Hz Power stand-alone:1.6KW
Dimensions and weight
stand-alone size:1145*600*855(filmless roll) Stand-alone + base:1145*600*1400mm(filmless roll) Stand-alone weight:160kg Stand-alone + base weight:200kg
Machine Demension
Compress Air Consumption
0.6m³min(Supply by the user)

MRZK10-200A Meat Packaging Machine


The high-speed bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine adopts a high-end electrical control system. The system display screen updates the machine running status in real time, and the operation is intelligent and simple. The whole machine and parts are made of food-grade stainless steel, which strictly guarantees the safety of food packaging. The machine adopts the hot water cold sealing method, the sealing is smooth and beautiful, and the sealing degree is high.

Features & Technical parameters

  1. High-speed operation: The machine is equipped with advanced mechanisms and automation technology, enabling high-speed bag-feeding and vacuum sealing processes. This improves packaging efficiency and productivity.

  2. Bag-feeding system: It incorporates a precision bag-feeding system that automatically positions and feeds the bags for packaging. This eliminates the need for manual bag placement, saving time and reducing labor costs.

  3. Vacuum sealing capability: The machine creates a vacuum environment inside the packaging bags, removing air and sealing the bags tightly. This helps extend the shelf life of products, prevents spoilage, and maintains product freshness.

  4. Versatile bag compatibility: It accommodates various bag types, sizes, and materials, including laminated films, aluminum foil bags, and more. This versatility allows for packaging different products with specific requirements.

  5. Easy-to-use interface: The machine features a user-friendly interface with intuitive controls, making it easy to operate and adjust settings. Operators can monitor the packaging process, adjust vacuum levels, and manage other parameters with convenience.

  6. Customizable options: Depending on specific packaging needs, the machine can be customized with additional features such as date coding systems, gas flushing capabilities, labeling systems, and more.
Machine Name Meat Packaging Machine
Mchine Model
Bag Type
Foil bag, four side sealed bag. paper bag. and other composite bag
Bag Size
W.90-200mm L:150-300mm
Filling Range
20-1000g(Depends on product type)
Packing Speed
10-50 bags/min(depends on product itself and packing weight)
Machine Demension
Machine Weight
Cpmpress Air Consumption

TA350 Meat Packaging Machine


The tray sealing machine adopts a future-oriented structural design, intelligently connected to the front and rear processes. The intelligent control system of the tray sealing machine ensures that the formula parameters can be switched at any time. The advanced mold system realizes the multi-purpose function of one mold, which can be used for a variety of high-standard trays.

Features & Technical parameters

1.Future-oriented structure design, intelligent access to the front and back processes.

2. Intelligent control system makes it easy to switch recipe parameters.

3. Free mode selection: pressure mode/time mode.

4.Advanced mold replacement system, which can satisfy users to change other specifications easily andquickly.

5. One mold is multi-purpose, the box size is consistent so that a variety of height specifications can be used.

6.With compact machine structure and small occupation space

7. Easy to clean and maintain

8.Sanitary design: food-grade material.

Machine Meat Packaging Machine
Packaging capacity
100-110 bags/min(Its speed is determined by the product itself and the filling weight)
Package Dimensions
50-110mm (width) 80-190mm (length)

Lin-Pack: The Leading Manufacturer in Meat Packaging Machinery

Introduction: In the modern food processing industry, efficient, reliable, and innovative meat packaging machinery manufacturers play a crucial role. In this highly competitive market, Lin-Pack undoubtedly stands out as an industry leader, renowned for its exceptional product quality, performance, and customer satisfaction.

First-Class Product Quality: One of Lin-Pack’s core advantages is its top-notch product quality. As an advanced manufacturer, Lin-Pack emphasizes the use of high-quality materials and advanced production techniques in manufacturing its meat packaging machines. Their stringent quality control processes ensure that each machine meets the highest standards and can operate reliably in various environmental conditions. This commitment to quality has made Lin-Pack the preferred partner for many food processing companies.

Outstanding Performance: Lin-Pack’s meat packaging machines excel in performance. Their machines possess high-speed packaging capabilities and excellent precision, allowing them to handle various meat products and achieve fast and accurate packaging. Whether in small-scale production or large-scale industrial production, Lin-Pack machines operate efficiently, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

Innovation: Innovation is another prominent advantage of Lin-Pack. They invest in research and development, striving to develop and introduce new technologies and features to meet evolving market demands. Lin-Pack’s team closely tracks industry trends and actively collaborates with customers to understand their needs and challenges. This innovation-driven approach enables Lin-Pack to provide customized solutions that meet customer expectations and maintain a leading position in the industry.

Customer Satisfaction: Apart from product excellence, Lin-Pack places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. They have established a professional pre-sales and after-sales service team to provide comprehensive support to customers. Whether it’s installation, debugging, training, or maintenance, Lin-Pack’s team delivers excellent service with professionalism, timeliness, and a friendly attitude. This customer-centric culture has earned Lin-Pack praise and loyalty from numerous clients.

Conclusion: In conclusion, Lin-Pack stands as the leading manufacturer in meat packaging machinery, thanks to its exceptional product quality, outstanding performance, innovative products, and excellent customer service. With a focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, Lin-Pack has garnered widespread acclai

Our Meat Packaging Machine uses the most advanced technology and equipment, and can adapt to various shapes and sizes of packaging containers, automatically completing filling, sealing, labeling and other functions. At the same time, our packaging machine also has high-efficiency and stable productionWe also provide comprehensive services and support, including installation, commissioning, training, after-sales maintenance and other services to ensure your investment and user experience.

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Q&A: Common Meat Packaging Machine

Q: What are some common types of meat packaging machines?

A: There are several common types of meat packaging machines available in the market. Some of them include:

  1. Vacuum packaging machines: These machines remove air from the packaging to create a vacuum seal, preserving the freshness of the meat and extending its shelf life.

  2. Tray sealing machines: These machines seal meat products in trays or containers using heat and pressure. They are commonly used for packaging fresh meat cuts or processed meat products.

  3. Shrink wrapping machines: These machines use shrink film to tightly wrap the meat, providing a secure and tamper-evident packaging solution.

  4. Horizontal form-fill-seal machines: These machines form a package from a roll of packaging material, fill it with the meat product, and then seal it. They are versatile and can handle various types of packaging materials.

  5. Vertical form-fill-seal machines: Similar to horizontal machines, these machines form, fill, and seal packages in a vertical orientation. They are commonly used for packaging ground meat or sausages.

Q: What factors should be considered when choosing a meat packaging machine?

A: When choosing a meat packaging machine, consider factors such as:

  • Meat type and characteristics: Different meat products have specific packaging requirements, so choose a machine that can handle the specific meat type, size, and shape you are working with.

  • Packaging materials: Consider the type of packaging materials you will be using, such as flexible films, trays, or shrink wrap, and ensure that the machine is compatible with those materials.

  • Production volume: Determine your production volume to select a machine that can meet your output requirements. Consider the machine’s speed, capacity, and ability to handle high-volume production.

  • Packaging specifications: Define your desired packaging specifications, such as portion sizes, packaging sizes, and sealing requirements, and ensure that the machine can accommodate them.

  • Hygiene and food safety: Meat packaging requires strict hygiene standards. Choose a machine that is easy to clean, made of food-grade materials, and designed to prevent cross-contamination.

  • Budget and ROI: Consider your budget and the return on investment the machine can provide. Evaluate the machine’s performance, reliability, and maintenance costs to determine its long-term value.

Q: What are some advantages of using a meat packaging machine?

A: Using a meat packaging machine offers several advantages, including:

  • Improved shelf life: Proper packaging using a dedicated machine can help extend the shelf life of meat products by creating an airtight seal, reducing the risk of spoilage and food waste.

  • Enhanced product presentation: Packaging machines can create attractive and professional packaging, enhancing the visual appeal of the meat products and attracting customers.

  • Increased productivity: Automated packaging processes can significantly increase production efficiency and output, reducing the need for manual labor and improving overall productivity.

  • Consistency and accuracy: Packaging machines ensure consistent portioning, sealing, and labeling, maintaining uniformity in the packaging process and delivering accurately packaged products.

  • Hygiene and food safety: Dedicated meat packaging machines are designed with hygiene in mind, incorporating features that prevent contamination and ensure food safety compliance.

  • Cost savings: While the initial investment in a packaging machine may be significant, it can result in long-term cost savings by reducing labor costs, minimizing product waste, and optimizing packaging materials.

Overall, using a meat packaging machine can streamline the packaging process, improve product quality and safety, and contribute to the overall efficiency and profitability of meat processing operations.

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