Automatic tea bag packing machine

Automatic tea bag packing machine

Automatic tea bag packing machines are highly efficient and reliable machines designed to streamline the packaging process of tea leaves into individual tea bags. With advanced technology and precise filling mechanisms, these machines ensure consistent weight and quality of each tea bag. They can accommodate different types of tea bags and offer easy operation with user-friendly interfaces. The sealing mechanisms of these machines securely seal the tea bags to maintain freshness and preserve the aroma and flavor of the tea. They also incorporate quality control systems to detect any defective bags or insufficient tea filling. Built with food-grade materials, these machines ensure hygiene and safety during the packaging process. Some machines even offer customization options, allowing for the addition of tags or strings to enhance product presentation.

LP-HK40 Automatic tea bag packing machine

Granule Packing Machine

LP-HK40 Automatic tea bag packing machine for packaging various items such as granules, powders, liquids, etc. in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and other industries. It can be used for measuring and packaging items such as cereal, puffed food, sugar, medicine, tea, protein powder, coffee, seasoning, and other items.

Package Bag

Features & Technical parameters

  • The machine adopts a microcomputer  touch screen control system, which has the functions of bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting, and counting to complete the whole process automatically.
  • The body of the machine is made of stainless steel material, which meets the requirements of GMP specifications.
  • The machine has a photoelectric tracking system, which ensures that each package has a complete pattern.
  • The computer sets the bag length, eliminating the trouble of changing gears and adjusting the bag length, and has the function of displaying the packaging speed automatically.
  • The temperature control system adopts intelligent temperature control and is suitable for various packaging materials.
  • An optional ribbon coding machine can be equipped to synchronize print batch number or production date on 1-3 rows.
  • The machine adopts a rotating cutter (continuous), three-side (maximum), four-side, or back seal (non-standard) cut (serrated or flat), and the finished package can have an easy-to-tear opening.
  • The mechanical system is scientifically simple, the work is more reliable, and maintenance is more convenient.
Machine Automatic tea bag packing machine
Packaging capacity
Measurement range
Film width

LP-HK18 Automatic tea bag packing machine

Inner and Outer Bag Hang Tag Tea Packaging Machine with String

LP-HK18 Automatic tea bag packing machine  is suitable for the one-time packaging of small granular materials such as tea, medicinal tea, health tea, broken tea, and weight loss tea in both inner and outer bags.

Packaging materials: Paper/plastic, plastic/plastic, plastic/aluminum/plastic, paper/aluminum/plastic, filter paper, cotton thread, label paper.

Package Bag

Features & Technical parameters

  1. This machine adopts a microcomputer (Chinese/English) touch screen control system.
  2. The machine uses a PID temperature controller, with more accurate temperature control.
  3. The body is made entirely of stainless steel material, in compliance with GMP standards.
  4. The outer wrapping paper is controlled by a synchronous motor, ensuring stable bag length and accurate positioning. The inner and outer bags are formed in one step, avoiding direct contact between hands and materials, and improving efficiency.
  5. Additional devices can be added to the machine to complete functions such as flat cutting, date printing, and easy-to-tear notches.
  6. The inner bag is made of filter paper, which can automatically carry a thread and label, and the outer bag is made of composite paper. The size of the inner and outer bags can be adjusted according to the user’s different needs to achieve the best packaging effect, improve product appearance and increase product value. Tips: The thread and label are purchased separately and are not attached to the filter paper. If the customer does not need the thread and label, this function can be turned off. Each function is independent.
  7. If the customer needs to pack powder, a screw scale can also be added to the machine.
Machine Automatic tea bag packing machine
Packaging capacity
Measurement range
Drawstring on the packaging bag
label size
Inner bag
Outer bag
Type of outer bag
Three-side seal
Powerpower supply
220V 50HZ 3.6KW

LP-HK20 Automatic tea bag packing machine

Feeder Electronic Scale

Feeder Measuring Cup

Package Bag

Features & Technical parameters

  1. By using ultrasonic sealing and cutting technology, the machine can produce aesthetically pleasing and tightly sealed triangular or flat tea bags.
  2. The automatic volumetric dosing system allows for easy adjustment of the filling quantity during the production process.
  3. The machine is controlled by a PLC system with a user-friendly touch screen interface, which ensures stable performance and easy operation.
  4. The use of high-quality pneumatic and electrical components from brands like Airtac and Schneider can extend the service life of the machine.
  5. The machine is designed with an integrated electromechanical system, which allows for easy replacement of parts without the need for stopping or shutting down the machine.
  6. Depending on the shape of the tea leaves or herbs, the machine can be equipped with different dosing systems such as electronic scales, slide cup fillers, or vibration plate feeders.
  7. The machine has a packaging capacity of 20-40 bags per minute.
  8. The machine can also produce tea bags with strings and tags by using appropriate materials.
  9. The machine can easily switch between producing triangular or flat tea bags by simply pressing a button.
  10. This machine is suitable for measuring and packaging granular or strip-shaped raw tea, including green tea, black tea, flower tea, fruit-flavored tea, eight treasures tea, Chinese tea, health tea, traditional Chinese medicine tea, coffee, and other similar products.
Machine Automatic tea bag packing machine
Packaging capacity
Bag paper requirements
Nylon, corn fiber or non-woven fabric material with tag and thread
Unwinding quantity
Unwinding core inner diameter
Flm width range
Number of sealing and cutting devices
2 sets - horizontal sealing and vertical sealing
Air supply pressure
≥0.6 MPa (to be guaranteed by the ordering party for air supply)
Powerpower supply
1.2kw 220v

Triangle Tea Bag Inner and Outer Bag Packaging Machine

Feeder Electronic Scale

Feeder Measuring Cup

Feeder Vibratory Tray

Measuring cup For granular and shredded tea

Electronic scale

  1. Available with 2, 4, 6, or 8 heads, with 4 being the most common
  2. Generally requires 0.5g or more to be weighed accurately
  3. Can be used for multiple types of materials using linear weighing principles
  4. The more heads, the faster the packaging speed

Vibration plate

  1. Generally used for products that are too light to be weighed accurately on an electronic scale.

Feeder combination – Depending on the material, one main machine can be equipped with different feeders, with one, two, or three feeders on a single machine. Specific situations require specific analysis.

Package Bag

This type of inner bag can only be a triangle shape

Features & Technical parameters

  1. The triangle inner tea bag is produced by ultrasonic sealing and cutting method, which makes the bag beautiful and the seal firm.
  2. The packaging capacity of the triangle tea bag machine is 2400-3600 bags/hour (40-60 bags/minute), and the inner and outer bag packaging capacity of the machine can reach 900-2400 bags/hour, which depends on the packaging materials and feeding structure.
  3. Different measuring methods (electronic scale, measuring cup, vibratory tray feeding structure, etc.) can be selected according to the filling materials, which makes the measurement of tea, herbal tea, and other materials more accurate.
  4. The machine adopts imported pneumatic components, PLC control, touch screen operation, which makes the performance more stable, the operation simpler, and more user-friendly.
  5. The whole machine adopts mechatronics integration, and data replacement can be done without shutting down or stopping the machine. The electronic scale feeding structure has a function of stopping when there is no material.
  6. The inner and outer bag machine synchronously packages the triangle tea bag into the outer bag, and independently packages one bag with one tea bag. The outer bag can be sealed with a back seal or three-side seal.
  7. The outer bag adopts heat-sealing composite film, and the machine is equipped with an optical tracking system, which makes each package have a complete pattern. The temperature is controlled intelligently and is more suitable for various packaging materials.
  8. The machine can be equipped with a ribbon coding machine and an inflation device to print batch numbers or production dates synchronously.
Machine Triangle Tea Bag Inner and Outer Bag Packaging Machine
Packaging Materials
Inner bag: Nylon, non-woven fabric, corn fiber, etc. Outer bag: Heat-sealable composite film.
Bag Sizes
Inner bag: 58*60 (140mm) Inner bag: 68*70 (160mm) Inner bag: 80*80 (180mm)
Packaging capacity
40-60 bags - inner bag 15-40 bags - outer bag
Equipment dimensions
Approximately L 3000 x W 800 x H 1600 (mm) (excluding the feeding structure).
The measurement range of the feeder.
Measurement accuracy of the feeder
Feeder speed
Power of the feede
The power of the electronic scale is 1kW (220V)
2.5kw 220v

Automatic tea bag packing machine:What is your best choice?

When choosing an automatic tea bag packing machine, several factors should be considered to determine the best choice for your specific needs. The machine’s capacity is important, as it should be able to handle your desired volume of tea bag production efficiently.

Additionally, consider the types and sizes of tea bags you will be using and ensure that the machine is compatible with them. Look for a machine that offers precise filling and sealing capabilities to ensure consistent quality and weight of each tea bag. The packaging speed should align with your production targets, and the machine should have an easy-to-use interface and controls for convenient operation and maintenance. Quality control systems are crucial for detecting and rejecting defective tea bags. It’s also essential to choose a machine made of food-grade materials and compliant with safety and hygiene standards. If customization options are important, select a machine that allows for the addition of tags, strings, or other accessories to the tea bags. Consider the reputation of the manufacturer in terms of reliability and after-sales support. Finally, compare prices and assess the overall value and return on investment. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the best automatic tea bag packing machine that meets your requirements.

Q&A: Common Questions on Automatic tea bag packing machine

Q: What is an automatic tea bag packing machine?

A: An automatic tea bag packing machine is a specialized machine designed to automate the process of packaging tea leaves into individual tea bags. It handles tasks such as filling tea leaves into the bags, sealing them, and often includes features for labeling and batch coding.

Q: How does an automatic tea bag packing machine work?

A: The machine typically consists of a feeding system for the tea leaves, a filling mechanism to dispense the desired amount of tea into each bag, a sealing mechanism to close the bags, and a conveyor system to transport the finished tea bags. Some machines may also include additional features like tag/string attachment or outer packaging capabilities.

Q: What are the advantages of using an automatic tea bag packing machine?

A: Using an automatic tea bag packing machine offers several advantages, including increased efficiency, consistent filling and sealing, improved productivity, reduced labor costs, precise control over tea quantities, improved hygiene and safety, and the ability to handle various bag sizes and types.

Q: Can an automatic tea bag packing machine handle different types of tea bags?

A: Yes, most automatic tea bag packing machines are designed to accommodate different types of tea bags, such as rectangular, circular, pyramid-shaped, or nylon mesh bags. They often have adjustable settings to cater to various bag sizes and shapes.

Q: Are automatic tea bag packing machines easy to operate?

A: Yes, automatic tea bag packing machines are typically designed for user-friendly operation. They feature intuitive interfaces and controls that allow operators to set parameters, monitor the production process, and make adjustments as needed. Proper training and familiarization with the machine’s operation are recommended for smooth operation.

Q: How does a tea bag packing machine ensure the quality of the tea bags?

A: Automatic tea bag packing machines incorporate quality control mechanisms to ensure the quality of the tea bags. These systems can detect and reject defective bags, such as those with improper sealing or insufficient tea filling. Some machines also have sensors to detect foreign objects or contaminants in the tea bags.

Q: Can an automatic tea bag packing machine be customized for specific packaging requirements?

A: Yes, some automatic tea bag packing machines offer customization options. These may include the ability to add tags, attach strings, or incorporate branding elements to enhance the presentation of the tea bags. It’s important to check with the machine manufacturer to determine the customization options available.

Q: What maintenance is required for an automatic tea bag packing machine?

A: Regular maintenance is essential to keep the machine in optimal condition. This may involve cleaning, lubricating moving parts, replacing worn-out components, and ensuring proper calibration. Following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule and guidelines is crucial for maximizing the machine’s lifespan and performance.

Q: Where can I purchase an automatic tea bag packing machine?

A: Automatic tea bag packing machines can be purchased from specialized packaging machinery suppliers, both online and offline. It’s recommended to research reputable manufacturers, compare specifications and prices, and consider after-sales support and warranty options before making a purchase decision.

Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine Manufacturer

Buying this automatic tea bag packing machine will make your life very easy. If you are someone who is working in the tea industry and has to pack tons of bags daily then you need this automatic tea bag machine. It is manufactured in China and its suppliers are all over the country.

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These machine is used to fill in juices and other liquids with variable speed and adjusted nozzles options.

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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Automatic Tea Bag Packing Machine

Automatic tea bag packing machine may be built-in steel material and half stainless, depending on the needs of the client. Furthermore, all pieces in touch with materials were constructed of stainless steel following the food grade regulations.

The warranty duration is frequently one year, and most owners will remain in touch with their clients for after-sales care.

In our nation, the values were significantly 220V, 50Hz, phase difference, or 380V, 50Hz, three-phase.

Teabags were compact, flexible, airtight bags containing three or four layers of packing. These are made of metals, paper, cellulosic fiber, plastic, and fabric.

Even at the most basic level, packaging design helps to safeguard the product within. Packaging should protect the goods throughout transit between the production site and the store and protect the product when it is on the shelf. As a result, product packaging would have to be durable and dependable.

The automatic tea bag packing machine is primarily intended to fulfill our reasonable expectations and diverse tea needs. As a result, the importance of tea packaging equipment cannot be overstated.

Tea is essential in our everyday lives, and there is a high demand for it on the market. Good tea packing may decrease tea loss and increase tea sales. At the same time, tea’s diverse packaging and attractive look may suit the demands of customers at all levels.

We provide a diverse assortment of automatic tea bag packing machine to our valued customers. You may choose the most appropriate one based on your requirements.

This automatic tea bag packing machine is designed that fill and seal tea bags twice. It may create the bags and afterward fill them well with the necessary quantity of tea before sealing and packaging them.

As a result, such automatic tea bag packing machine seems to be a vertical form, stuff, & sealed Teabag packing machine.

Several automatic tea bag packing machine merely fill and seal; therefore, it is up to you whatever equipment you choose. A form, fill, and seal automatic tea bag packing machine seems to have the unique benefit of creating the bags from the material itself throughout the process.

However, if you want your special Teabags packed and wrapped, filling a sealed automatic tea bag packing machine would be the ideal option.

Automatic tea bag packing machine seem to be inside tea bag packaging machines without a label and thread. It’s much more convenient to utilize the inside teabag containing tags and string.

The second item seems to be a automatic tea bag packing machine that includes an inside and outer envelope. It should provide stronger protections for the objects. It can match the demands for packaging variety and attractiveness.

The final automatic tea bag packing machine seems to be an inner and exterior automatic tea bag packing machine that is integrated. This kind of equipment is highly automated, which may considerably increase your product’s production and quality. You will choose the most appropriate one based on your requirements.

Our automatic tea bag packing machine has numerous uses in a variety of sectors. It is mainly used to pack various types of tea inside bags. An individual teabag may effectively protect the tea from harm while retaining its original flavor and nutritional benefits.

Also may use a variety of teas for packaging, including Green Tea, Aromatic Tea, Dark Tea, Colored Tea, Naturals Tea, and Flavored Teas. It also may use it for packaging coffee and herbs through addition to various varieties of tea. Furthermore, to fulfill the growing need for packaging, we are dedicated to the study and manufacturing of automatic tea bag packing machine.

  1. Excessive production. It can handle the increased competition for tea packaging while also saving a significant amount of time.
  2. The automatic tea bag packing machine has a small footprint. It is compact and uses up minimal room.

It conserves industrial space and lowers leasing expenses.

  1. High standards of cleanliness. This automatic tea bag packing machine is built entirely of stainless steel, making it very simple to maintain.
  2. A variety of duties. These devices can make bags of various sizes and forms. You may also change the number of each bag’s contents to suit your needs.It is simple to use.
  3. An innovative PLC system controls our automatic tea bag packing machine with a giant touch screen. It also makes it simple to utilize for regular operators.

The cost of automatic tea bag packing machine is affected by a variety of variables. On the one side, the materials for making packing bags would influence the price.

The pyramid automatic tea bag packing machine, for instance, employs nylon as little more than packaging material. Although this material seems more negligible, sanitary, and safe, it is more costly than typical materials. On the other side, the price would be affected by the automatic tea bag packing machine functionality.

Multi-function automatic tea bag packing machine are often more expensive than single-function devices. Furthermore, transportation distance has been one of the price-influencing elements. Finally, the automatic tea bag packing machine price is not predetermined, and the ultimate cost is determined by the kind of automatic tea bag packing machine selected.

Perfect for higher manufacturing packing (5-8 g).

A honey teabag & package bag sensing monitor. When the alarm senses a material deficiency, it stops.

Includes unfilled bag monitoring and automatic rejection.

With the devote more resources group number.

The whole automatic tea bag packing machine complies with GMP as well as CE certification criteria.

Offer servo management for envelopes grip and assure accurate placement of the printing logo.

Photoelectricity monitors the color point instantly, and also the brand placement is precise.

First, always foremost, the vacuum seems inadequate. Pump pollution problems, either too much or just too mixed; insufficient pumping duration; and a clogged vacuum filter are the causes of the fault. Treatment procedure: wash the vacuum pump, change the vacuum pump oil, increase the pumping duration, and clean or change the output filtration.

Second, there is a lot of noise. Defective cause: its vacuum pump connection becomes broken or damaged; the exhaust filter gets clogged, or even the proper position seems incorrect; there appears to be a leakage repair technique: fix the vacuum pump; cleaning or change the outflow filtration and adequately install it Examine to see that the control valve is in good working order. There are air leaks, and you should avoid them.

Third, vacuum pump injecting damage causes: when suction valve 0-ring is removed; rotational gear wearing method of treatment: disconnect the vacuum tube mostly on pump tip, extract the suction nozzle, extract the pressure spring as well as the suction valve, then carefully extend the O-type. Spin this several times, re-insert that into the groove; replace the rotating piece.

Leaking of vacuum pump oil The oil return valve seems clogged, and the oil window remains partially open. Treatment method: replace and wipe the oil returning valve; while emptying the oil, replace the oil window and cover it with raw – materials tapes as well as transparent plastic film.

It is doable; however, you will require bags of different sizes for such a reason. They will provide you with various sized bags in which all the packaging machines could load and pack things.

There seem to be tea bag packaging machines that are environmentally friendly and therefore do not generate unnecessary trash.

When using our packing machine, we must complete 15 cycles using empty bags. During operation, trash is automatically sorted and discarded like recycled waste. Other wastes aren’t generated due to the functioning of these packing devices.

When a packing machine is retired, the technology has no conventional components. Our machines’ steel frames are composed of metallurgical elements. Consequently, it is also classified as a source of raw material.

These more oversized tea bags are quite often loaded with higher-quality tea. These tea bags packaging machine secure, on the other hand, are not ecologically friendly. They are frequently referred to as “silken,” even though they are mainly constructed of polymer and polyester tea bag infusers cannot be microwaved.” it can’t microwave them since the plastic will melt.

The Advertising Standards Authority rejected the objection, determining that various round teabags will be mainly on the marketplace. The teabag packaging equipment does enable the tea to circulate more freely, releasing more flavor.

A selection of Relatively Inexpensive equipment for packing tea, herbal items, herbal tea, oolong tea, and powdered black tea infiltrate tea bags with thread and label, including the outer envelope and some other variations.

Teabag tea is usually put into specifically constructed machines that fill hundreds of tea bags every minute, whether round, square, or pyramid-shaped. Each bag includes at least 2.27gms of tea and therefore is wholly sealed before being packaged into cartons.

Paper item boxes, metal jars, and sometimes even hold pouches are all options. For several firms that offer their tea using tea bags, the typical product box with a particular sort of kraft paper on it is the ready packaging choice.

This Teabag packing machine seems to be a Teabag producer and filling primarily designed for tea packaging. Although there are several types of tea, each customer has a unique taste in tea. Some people like black tea, while others prefer green tea.

Thus there is a fundamental desire for every tea choice offered. To conquer the tea marketplace, the Teabag packing machine should be capable of packaging all types of tea available on the market. A Teabag packaging machine can pack various types of tea for this purpose.

Green tea, black tea grounds, aromatic and powdered tea, floral tea, medical tea, and more varieties are available.

If you’re still using bagged tea, you’ll understand that such teabags that consumers use contains double packaging. The exterior packaging is composed of paper bags with printing on it, and so when you separate it, there is also an inner packaging of fiber with tea within.

This fiber packaging even has a dipping string linked to it. As a result, a automatic tea bag packing machine may conduct two types of packing. At the same time, the automatic tea bag packing machine first shapes and packages the tea in the inside fabric bag.

A teabag is a packing machine that packages the inner teabag into an outside covering of the bag and prints your patterns on it. As a result, a Teabag packaging machine is a two-layer packing machine ideal for packing tea items.

  1. The raw resources and indeed the capacity of the equipment.
  2. The maximum moisture of such raw materials, or maybe even a description.
  3. The thickness of the pellet required.
  4. Your state’s power range.
  5. The production you require in an hour.

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