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pouch packing machine

You can find the global packaging machine we need according to your specification

coffee bag packaging machine-linpack

coffee bag packing machine

These machines are used to fill juices and other liquids with variable speed and adjustable nozzle options.

tea bag packaging machine-linpack-bag machine

tea bag packing machine

Powders such as talc, dry syrup, milk and powders such as culinary colours and flavours are filled by this equipment.

Gusset bag packaging machine-linpack

gusset bag packaging machine

This equipment is widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. On the conveyor belt, nozzles fill bottles and containers with liquid. Their innovative automatic liquid bottle filling machines are highly efficient and durable. Its variable speed and height adjustable nozzles fit a wide range of bottles.

rotary pouch filling machine

Rapidly fill and seal premade pouches at rates up to 200 bags per minute. The bag is rotated intermittently between different ‘stations’ in a circular configuration.

water pouch packing machine

High packaging precision, fast speed and guaranteed efficiency, selling well in more than 100 countries and regions

automatic pouch packing machine

Fully automatic pouch packaging machine using Swiss weighing technology More accurate grading, faster sorting, saving you costs Fully automatic pouch packaging machine Provide you with advanced, efficient and reliable product packaging testing solutions

masala pouch packing machine

Lin-Pack masala bag packaging machine, vertical spiral packaging scale, focusing on automatic fixed value packaging of masala bags for gas-containing powder materials, effectively improve the measurement accuracy and achieve good dust control! Provide users with convenient localized services

Juice Filling Machine Manufacturer

oil pouch packing machine

Oil packaging machine sales champion, Lin-Pack specializes in the production and sales of oil packaging machines, intelligent control, easy to operate, hygienic and reliable! Choose Lin-Pack for oil packaging machines! Own brand with more than ten years of practical experience in oil packaging machine technology!

Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Fill Packaging Machine

The bag machine is an instrument or a device that makes the sacks or bags of various make and type. This machine is very essential for any business as there is always a requirement of sacks or bags for the carriage or transportation of the product of any kind. The bag machine can perform bulk production of variety of articles.

The requirement of bag is always different for according to the situations and condition of the product or items that is carried in the bag. This machine was once used to make only specific type of the bags now there is vast variety of bags that are required by the consumers. 

The bags required for the food items are suppose to be strong to carry the heavy loads. The designof bag is also very important to ensure that the its carriage is easy and can bare the load of the items that are placed inside. The bag machine has made it easy to make various type of the bags.

The manual method of making the bags was a very cumbersome job and required large number of labour. With the advent of this machine the work has been easy and now one machine can perform the work of many individuals. Following are the common bag machines:-

Over-folded flat handles Block Bottom Bag Machine.

Upright flat handles Block Bottom Bag Machine.

Twisted handle Block Bottom Bag Machine.

Automatic Bag Machine.

Window Patching Block Bottom Bag Machine.

Block Bottom Bag Machine.

Die-Cut Bottom Bag Machine.

Flat and Satchel Bag Machine.

As evident from the name of the machine, it makes the bags of various make and type hence there is great improvement in quality, production, availability and life of the bag. The use of bag in every day life of a man is not a hidden fact. The bags are required at every place and fore very work. The bags of various make and type are produced these days.

The restriction on use of polythene has lead to new variety and ideas about the bags. The bags required in groceries stores are now of paper or cloth these bags are environmental friendly and can be easily disposed off.

They can be reuse also and can bemade more attractive by designing differently and making them more appealing. The bag machine has made qualitative improvements in the day to day life of every one. These look very facilitating in comparison to the old bags.

The bags have also been advertised so the bag machine is bringing multiple improvements.

The bag machine can prepare various kinds and shapes of bags.The bag machine has the in-build feature to modify the shape and design of the bags that are produced.

The bag machine can be adjusted to produce the desire quantity of the bag. The sheets are of different make and type as per the requirement of the bag. The bags are categorised accordingly to shape and size:-

By shape: The bags produced by the bag machines are of different shapes, following are the shapes:-

Two side seal flat bag.

Elongated bag.

Gusseted bag

Spout bag.

Security temper evident bag.

Chevron bag.

Chamber bag.

Heather bag.


By Size: The bags are produced in various size as per the requirement, the common size are under:-




The bag machines are a very good investment for setting up a small scale business. This machine provides an opportunity to start earning with minimal labour requirement.

The bag machine is very cost effective, easy to operate and maintain. It has the ability to produce required quantity of bags in bulk. The machine can produce various shapes of bags.

The bag machine are very useful for those who want to setup business with minimum investment and who can not offered to start a business with large capital. An armature can very easily operate it and learn the functioning. The maintenance of this machine is also very easy and user manuals are very comprehensive covering all the aspects.

The bag machine can produce the desire quantity of bag in variety of shapes and designs. This machine has made the packaging of items  versatile as it can produce bag of different size, shape and colours. This machine is very effective for production at large scale.

The use of bag is very common in daily life. The carriage of goods, items and products of different categories is a routine matter. Before the advent of bag machines the carrying of different things was a difficult affair.The polythene bags were not very robust to bear the weight of the heavy items. Moreover the designs were very common and holding was also not comfortable. The bags produce from bag machines are very popular among the customers. The customers are very comfortable with the quality and design of the bags.

These bags are very easy to carry with good load distribution. The last design of bags produced by the bag machine is very attractive and can be used for multiple purposes like carriage of cloths and other belongings during travelling. They are very comfortable for handy carry during travel via bus, train and aeroplane.

The bags can also be use for preparation of different decorations and other items. Overall the response of customers to bag machines products is very positive.

The bag machines are a very effective and efficient device that can produce bags of various shape and designs in bulk. These machines can reliably be used for production of bags of any design and quantity.

The increase  in the requirement of bag in various industries has made it necessary that such mean should be use that can made the bag readily available. The previous method of making bag through labor is not very applicable in the present day routine.

The demand of bags has increased a lot and to meet this requirement it is mandatory that such mean should be used that can produce the required quality at the earliest time.

Thus use of bag machine has become vital to meet the daily requirement of bags and to ensure that sufficient quantity of bags are available in required size, shape and designs.

The bag machine has made the job of making bag convenient. This machine has produced vide range of bags of different size, shapes, designs and quality. This machine has brought a lot of ease to the labour intense work of making bags.


The manual methods of making the bag was a very tiering job and that required a lot of effort and also involved errors and wastage of raw material.

The bag machine has made the work of make bag easy and now the bag can be prepared very easily in bulk quantity and in short spam of time.

The bag machine has made both the producers and customers comfortable with the preparation and usage of bag respectively.

There are various types of bag machines and their routine maintenance is as per their make and type. The basic guidelines for the maintenance of the machine are same and applicable to all the models. Following are the important points:-

Inspection of the feeding unit. It is responsible to roll the sheets that subsequently make the bag. Uniform tension control should be ensured.Handle making unit. It is responsible to make the handle of bag. It will ensure that handles are properly made. To ensure the correct size of the bag it periodic inspection is very important and necessary.

Handle pasting unit. It is responsible for correct pasting of the handle on the bag with glue or other sticking material. Its maintenance is important to ensure that handles are properly pasted on the bag.

Bag forming Unit. This unit is very important as it give shape of bag to the sheet of which the bag is made. It maintenance include checkup of tubes so that correct shape of bag can be achieved.

The main function of the bag machine is to produce the various types’ pouches that are used for packaging many kinds of products. These products include eatable, drinks, cosmetics and many more. Basically bag machine has various more functions which play basic role in operating the bag machine. The functions of bag machine are appended below. Feeding: In the feeding section, roll fed adjustable are apart from feeder roll. The main purpose of the feeder roll is to carry out the required operations through film.The function of feeding occur in an irregular intervals while the other operations such as sealing and cutting start working when the feeding stops.While operating the system dancer systems are responsible for maintaining the constant tension on the film web.Both the functions feeders and dancers carry out the maintenance of tension and accuracy in feed. Sealing:In this section, temperature controls sealing elements which are in touch with the film for specific time period, so that  material should be sealed appropriately.The sealing time and temperature depends on typeof material and should be maintained  for different speeds. Cutting and Stacking:In this section, cutting and stacking operations, similar to sealing are commonly done when the feeding stops.Cutting and stacking is like sealing, they also run the machine for ideal format.Beside these basic features additional operations such as zipper, spout, tamper proof seat etc are also performed depending on the make and type of the bag. Extra accessories, which are added to the base machine performs these extra functions for designing.So these are the functions responsible for embellishments of the products.

The routine operations and functionsof bag machine can encounter certain challenges that should be rectified to ensure the smooth functioning. The challenge are as under:-

The inadequate supply of power is an important challenge that can be faced. Thus it is recommended that uninterrupted supply of electricity should be ensured for smooth functioning.


The environmental hazards can also effect the functioning of the machine as unwanted rise or fall fo temperature can occur as per the weather. Hence it is necessary that machine should be kept in such a place where it is faced from environmental effects.

The non availability of a trained operator is also a challenge that can effect the smooth functioning of the machine. Thus the training of backup operators should be ensured for regular operations.

The maintenance of machine is also a challenge when the operations are performed for extended durations. The operation should be planned in such a manner that sufficient time can be made available for smooth functioning of the machine.

Bag machine is one of the best machines among all. It has its distinguished features and available at very economical price.bag machine system is providing suitable system for the processing of the various products.Bag machine is highly recommended, due its distinguished qualities.

This bag machine is purely hygienic with food safety. It requires less human supervision and also less requirement of time and labor costs. It provides outstanding services for the customers.

It makes the work easier and efficient.Bag machine not only brought the change in Man life, but it also reduced the burden. It made a remarkable progress by making money in no time. With its advanced features and technology Industries are also fascinated by this bag machine.

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