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Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Automatic Candy Wrapper Machine

Automatic candy wrapper machine is highly functional machine. It used for candy wrapping. Automatic wrapper  machine can cut and wrap up to 500 pieces per minute without any product wastage. Automatic candy wrapper  machine can produce different types of shapes.

Such as wrap squares, oblongs, cubes and log shaped pieces. Automatic candy wrapper  machine can wrap them in a double twist wrap style. The automatic candy wrapper  machine is suitable for packing of cylindrical hard candy, jelly and tablets.

Automatic candy wrapper  machine can pack double twist and hot seal at both ends. Automatic candy wrapper machine is fully automatic and can warp the product efficiently and with high speed.

 Automatic candy wrapper machine is remarkable in its efficient performance and productivity. Automatic wrapper candy machine has distinctive features that are as under:-

Automatic candy wrapper machine is made up of stainless steel body construction. So, it offers high hygienic levels to avoid from harmful bacteria and viruses.

Automatic Candy wrapper machine PLC system with  human machine interference is used  for ease of operation and wrapping parameters as well.

Automatic candy wrapper machine feeding system t has a high packing efficiency for wrapping the items.

Automatic candy wrapper machine produce bags of different lengths and it also have variable cutting capabilities.

Automatic candy wrapper machine has excellent self-diagnostic feature it can identify the error.

Automatic candy wrapper machine has highly sensitive optical photocell which can track eye marks and digital input for various cutting positions of the products.

Automatic candy wrapper machine also haveCE, ISO, and cGMP certification too.

Separate PID controllers for temperature are fixed in automatic candy wrapper machine that are suitable for various wrapping materials.

The machine automatically stops functioning, when adhesive and cutting jaws are not working.

Automatic candy wrapper machine has stable roll film for smooth rolling.

There are various kinds of wrapping materials used in automatic candy wrapper machine. The selection of wrapping material depends on the various factors including candy shape and type. It also depends on the requirements of the customers as well as demand of products too. Following are the types of wrapping materials that can be used in automatic candy wrapper machine:-

Aluminum film.

Polyester film.

Polyvinyl Chloride films.

Paper film.

Composite film.

Wax paper.

Poly Lacti Acid.


Cast Polypropylene.

 Considerations which are used in making the candy wrappers by automatic candy wrapper machine. It includes the following points given below:

One of the key point is to consider the cost of the material. Because one must estimate how much the products will cost.

Feel of the material is also very important such as it’s presentation and look matters a lot.

Twist tightness of the wrapper.

Whether it release properties or not.

The material should not stick to the candy..

Noise or crinkles that the material produces are to be noticed.

The products that you are wrapping, can those be wrapped or not.

Shape of the products is also an important factor.

Type of candy wrapper machine that is used for wrapping of the product.

 Automatic Candy wrapper machine has has many advantages. Which are given below:

Time Saving: Automatic candy wrapper machine is very fast.Because of this characteristic, automatic candy wrapper machine will consume very less time and the production is very fast as compare to manual candy wrapper machine.

Attractive wrapping: The products wrapped by automatic candy wrapper machine are very attractive in look and are more loved by the customers.

Automatic candy wrapper machine also  make your products distinct and ideal,  due to its versatile wrapper , products seek the attention of the customers, when these are presented on the shelves.

Good Protection against environmental effects: Automatic candy wrapper machine keeps the material safe from the environmental effects like humidity, dust and germs.

Effective candy wrapping:  Automatic candy wrapper machine will make the wrapping process more uniform and efficient as compare to products wrapped by hands.For example, manual candy wrapping machine is not very effective for speedy wrapping and also involved human effort which is not required in automatic wrapping machine. Therefore, automatic candy wrapper machine is more reliable with regards to bulk production. It gives you fabulous wrapping of your products.

Fastest wrapping: Automatic candy wrapper machine carry out speedy wrapping of the candies. automatic candy wrapper machine automatic version  is faster than the  semi-automatic,  manual versions of candy wrapper. This will make you more progressive to meet client needs, it also saves time, economical and developmental.

High productivity: Automatic candy wrapper machine is highly productive. It produces huge amount of products in one go. The machine automatically starts and stops the wrapping, there is no requirement of person to operator it. When the candies are placed on the conveyor. the wrapping process will automatically start.

No requirement of labour: automatic candy wrapper machine do not need labours. As it works automatically and has lessened the cost of labour.

 The automatic candy wrapper machine is capable to handle any type and shape of the product. The user of the candy wrapper machine can carry out the bulk production of the type and shape of the candies that are more commonly used by the customer.

The automatic candy wrapper machine can wrap various shapes and sizes of the candies that are rectangular, square, oval, cylindrical, round, button shape, spherical and many other customised shapes.

 There are several types of candy wrapper machine available in the market having distinct features, designs and models. Following are the types of candy wrapper machine.

Candy Flow wrapper Machine: The shape of the machine is elongated; it can also be called a flat candy wrapper machine. In this type of candy wrapper machine when the product enter into the machine the process of wrapping takes place with plain or printed film. The wrapping done by the machine is flexible and firm. The product is sealed properly to protect it from the environmental hazards.

Candy Fold Wrapper Machine: Candy fold wrapper machine wraps the products with aluminum foil or a paper film without involving heat seal. This machine is suitable for wrapping heat sensitive products. The machine still maintains a firm and tight grip on the products. Candy fold wrapper machines are more suitable for small pieces.

The candy fold wrapper machine can carry out wrapping of 300 packets per minute.

Candy Twist Wrapper Machine: This type of candy wrapper machine twists the film from both ends. Cellophane is the best material for this process, as it has a stiff and hard structure.

The cellophane material is also very suitable for the wrapping as it will produce fascinating crackling sounds when the candy is unwrapped. Sweet industries mostly prefer candy twist wrapper machines for efficient and effective wrapping of their products. This type of candy wrapper machine can also produce consistent speed upto 300 products per minute. The film roll enters the machine that is used for wrapping the candy.

Candy foil and band wrapper machine: This machine conducts two types of processes to achieve the quality wrapping of the product.

The wrapping of a product is initially carried out in an aluminium film; thereafter it is wrapped in the paper bands. Candy foil and band wrappers are more suitable for wrapping various sweet items and chocolate bars as well. In order to achieve higher level wrapping speeds above 300 products per minute. For this purpose machine will use turrets.

Candy over wrapping machine: This is a type of machine that is responsible for wrapping a single product or a group of products with wrapping material. The materials used for the wrapping of products are polypropylene, cellophane, paper and polyethylene.

The machine will also produce quality wrapping solutions. The product of candy over wrapping machine is precisely and accurately wrapped to give an attractive look.

This machine is useful to prepare high quality products. This candy over wrapping machine is cost effective and can carry out the bulk production of the candies efficiently. One of the shortcomings of the machine is that film required for the wrapping has to be straight-lined before the start of wrapping process.

Main components of automatic candy wrapper machine are as under.

Automatic candy wrapper machine has a digital control panel that is very easy and simple. This control panel display complete details about the functioning of the automatic wrapper machines.

Automatic candy wrapper machine is equipped with relay system that can shift film and candy to the machine for wrapping.

Automatic candy wrapper machine has distribution units, comprising motors, conveyor systems, gears and moveable products from one area to another.

Printing systems of automatic candy wrapper machine functions to imprint the information on the wrapping film.

Automatic candy wrapper machine also have sensors system that can detect any malfunctioning in the machine. The sensor system is capable to protect machine from any damage by timely identification of the error.

Wrapping systems of automatic candy wrapper machine is equipped with pistons and wrapping disks that provide flexibility to the machine.

The lubrication system of the automatic candy wrapper machine prevents wear and tear of moving parts by reducing the friction.

Working principles of automatic candy wrapper machine are given below.

Preparation Stage: The automatic candy wrapper machine should be inspected for any visible fault before commencing the work. Then mix it with the candy processing machine. Then make sure that the automatic supply of candy products are in process to the candy wrapper machine.

Feeding Raw Material: The wrapping films should be available in sufficient quantity before the start of process. The automatic candy wrapper machine should not stop the process of wrapping due to non-availability of film.

Wrapping Stage: The hopper feeds candy and the wrapping material to the wrapping area side by side. The movement of candy dependent on the distribution system from one place to the next.The automatic candy wrapper machine  wraps the candy as the machine supplies and cuts the wrapping film perfectly .As the process of cutting take place, it bonds the film material together tightly to get rid of any gaps.

The sealing process of automatic candy wrapper machine can be heat sealing, glue sealing, or friction sealing.The automatic candy wrapper machine  has an automatic printer, the information of the products will be imprinted on wrapping film in this stage.

Discharge: Once wrapping and sealing are to be done, the products leave the system for storage and further processing.

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