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At Lin Pack, we offer a variety of accessories for different types of packaging machines

Packaging Machine Accessories is the important role

We deal in manufacturing and selling top-quality packing machines. There are thousands of such machines. Some of them are large, some are small. Some machines are used for packaging food items while others are used for filling liquids. If you are someone with a business that requires a packaging or filling machine, you can purchase a machine from us.

Here we have mentioned some of the details about our packaging machine accessories.

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At Lin Pack we provide you a variety of packaging machine accessories. Feel free to scroll down for some amazing offers on the accessories you want!

Detail of Our Packaging Machine Accessories

The details of the accessories are as follows:


This part is used for determining the durability of the machine. It keeps all the parts of the machine inside.

Oil way

This part allows oil to reach all the lubricated elements. The machine will run smoothly for a long time if the lubrication is done the right way.

Transmission Shaft

The transmission shafts are used for transferring torque and power from one location to the other. Transmission shafts are spinning members that transfer power and torque from one location to another, whereas spindles and axles are nonrotating shafts.


It comes with all the latest designed machines. The can uses curve technology by optimizing 180 times in a single minute.


We use high-quality splitters in our machines which are very easy to operate. Splitter from Master Tools. This handy hand crank splitter has an 8″ hollow ground blade for precise, uniform splitting and is designed to readily split practically any weight of leather down to your preferred thickness.


Main motor


There are a lot of different types of motors available in the market. Make sure that you are using the right one by considering its duty cycle, working conditions, motion requirements, etc

Top Plate

The top plate adds extra levels of stability and the product that is being packaged remains protected from leaks, tipping, and damage during storage and transportation.


Bag Holder

It is used for supporting fill bag holder. It is made up of strong material in order to give support to packaging bags.

Bag Turntable

It is a very fast-equipped type of turntable having a 10-station design.


It is a diversion tank that is designed in a way that is very easy to clean.

Upper Cover

This cover protected air particles and dust, Upper cover is vital equipment for machine safety In order to protect machinery from. dust particles granules and other impurities that may effect machine functioning. The upper cover in double turnover technology is essential for machine protection In order to keep machinery safe from harm. Particles of dust, granules, and other contaminants that may obstruct machine operation

Vacuum Seat and Vacuum Plate


Both of them are used to create a vacuum while packaging. Good quality plates allow seal packaging machines to work more efficiently.

Air Distributor

This part of the machine is used for distributing air equally to all parts of the machine in order to start the engine valves. It helps in controlling the starting valves.

Vacuum Chamber

It is a very rigid container through which air and other gasses are removed by the vacuum pump. This chamber has a low-pressure environment inside it.

Double Turntable Technology


It is used for covering the top of the machine

Electric Draw Ring

It is an electric scrubbing ring for the packaging machines

Sealing Control System

This is used for storing the products that are to be sealed in a while

Overall Host

It uses international level technology and houses 3.5 tons of chassis as the basic requirements for the height of parts. On top of this is can perform experiments of 180 extreme destructive operations per minute.

Here Some FAQs For Helping You Get Right Packaging Accessories

Lin Pack various packaging machine accessories are available. A machine without accessories is useless. Every packaging machine needs tool accessories. Accessories are non-consumable items in the machine.

It is usually fixed or attached to any machine equipment, but it can remain fixed or removed without interrupting the main function of the machine. This means that accessories are not the main product of a particular machine, such as any disposable product that can be used for one or a limited time. These tool accessories basically perform auxiliary functions of the machine and can also act as helpers.

There are different types of packaging machines such as filling and sealing, packaging and so on. Accessories for each machine vary by function. If running multiple machines in the same area, the accessories should be isolated for each machine. The machine has a built-in detector to identify any mismatches in fittings.

The machine should be compatible with accessories. This must be done when the machine is installed. Machine accessories should be properly maintained and should be tested for any malfunction or breakage. The machine is used in large quantities for mass production and requires regular maintenance. Accessories are more refined than the rest of the machine. Therefore, they should be taken care of. Accessories can be damaged by mishandling or applying the wrong pressure, so they should be handled with care and attention.

The machine is able to detect any type of failure related to its smooth operation. Failure of accessories can affect the overall function of the machine. Thanks to suitable accessories, the machine is capable of mass production. So it should be remembered that accessories play an important role in the smooth running of the machine.

Packaging Machine accessories playing a key role in mechanism and functioning of the machines. The accessories are used to give a complete and beautiful look to the machine.

These are to embellish the machine as well as working as helping hand with the machines. The accessories are provided with the machine to make the functioning and maintenance easy. Their use is explained for the guidance of the operator in the user manual.

The operator is required to carry out detailed and comprehensive study of the accessories from the user manual. The accessories are often not utilised by the operators and kept in the boxes of the machine.

The operator during the initial training should be taught about the accessories so that they can realise that accessories are very important things and should not be left unused. The accessories  are also required for smooth conduct of maintenance.

There are different type of accessories with each machine so they should be used correctly with the designated machine to ensure their correct used. These machine should be used as per given instructions to ensure their prolong life. The accessories should be considered as a vital part of the machine.

There are various types of accessories used in packaging machine. These accessories are generally used for the machine general functions such as holding and supporting etc.

Types of accessories used in packaging machine:-


Oil way

Transmission Shaft

Cam Splitter

Main Motor

The function of the film is to determine the efficiency of the machine, where as chassis defines its durability.It is so because the chassis runs entire machines parts.If you selected the poor kind of chassis, you will face many problems while operating the machine.

For instance, chassis of a tray packaging machines mostly made up of various components such as a turntable, a sprocket, and a supporting wheel which are explained in detail separately.

There is lubrication channel that allow and give to oil to reach the lubrication chambers. If the process of lubrication done properly machine will work more efficiently and magnificently.

Lubrication is the process in which using a lubricant reduces the friction between two surfaces.  So oil reaches its way very easily and perform its function.

The main functions of the transmission  shafts are spinning members that carries power and torque from one place to another. Where as  spindles and axles are non rotatory shafts.

They cannot move from place to another. They are called static shafts. They only move around its axis. Where as transmission or moving shafts they trough many phases.

Has an outclass  premium design. One of its characteristics customized material for its products. Cam due to its distinguished features uses curve technology. It makes it at 180 times per minute. It also ensures life time and warranty of the products.

Splitters of outstanding excellent quality are offered. Beside this a custom-made splitters are also offered. These are considerable torque in nature. Splitters  highly effective, efficient accurate and smooth  operate the machine mechanism.

There are lots of variety of motors.But you to select the reliable and efficient is bit difficult. By selecting the proper kind of motor is confusing. For this purpose , first select the primary motor for its reliable functioning and working of the packaging requirements. Following are the functions:

Working conditions: For how much time the machine will work, what will be the maximum hours for running machines.

Duty cycle: how many cycles machine can go in one run.

Speed : maximum efficiency and speed of the machine for the production.

Motion requirements: is the motor is static or can move from one place to another.


There are various types of distinct and powerful accessories available for packaging machines. It also depending on the make and  type of any  machine and its particular requirements as well.

When you are going to choose any powerful accessories for your machine keep few points in your mind.

The accessories which going to use must ensure the names, how these can be operated.

Secondly can they move from one place or stand at one position. How much load it afford to run the machine.whether the  straps of the machines are eco friendly or can be run in specific temperature or weather. Thirdly you have to find out that the accessories are running manually or automatically with the machine. What will be the outcome of these accessories that are connected to the machine.

Will these give progressive results. There are moments where you are required to choose the accessories for the machine out of a list of items to select the essential one.

The accessories should be selected with open mind and should not be left because they are vital for the smooth functioning of the machine.

These machines required the accessories at any moment so it should not happen that the accessories are not readily available so it should be kept in mind that the machine required the accessories for its smooth functioning.

It is difficult to establish practises on daily basis that ensure the systematic inspection of your equipment.You  can find  out the  problems early at early stages and make sure to requiredrepair and maintenance.You should also make sure where an equipment of the machine maintenance plan required.You should properly maintain the equipments of the machine on regular basis.

This will assure the life and parts of the machine. The machinerequired regular maintenance as per the schedule defined by the manufacturer. This schedule should be followed in true spirit so that machine work properly.

These routines maintenance should also check for the accessories serviceability. The machine accessories should also be maintained. The accessories are mandatory for the smooth operation of the machine therefore the accessories should also be regularly checked for any fault or malfunctioning.

The accessories of the machine are very important for the smooth functioning. The technical advice is also available for the maintenance and care of the accessories. The operator should read the details available in the user manual to study in detail about the machine accessories.

The accessories are an important part of machine. They should be considered vital for the smooth functioning of the machine. The accessories should be handled with care for the smooth functioning.

These accessories have very important role and can affect the overall performance. The accessories should be handled in such manner that they are not damaged. The consideration for the handling of the machines are as under:-

The accessories should be checked as per the list mentioned in the user manual.

The accessories should be checked for any breakage or damage.

The accessories should be checked for any malfunctioning.

The accessories should be tested with the machine after the machine is made operational for the first time. The machine should be handled with care for any mismatch with the accessories.

The accessories are vital for the smooth running of the machine therefore should not be mishandled.

The accessories should be kept accountable because any loss of accessories may result in the stoppage of the machine.

The accessories are vital for the productivity of the machine. These accessories should be handled with care and should be not be damaged or broken

There are varieties of motors available for your choice and selection.But there is tough  competition and race in the market and everywhere. it is essential to opt for the best motor  while considering various factors given below:

Duty Cycle

Operating Environment

Mounting considerations

Speed and motion requirements

The function of the machine totally depends on the above these factors. These above functions are contributing to the overall performance. It also try to sort out the problems and functions of the motor.

The loss of  your equipment is liable and is influenced by factors for instancehow can  you use each machine and the components which you use for it.The only solution to maintain your machine is that you make sure to replace the  accessories on timeor when you  notice a break or trouble  replace it as soon as possible.

It happens to your equipments due to the various factors.If you failed or unable to replace the  parts. You will risk health and as well as the safety precautions of the machines. You will also lose the trust of the clients as well the working and functioning of the accessories. The accessories of the machine should be changed when ever the requirements arise. They should be checked for the compatibility with the machine.

The accessories have the chance of getting faulty if not regularly. There are also chances that accessories may require changing to keep them at par with the machine. The accessories of any machine are the very important for its smooth functions. The machine has the ability to improve with the change of accessories

A motorised air filtering unit is known as a fan filter unit (FFU).

This is one of the important  accessory that perform an important activity that is the removal of dangerous airborne particles from recirculating air to provide purified air to cleanrooms, labs, medical facilities, or microenvironments.

The units are placed within the ceiling or floor grid of the system. This accessory is very important due to function

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